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2012-02-29 at 14:39

Leap day

By Jamie Smith,
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Megan Rubin learned Wednesday just how fast time flies.

 The Westmount Public School grade seven student was back in her grade three class opening a time capsule she made four years ago. At the time, Megan’s favourite colour was pink and now it’s red. Looking at letters she wrote to herself and pictures of friends, she said she’s grown a lot since 2008.

“It’s really cool seeing all the stuff that I put in four years ago and thinking ‘whoa four years is so fast’,” she said in her old classroom Tuesday morning.

The Leap Day tradition continued Tuesday as Megan and her classmates opened their time capsules, new grade three and four students were busy making their own. Learning through the arts’ John Mackett said it’s all about focusing on students success and encouraging them to put mementos in the capsule of what’s important to them right now. Seeing how the kids have grown has also been exciting to see he said.

“It’s sort of like out with the old and on with the new and it’s a whole new leap year that they’re leaping into,” he said.

Watching different trends has also been interesting. The “it” thing for new students sealing their capsules was Canadian teen sensation Justin Bieber, who wasn’t known four years ago.

“They have different ideas right now but more or less kids are kids and that’s what we’re celebrating,” Mackett said.

Grade four student Brandon Woodbeck said he put in photographs “from a long time ago” into his capsule along with a car he got for his ninth birthday. He also put in a hand print.

“Then in four years we can see how much it grew,” he said.

After old capsules were opened and new ones were sealed, the students had a dance party to current hit song “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO.




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