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2012-04-29 at 16:05

Stepping up

By Jeff Labine,
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A senior’s dance group brought the Cabaret to the Port Arthur Prosvita in support of the Alzheimer’s Society.

The band of women took the stage at the Prosvita at the second Dance for Memories fundraising event. The Sexy Sassy Seniors performed a variety of comedic numbers as well classic dance moves including the famous cancan. The group was just one of many acts that performed at the event.

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Lynda Depiero, spokeswoman for the group, dressed as the Master of Ceremonies similar to Joel Grey’s costume in the 1972 film. The ages in the group range from mid-50s to early 80s and they perform at events across the city at different times during the year.

Depiero said they have a lot of fun and are glad that doing something they enjoy can also help others. That’s the reason why they wanted to come back to the Dance for Memories event and put on a show for the audience.

“It’s wonderful to help out the Alzheimer’s Society,” Depiero said. “We do all volunteer work but this is just a wonderful event. Both of my mother and my mother-in-law passed away with Alzheimer’s so it hits home. Hopefully we can raise money and find a cure.”

Last year the event raised about $13,000. By the end of the first round of dancing, the event raised more than a $1,000.

Maria Hudolin, co-chair of the event, said they hoped to surpass that amount this year.

Each hour is broken up into different decades and different styles of dance. Each new style has a brief tutorial on how to perform the dance steps.

She said having that uniqueness compared to other events will help keep the event going for years.

“This event is unique because we get people out dancing,” Hudolin said. “People go into runs and walks and they are wonderful but most people like to dance.”





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wayne says:
well done ladies! you are all such an inspiration!
4/29/2012 8:02:21 PM
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