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2010-08-26 at 16:59

Program aims to get communities career ready for mining

By Jamie Smith,
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A new pilot program will help people in First Nations communities ready for a career in mining.

The Anishnabek Employment and Training Services Mining Essentials programs will train 10 people from Pic River First Nation and Pic Mobert First Nation for entry-level positions for Barrick-Hemlo. AETS project officer John DeGiacomo said the program is one of three pilot programs being launched across Canada.

He said people taking the 20-week course would be ready for hundreds of positions for the expected mining boom in the region.

"It could very well be underground it could be above ground," he said. "This really is cutting edge type training that will help position and engage Aboriginals in their communities to help them make a difference in their communities."

While focusing on mining training, DeGiacomo said the program will be unique because it will be tailored to First Nations people specifically through things like cultural sensitivity.

Developed with the mining industries’ human resource council and elders from Pic River and Pic Mobert, DeGiacomo said the program will be a win-win.

"It’s crucial to have the involvement of Aboriginals," he said. "To make sure that the curriculum reflective of the types of need that both parties have."

The program, which starts next month, already has 30 applicants.

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RBosch says:
I am wondering if there is a similar program for others who may be interested in pursuing jobs in the potential mining industry of Northwestern Ontario?
8/26/2010 6:08:32 PM
Rick says:
Well once again a key figure is missing here.

That being the number who will be allowed into this program...which by the way is 10 individuals.

What exactly is "cultural sensitivity" by the way as it relates to mining.?
8/26/2010 7:47:56 PM
RBosch says:
@Rick: The number of 10 was clearly stated in the second paragrph of the story. They are 10 people from Pic River First Nation and Pic Mobert First Nation.

A key component wil undoubtedly be the training of the mine employers and staff to understand the cultural differences and "cultural sensitivity". This seems to be an important component for FN people, although I sometimes question its place in a predominantly none FN setting, such as Barrick-Hemlo for example.
8/26/2010 10:41:21 PM
renegade says:
8/26/2010 11:04:20 PM
Rick says:
Thanks RBosch :)
8/27/2010 5:27:45 PM
FernandoMartinez says:
This program should be bigger and for everyone, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal. Even if they charge a fee for the course, it should be targetting more people.

I like the idea, though. Good work.
8/27/2010 6:52:32 PM
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