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2011-03-10 at NOON

Highway hunter fined $2,750 for illegal moose kill

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Three Ontario men were fined a total of $2,750 after being convicted for a number of offences related to illegal moose hunting.

Officials with the Ministry of Natural Resources say Jim Martin, of Owen Sound, Ont., was convicted under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act and fined $2,250 for firing a gun across a highway, possessing an illegally killed moose and giving false information to an MNR conservation officer.

Calvin Crawford, of Tara, Ont., and Brian Cupskey, of Allenford, Ont., were also fined $250 each for providing false information to a conservation officer.

The court heard that on Oct. 17, 2010, the three men were driving on Highway 11 near Kashabowie when they spotted a cow moose in the ditch.

Martin got out of the vehicle, fired two shots and killed the moose that was on the opposite side of the highway.

A conservation officer later questioned the three men about the kill, but was given false information about where the animal was shot.
The court heard how the conservation officer had evidence that indicated the moose was shot from the highway.
Justice of the Peace Gene A. Bannon heard the case in the Ontario Court of Justice in Thunder Bay on March 2.

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Centrist says:
I suggest there should be a component in the Hunter Education Course on ethics.
3/10/2011 1:05:55 PM
my.02 says:
@ Centrist,
They have a whole section in the Hunter Safety course on Ethics, its even in the textbooks.

My guess is this is the older age group, when back when they took the course it was more of a 3 hour course than the in depth course it is today. Glad they got caught, its people like that that give the honest hunters a bad image....
3/10/2011 11:56:14 PM
ru4reel says:
Only $250 for providing false information!?!?! Thats is like a slap on the wrist......
3/11/2011 12:08:36 AM
eddylives says:
There is going to be "bad apples" in every barrel giving the whole group a bad name.
This is no reason to do anything but punnish the offenders , give warning to others and carry on with life.
3/11/2011 9:50:32 AM
chbaker says:
If this was a pot bust, that moose would weigh 10,000 lbs and be a million dollars worth of meat.
Seeing how police lie so often...

Was there even a moose?
3/11/2011 12:13:56 PM
Smitty says:
We learn something new everyday...not only do you hate the police, you also hate CO's. Is it all forms of law enforcement?
Why don't you buy your own island in the middle of nowhere and move there. That way you won't have to worry about all these pesky laws messing up your free way of life.
3/13/2011 5:15:13 AM
The Badger Mountain Hermit says:
Who cares? Impress me by busting a SINGLE crooked politician FOR ONCE, and take away their Get-Out-of-Jail Free cards, too.
3/12/2011 10:52:01 AM
Toodleoo Caribou says:
With the fine, I make that under $8.00 per Kilo.


3/12/2011 12:24:37 PM
nopatience4stupidity says:
The story doesn't indicate it, but was the gun seized? No mention is made of a hunting ban either, really? So no problem going out again next year Jim - be a good boy. In my opinion he should have at least a 5 year ban on hunting, forfeit the rifle and the truck that were used during the commission of the offences. Whether it was Jim's truck or his buddies doesn't matter - the illegally taken moose was loaded onto it and they were all present and knew what transpired. Sound too tough? I don't think so, and oh yes - I am also a hunter. The courts need to make a statement and have their judgements act as a deterrent - this result is not.
3/16/2011 10:03:32 AM
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