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2012-03-08 at 17:02

City reveals 100K club

By Jodi Lundmark,
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The number of Thunder Bay Fire and Rescue officials making more than $100,000 has jumped by more than 100 people, something the city’s manager is calling an anomaly.

The City of Thunder Bay released its portion of the provincial Sunshine List, also known as the Ontario Public Sector Salary Disclosure list, Thursday afternoon. The city made the decision to release the document before the March 31 deadline after learning that an internal copy had already been leaked to local media.

In 2011, 148 members of the fire department made the list or public sector workers making more than $100,000, a significant increase from the 30 that made the list in 2010.

City manager Tim Commisso said the increase is because of retroactive payments from an arbitration hearing that went back to 2003.

“It’s really just a function of the fact there was a significant back pay,” he said during an interview with Thursday afternoon.

“As people move ahead in their salary grid, they get on the list and we expect that but I expect next year the list will be down significantly.”

The total number of city workers on the sunshine list is 244, up from 115 last year.

Thunder Bay Police Service added 13 more people to the list this year.

The list was supposed to be released on March 31 with all other public sectors in the province, but Commisso said he received a call from a media outlet Thursday inquiring about the city salaries.

He said while the leak is concerning, the information isn’t confidential and was going to be released to the public in a few weeks time.

“It really isn’t a confidential list but it’s intended to go to the province and then they distribute the list on March 31 when it’s with every other public sector organization,” said Commisso.

“It’s something I’ll follow up on.”

Some members of council now hope to find out who was responsible for the media leak.

In an email sent to the city’s communication department, which also went out to the city’s external media contact list, Coun. Aldo Ruberto questioned whether the city could learn more about who may have provided the information to media.

“Can we not trace the e-mails to find out who leaked the information?” Aldo asks in his message

Both Coun. Ken Boshcoff and Mayor Keith Hobbs later replied to Coun. Ruberto’s message to indicate that they both were looking for answers about the leak too.

”I asked this question too, Aldo,” Mayor Hobbs replied via email. “I would like to know as well.”


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We've improved our comment system.
wayne says:
if cutting five jobs will result in a savings of $224,000 (which would include salary/wages/benefits etc), what savings would result in cutting five of the $100K plus salary jobs when you factor in benefits, travel allowance, etc.?
3/8/2012 5:11:23 PM
Me n My Opinion says:
Most of the firefighters will be off the list again next year. Most of them are there because they went seven years without a contract settlement. It's their retroactive payments for those seven years that put them over the top.
3/8/2012 5:20:37 PM
yer joking says:
Still a $14,000 raise? Seven years $100,000+ that's $14,000 a year. No wonder my taxis went up. We can't afford these wages. Rip up the contracts , start from scratch......oh no we're going to build NEW Firehalls for them. Why doesn't the City hire the Firemen to build the new Firehalls Hhhhmmm.......
3/9/2012 11:10:12 AM
nwo says:
3/8/2012 5:27:38 PM
tbayer says:
I think the bigger issue here is the source of the leak
3/8/2012 5:56:48 PM
chezhank says:
Who cares who leaked it,it would be public information soon anyway!
Much ado about no thing!
Don't shoot the messenger!
Does the mayor not like transparency!
Much ado about no thing!

I would like to know more about the sister city trip to Gifu,Japan and who okayed that for the mayor and city manager!
3/8/2012 6:23:38 PM
Glyder says:
We are concerned about the leak. I like that, lets not be concerned about how many people are making over 100k, or about how high are taxes are getting, or the overspending by the city etc etc.

No, lets find out who leaked out a public list. Wow...Seriously?
3/8/2012 6:32:40 PM
Glyder says:
I hope the guy was smart enough not to email from his work computer/smartphone, and did it from home.
3/8/2012 7:07:40 PM
dude101 says:
What is the absenteeism percentage for the Fire Department? How does that reflect in the amount of Overtime $$$ required to cover shifts???
3/8/2012 6:35:40 PM
dude101 says:
Can we compare our Fire Department with other municipalities Fire Departments? Does the COTB release benchmark data comparing us to other cities? This information is more useful and should be the type of info that is open the joe taxpayer. It would be a better gauge of how we are managing our business.
3/8/2012 7:22:41 PM
collie says:

I think something should be done ASAP cuz guess what people those making that money its coming out of your pockets (TAXPAYERS) !!!
Really a City this size should have less than half that many making that much money!!!!
HOW can anyone in CITY HALL justify this????
YA I probably wouldnt complain and nobody else would either IF they worked for the city and was paid same. REALLY a city that has lost more than HALF of our Bread and Butter (Middle-Class) wages and NOTHING to replace them How is this JUSTIFIED????????
Should have been LESS than last Year NOT more!!!!
3/8/2012 6:55:17 PM
tsb says:
I bet the people who justified this are the same people who justified not giving the firefighters a contract for the entirety of the previous mayor's time in office.
3/8/2012 7:27:41 PM
The Badger Mountain Hermit says:
Here's a question...When was the last time anyone was fired at the City for incompetence?
3/8/2012 6:57:21 PM
The Badger Mountain Hermit says:
Another question. The City's Legal-Beagle took a leave of absence. Is that her working now for a local law firm? Double-bubble paycheques? Must be nice. Sign me up.
3/8/2012 6:59:46 PM
ThunderBayFullOfCrime says:
Why are they so upset it was leaked? Something to hide or what?
3/8/2012 7:04:03 PM
baor says:
Here we go again...Just post all of last years remarks and get it over with.
3/8/2012 7:08:05 PM
macdaddy77 says:
Exactly, who really cares who leaked this information. It was going to get out sooner or later anyways.
We all know the list is growing more and more each year. We are not stupid.
In a couple of years all the teachers in Ontario will be on that list as well, they make just under that right now.
3/8/2012 7:13:55 PM
Glyder says:
They are upset it got leaked because now it can't be hidden in all the rest of Ontario's Sunshiner numbers. This way its out in the open and now they have to deal with most likely more fallout than would have come when the numbers were released all at once.
3/8/2012 7:46:22 PM
tbay99 says:
@macdaddy77 of course you would turn a public sector article explaining how firefighters and police officers are making outragous money into another teacher bashing excuse! Why bash firefighters or police officers its ALWAYS those darn teachers fault!!
3/8/2012 7:26:29 PM
hotdog says:
Oh I wish.......8 years of grade school, 5 years of high school, 2 years of college, 4 years of university, 25 years of experience as a professional engineer in the private sector, 55 years old, and still not on the sunshine list!

It's all upside down and the problem is global.

Stay tuned for the next phase folks. Batten down the hatches.

3/8/2012 8:53:29 PM
anvil of crom says:
ohhh the firesleepers, they get so much sleep many have another job.
one sleeper i know did a friends drywall. On his day off of course! the nights he was busy (perhaps working out in the firesleepers gym) he was off the clock( on his drywall job)
firesleepers! usually NOT sleepy.
3/8/2012 9:04:32 PM
nopatience4stupidity says:
I believe tracing the leak is very relevant. There are procedures to be followed and essentially someone has broken confidentiality.

Why $100,000 - this arbitrary number?? Perhaps when this figure was chosen for public reporting it was an 'exclusive club', not so anymore. They should give serious consideration to raising the number to $250,000. If you're reporting at the 100,000 level why not release all salaries for every public servant? What do we really learn from the one hundred thousand report? Adjusted for inflation, I wonder what the 100,000 would actually be in real dollars from when this list was first released. That would be more relevant I would think.
3/8/2012 9:28:00 PM
Ed itw says:
I'm concerned about the leak.
It is not up to this person to release information.
This maybe harmless but what if they release something that isn't. What if they release information and it results in legal action against the city. The tax payers get stuck paying for the clean up.
3/8/2012 9:32:39 PM
The Wolf says:
The leak for this situation is a not a concern however the process of the leak should be of concern as it is about the security of possible leak of future sensitive information is at risk.

Also the jealous people crying about this list need to re-read the article as the explanation for the high number is in there. 8 years of retro pay is there is an increase in the number of firefighters on the list. Next year they will be off it.
3/8/2012 9:39:02 PM
chezhank says:
That is the same explanation they used when so many fire personnel appeared on the Sunshine List for 2008 (Disclosure for 2007)when there was an interim increase.
But "clowncil" would not listen to reason and consolidate the Brown St and 20th Side roads as suggested by a retired fireperson.
3/9/2012 7:18:04 AM
trevor99 says:
Who cares who released what. It is an internal matter and let Commisso deal with it. As for the fire guys, sure, many likely made it because of the huge back pay so lets forget about them too.

13 more cops this year and they just got a big raise. The fire guys are going to get the same raise as they always get what the cops get. So while 2012 will be lower than 2011 what is the prediction to compare 2010 numbers with 2012 numbers. Lets talk about that.

The money keeps rolling to police and fire and we keep raising taxes. The sacred cows get whatever they want.

Like all things in Thunder Bay this topic will be on this site for a day or two, we will comment and nothing will change. Nothing ever changes because no one will ever ask what is going on. What a town. The privleged get what they want and the others just beg for the leftover scraps and taxpayers, they just get the bill for it all. And no one on that council will just say no more.
3/8/2012 9:45:59 PM
tiredofbull$ says:
I think most city jobs are overpaid, these are normally the same people that think the city is doing a good job with taxes, the taxpayers that do not have these high salaried positions cannot afford to pay anymore. The private sector worker's are not getting these type of wage increases, most wages have been frozen and some have had a decrease. Here is a good article =

Sure I know this is in the U.S., but look at the average fireman's salary, $47,730, now look at what are city is paying our firefighter's. I also know of firefighter's that have other jobs for other businesses that work not only on there day's off, but also during the day when they are on nightshift because they have slept for most of the night. So now not only are they making good money from the city but are taking jobs away from other's also.
3/8/2012 11:57:18 PM
baor says:
What a firefighter does on his time off is none of your business. Taking jobs away from others? Maybe the "others" need to be better at what they do... There are after all a lot of "drywallers" in Thunder Bay who are doing just fine firefighters or not. Lame Lame argument pointed at one with drive and tallent who also happens to be a firefighter.
3/9/2012 2:00:45 PM
Dan Fiorito says:
Well put baor, I know a firefighter who has a business and actually employees people, so Mr. Tiredofbull$, I suggest you follow up your comments with facts please. The truth of the matter is, these folks made the list because of back pay from several years ago. That's not ones fault but the city.
I for one am glad we have these guys, I'm sure you'd think different if they saved your butt during a fire or a car accident or....
3/9/2012 2:54:16 PM
TheFloyd says:
I don't understand why they even use $100,000 as a benchmark. It seems like a lot, but what about private sector compensation? Maybe if bank execs didn't take millions in bonuses my fees wouldn't be so high. Why are people targeting firefighters and teachers when bankers and oil execs are making millions off our backs?
3/9/2012 12:02:29 AM
realistic1 says:
Because firefighters and teachers are paid with our tax dolars......duh!!!!
3/9/2012 7:32:04 AM
dad3192 says:
The $100,000 benchmark is no longer relevant. And tiredofbull$ so are figures from the US. Salaries are lower yes, but so are prices of pretty much everything, taxes are lower (no hst), income taxes are lower, gas is lower...the list is endless....
I can bet that those on the list from the fire and police probably worked A LOT more hours of overtime in order to get that salary.
Is it their fault that so much overtime was needed???
3/9/2012 7:32:18 AM
Renegade120860 says:
Commisso, Boshcoff, Ruberto and Hobbs want to know who leaked this information.

Sounds like a "whistleblower witch-hunt" is about to start at the "Puzzle Palace" on Donald Street!

Maybe there is concern that other information/details might leak out regarding, for example, the waterfront development and somebody would "look bad"??

Hopefully, this individual took care to cover their tracks.

3/9/2012 8:32:47 AM
TBDR says:
Sounds like a conspiracy theory...
3/9/2012 10:09:58 AM
DougMyers says:
There are certainly some places that can be trimmed and some people making unusually large salaries. HOWEVER, considering the average Thudner Bay salary is around $82 000, this Sunshine list is not that out of range anymore.
3/9/2012 8:37:08 AM
jumpsie says:
I don't know how anyone can begrudge firemen for making what they do...who would you call if your home were on fire and your family in danger? Going into a burning home is not your average job, and if anything should be well compensated, this job should.
Here are two reasons I believe this economy is warped ....obscene greed at the CEO level, and banks that are robbing people blind..
Next time you have a fire, save the taxpayers some money, and put it out with your garden hose!!!!!!
Keep up the good work,and thank you, deserve every penny!!!!
3/9/2012 8:43:38 AM
tk says:
To further jumpsie's comment, not only are they risking their lives for others, they have a decreased life expectancy. Statistics show that the average life expectancy of a firefighter is 65, while the average life expectancy for Canadian men is 77. How much is 10-12 years of your life worth?
3/9/2012 8:57:04 AM
newtsmitt says:
tk says: Where did you get that info from, that seems pretty extreme, 10-12 yrs, is this taken on an average given that the nature of the job creates many unsafe situations so firemen dieing on the job altered their average to 65. Not saying its not true, but people say that about any shift work. Averages make it tough when your next door neighbor is 87 and a previous shift worker.
3/9/2012 3:30:54 PM
jumpsie says:

I make it possible to keep back the chaos every day.
I make 5 minutes seem like a lifetime when I am fighting a suspect while
waiting for back up.
I make going to work for your family's safety a duty that I will die for.
I make myself work holidays, nights, during hurricanes, riots, terrorist attacks and other disasters...... a standard day while you complain about your 9-5 in your air conditioned office.
I make the fact that I may not get to eat, or get a break or cannot use the restroom when I need to, part of my job.
I make running towards the gunfire and bad guys, so that you remain safe, an automatic reaction.
I make getting shot at, stabbed, spit on, punched and kicked at work, an expected part of my day.
I make working for people, who most often dislike me, swear at me, and complain about everything I do or do not do.
I make working 12 hour shifts until 6 AM, my day at the office, so you and your family can sleep safely, a way of life.
Today I might make the ultimate sacrifice to save your life.

I make a difference, WHAT DO YOU MAKE?
3/9/2012 8:59:55 AM
jumpsie says:
of course my last comment was about our police our firemen, so deserving of what they make.
Bashing comments to follow below, I'm sure!!!!
3/9/2012 9:02:11 AM
Me n My Opinion says:
The benchmark of 100K was set in 1996. If you factor in cost of living increases from then until now, the benchmark amount should be $133,800. That amount compares apples to apples. 100K in 1996 equals 134K today. So those who are under 133,800 now would not have been considered Sunshine listers when the measure was put in place. Using a 15 year old measuring stick is kind of pointless.
3/9/2012 9:10:40 AM
truthseeker says:
To the person who leaked this information:

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So much for transperancy at city hall, huh hobbs? hobbs ruberto boschcoff commisso can't handle the truth?

Surprised more leaks haven't come out of 500 donald st., as wayne gretzky would say 'it's a mickey mouse organization'.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, alot more dirty little secrets need to be exposed but will council and administrations greatest 'enabler' the butt kissing media in this town expose them?

Time will tell but the truthseeker is enjoying the truth coming out and watching these people squirm!!
3/9/2012 9:16:47 AM
jumpsie says:
if you were to put the joint down for a moment, forget the grassy knoll, and think about this, you'd realize it's not about the information itself that has been leaked. It's about the fact information that is priviledged till the end of the month got out early.
"Dirty secrets"?????"Watching people squirm"? get a grip!!!!
3/9/2012 10:02:50 AM
udecide says:
$100,000. yes a decent wage but in todays world it does not make anybody rich. How much of that $100,000 was deducted for income tax etc ( hopefully somebody out there can tell us ). Everybody complains about fire dept and police dept, I am not sure what the qualifications are to apply to fire /police but I believe the majority of the population can, so stop your whinnnnnnnnnnng and go for it. Now POLITICIANS on the huge pay roll there is an issue ???????
3/9/2012 9:21:59 AM
jimmyboy says:
reply to jumpsie....your post starting with "I make it possible to keep back the chaos every day"...over dramatized in a big way.!!
3/9/2012 9:22:13 AM
jumpsie says:
Perhaps you could enlighten me on which point(s) are "overdramatized" in a police officers world, and your qualifications to make this judgement?
3/9/2012 10:08:38 AM
jumpsie says:
It's kinda funny....I was thinking how "overdramatized", just plain wrong , many of the statements made here are regarding Fireman and Police. Firemen sleeping all the time....second jobs....overtime.Guess what? They get days off too! I'm surprised there are no coffee shop comments about police.
3/9/2012 10:14:18 AM
abby says:
Really getting sick and tired of ppl bashing firefighters/police for how much they make!!!! pretty sure all of you sit quite comfortably at your desks 9-5 and not worry about getting killed on the job!!!! Speaking from a daughter of a fireman's point of view; I pray that my father gets to retirement and does not suffer from job related illnesses like cancer. I pray that he can spend his time with his family and enjoy his grandson. I have seen many of his friends pass away because of "work related" illnesses caused by smoke inhalation and toxins in their workplace and its so sad that there even is a price to put on that. In my eyes, tax payers (including myself) will never pay the firefighters enough that could replace the loved ones lost. So before you make judgment on what they are making. Ask yourself much is your life worth?
3/9/2012 9:28:58 AM
tbay99 says:
Sorry I didnt realize that police and firefighters were the only people encounter workplace hazards. How often do they get killed on the job in Thunder Bay? How often are there major fires in Thunder Bay?

Millwrites, carpenters, loggers, welders, heck even teachers (school shootings) ALL face workplace hazards.

Do not use big city statisitcs as our benchmark they do not hold water in this city.
3/9/2012 11:08:59 AM
realist72 says:
At just over 106K last year, just over $34K was deducted JUST FOR INCOME TAX

For that, I spent half the year away from my family and friends. I worked 5 stats, including Canada Day, the greatest day of the year.

I worked 12-14 hours days, for 14 days at a time.

I'm not complaining about my job, it's what I choose to do...and those numbers are facts.

3/9/2012 9:51:34 AM
unknowncronic says:
What a farce! So many peeps r starving in this city, yet the sunshine list goes up?
Like they really care about other peeps though, only on the clock i guess...
3/9/2012 9:59:24 AM
DougMyers says:
Ok it's driving me nuts. Maybe it's just me and if so then so be it but we are not high school kids texting (well maybe some are?).

They are people, not peeps. The word is are not "r." You are writing in sentences mostly and mostly correct grammar.

That is just a bad habit to use when you have a keyboard in front of you.
3/9/2012 12:48:36 PM
tbaybmkr says:
They are worth every penny, period.
I'm not being sarcastic either. Any emergency service personel deserve $100,000/yr or more just because of what they have to deal with every day and bringing those horrible visions of their day home at night.
3/9/2012 11:37:37 AM
wow! says:
Who cares! Honestly, will it change now that it's made public? NOPE!
3/9/2012 12:34:39 PM
notorious says:
sometimes i think people who post on this site are the rift-rafts using the computers in lakehead university's library. Some of you are totally out of touch with reality, makes me wonder why I even consider living in this city post graduation.
3/9/2012 2:36:31 PM
pylon says:
Actually, you should leave and see the way other places are run so you can realize how good we actually have it in Thunder Bay.

3/9/2012 2:56:06 PM
kirkage says:
100K is not what it used to be. When i was a kid 20yrs ago you could buy a bottle of pop for ,79 cents. now that same bottle has doubled. The requirement to make the sunshine list should goup to 125,000
3/9/2012 2:38:45 PM
Teacher says:
Who Cares? This is a list of people who make over 100k. All that people do on this site is bash other professions over how much they make. Who are you to say they are overpaid? If you want to make as much as a fireman then take the necessary steps to become one. If you think the life of a teacher is all roses then go to university and become one. Stop groaning about everyone else and take a long good look at yourself, if you are not happy do something about it, otherwise close it. I say if someone is willing to pay you 100k for your services then good for you, save and invest wisely because well paying jobs are hard to come by and could be gone real soon.
3/9/2012 3:01:07 PM
Delbert Grady says:
When those professions are paid with tax dollars, they're open targets.

Dont like the public criticizing you and your job? Go work in the private sector.

and jobs that the government gave you are just a welfare to work program, they just tricked you into feeling special by printing out a little certificate.

3/9/2012 5:20:30 PM
TooShort says:
I say lets just get rid of the whole list thing all together and let ppl go on there way. Peace
3/9/2012 3:46:07 PM
sparrow says:
There are quite the number of jealous people on here. lol
3/9/2012 5:41:33 PM
Delbert Grady says:
And if I make almost double what these guys do, does that mean Im still jealous??

Perhaps as a taxpayer, I dont like being gouged by these clowns? Jealousy doesnt apply.
3/9/2012 6:29:59 PM
Dudebro says:
Police, Firefighters etc chose their career. They know what they're in for.
I don't feel the need to kiss their behinds for the work they do. That's their job and they're paid accordingly.
If my house burns to the ground and they save my family...they will be thanked.
But to hold them up on a pedestal is ridiculous, its their job.
3/9/2012 6:22:13 PM
trevor99 says:
how can you debate with people when they believe that 100 grand is no longer relevant. Sure 1996 it started but most people don't make 100 grand now. It is relevant when taxes are paying the bill. As for the defenders of firefighters. I would not want to go into a fire. I would not want to go to a gun call. I don't want to be 200 feet up on a piece of steel, nor driving all over the north in the winter for sales. I don't want to deal with people with mental illness and I don't want to be working around live electrical wires. There are lots of jobs that pose dangers.

My sole issue with firefighters is this.

For four days they sleep when working nights. Those that have other jobs don't have to worry about medical insurance for sickness because they have all of their benefits covered by the city. So they can bid lower than John Smith who needs to pay for that, and they do it, after sleeping on my dime. That's my issue. On your days off, fine, not when I have paid you to sleep.
3/9/2012 6:36:47 PM
abby says:
Dear Citizen,
Please be aware that if you have a car wreck, heart attack, water accident, injury or house fire, we will not be attending during the evenings because we will be sleeping
-The fire dept.

like really? use your head Trevor99!!!
3/10/2012 4:50:41 PM
baor says:
So if I was a firefighter and worked a day shift then went to drywall (as an example) in the evening I shouldn't according to you because I just worked during the day for the taxpayer? Same idea exactly but somehow a night shift is what got you in a tizzy.
Once their shift is over it is their time, whether they sleep there or not as that is part of their job like it or not.
Their time, period ... not yours and none of your business. They can do what ever they want.
What about an automechanics teacher at a high school? Should he/she not work on cars in the evenings for money just because he already worked during the day?
If you can't compete with a firefighter's secondary employment as others do in this city then you must suck at what you do.
3/11/2012 4:52:01 PM
spooner19 says:
Whats the old saying? Jealousy will get you nowhere. If you don't like how much they are making it is probably because you are not making as much. Go better yourself and you will find a better job and make more money. Then you can stop crying about people who make more than you.
3/10/2012 12:15:07 PM
cga says:
Canadian Forces personnel generally do not make nearly this amount of cash. How many thousand have served overseas? Do not be ignorant by accusing people who disagree with you that they simply "have no respect" for what you do (Police, Fire, EMS). I am allowed to disagree all I want. I mean who is seriously going to say "I am not worth the excess amounts of money i'm being paid" ? City manager ... $200,000+? When did we get the idea that the PUBLIC SERVICE SECTOR IS THERE TO MAKE PEOPLE $$$$$. Money should be going to services. What is truly fail? That will be debated and there is obviously not compromise. But I witness too much trash in this city to buy into "we keep you safe at night". You are there to provide a service, not to make 40% more than the average Canadian. Make a little bit more ? Fine. If this was a real welfare state, this wouldn't be happening. At days end, I will always thank the Police , Fire Dept, and EMS for doing their jobs. But don't dare insist I "owe" you.
3/10/2012 5:24:38 PM
tiredofbull$ says:
Excellent comment, you said it perfectly, there are alot of jobs out there that are life threating or just as important in everybody's day to day life, just not publized like these professions, what if all the Mac's stores employess asked for this type of money, there life is being threatened just as much as these professions now, probably more, then what about the taxi driver's next, etc., etc.. Of course alot of people will come out and say that it is up to the employee if they want to work in that type of enviroment or not, but the same could be said about the firefighjters, police, etc.. And people I am also not saying that the pay's should be comparable but just using these jobs as an example, all I am saying is we as taxpayers cannot afford to keep on paying more and more to these employees when most in the private sector are seeing wage freezes or decreases and also what about our seniors on fixed incomes, there money is not being increased as much as taxes.
3/11/2012 3:08:16 AM
dad3192 says:
everyone whines about cops and firefighters making too much money til you need them....then when something goes bump in the night, or you smell smoke, you call 911....
3/12/2012 9:09:05 PM
blue says:
With all the arguing has anyone noticed that ALL the links to the so called Sunshine list have been removed.Even though the City Manager is supposed to have released it. Yet MORE censorship!
3/14/2012 1:32:13 PM
collie says:
THIS is what is wrong with Society Today!
GREED!! WAIT for IT before you BASH ME!
$100,000/ year think on that. Poverty line is $20,000 but do the math Min. wage is $10.50/hr. yearly equals $20,160 +or- NOT with taxes taken off! Yes those that have the 6 figures will justify IT and those that dont WILL complain. BUT think about where the salaries are coming from and what jobs are there? Some one mentioned Military SOO TRUE I cannot see a justification for OUR civilian Police,Fire or EVEN Ambulance MAKING more than a Soldier,Sailor OR Airman WHO does the same job or MORE! BUT back to point to make 6 figures you are pretty much being paid umm close to $60.00 per hour +or- Remember NOT including taxes so BEFORE ya jump on my numbers I am trying to keep simple!ALL you need to make is $25 to $30/hr.Your laughing. Higher wages cause Inflation so Taxes raise prices for products go up.Everyone WANTS something NOW instead of saving to get it.See the revolving door! NOW justify it!!
3/15/2012 12:38:32 PM
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