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2012-04-14 at 14:26

Cyclist struck: minor injuries suffered following collision with car

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A cyclist has suffered minor injuries after being struck by a car Saturday afternoon.

The cyclist was travelling southbound on Balmoral Street when it collided with a car heading westbound on Oliver Road.

Members of the Thunder Bay Police Service were reconstructing the scene around 2 p.m. Saturday. Det.-Const. Robert Miller said at the time they were unsure who had the right of way and the investigation is ongoing.

It appeared the cyclist may have been riding on the sidewalk, he said.

The intersection was closed to traffic until about 2:30 p.m.



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thunderbaycouncel says:
when are the cyclist going to learn to use the given street they are provided with!!!! Last year my cousin hit a cyclist who was biking on the sidewalk! the cyclist was very injured and was the only one charged. There should be big fines for cyclists who use sidewalks.
4/14/2012 2:35:54 PM
sky high says:
I agree totally. The cyclists who insist on using the sidewalks should give their heads a shake and go buy themselves a stationary bike and excercise in the safety of their homes.
4/14/2012 5:07:17 PM
truthfulsmile says:
Yes , and perhaps some cyclists can afford a motorcycle engine and a monster truck with computer controlled DRivers to "rev-up" in their driveway / street front while they try to maintain their health .
4/14/2012 7:10:47 PM
sky high says:
Driving a vechicle isn't about maitaining one's health so your comments is irelevant. Crosswalks are for pedestrians, so when a cyclist comes booming off a sidewalk travelling the wrong way a motorist doesn't expect this. Cyclists who are hit should be charged, end of story-just like pedestrians who are hit are sometimes charged.
4/15/2012 12:09:02 PM
SleepyGiant says:
I walked by the scene and the car was in the middle of the intersection so I am pretty sure that the bike wasn't on the sidewalk, but I could be wrong.

I hope that everyone involved is okay.
4/14/2012 7:02:50 PM
today says:
Why was he driving his car on the sidewalk...just kidding. The accidents happen at the intersections. If a cyclist riding the sidewalk blows thru the intersection without slowing down or looking and not anticipating a vehicle making a turn is a fool. There are idiot drivers who run stop signs and red lights, and there are idiot cyclists out there as well. This stuff isn't new...we haven't had a bicycle riding explosion over the winter. Political agendas and news reporting work hand in hand.
4/14/2012 10:51:19 PM
CGA says:
ONLY IN THUNDER BAY! Wonder why people from this town hate Toronto? Small town syndrome! Bikers shouldn't have to fear idiot drivers. I was riding on the sidewalk 2 years ago because I was nearly killed on TWO separate occasions by drivers on Arthur Street. I said enough is enough. Sorry, I would say 80-90% of people in this town do not know how to drive. If you think I am going to ride on Arthur St.mid day during the summer you're nuts. How about someone on roller blades? Maybe you should just drive over them as well? Why is it dangerous to drive on the sidewalk? I assume because there are stories left right and centre about bikers hitting people? NOT. Since when do drivers get off the hook for not looking / being absent minded? Do this in Toronto you'd be fined and taken away. You have a heavy motor vehicle, they are on a bike. Learn how to look or don't drive.I have never in my life witnessed someone push others off a sidewalk so they can plow through on their bike. Grow up.
4/15/2012 1:54:09 PM
hmminteresting says:
you are contradicting yourself. The biker got hit when he entered the road, meaning he was safe on the sidewalk, so why would I want to leave the safety of the sidewalk then?
4/15/2012 9:14:27 PM
woofwoof says:
O boy..this is going to stir up the pot even more.
4/14/2012 2:37:08 PM
Chaos says:
There is video of
4/14/2012 2:58:40 PM
Swirly-Q says:
Yes. That's precisely the reason why riding on the sidewalk is so dangerous for cyclists... sooner or later they come to an intersection and, when they do, they are much less likely to be seen by drivers (especially drivers trying to make a turn).
4/14/2012 4:15:57 PM
nucksfan89 says:
I know they say you should use the road, but I don't think I'd ever feel comfortable biking right on the street. I always use the sidewalks, but of course I make sure to always be aware of my surroundings. I get the feeling some people just aren't paying attention on their bikes..
4/14/2012 3:09:21 PM
BetterThunderBay says:
Hi nucksfan,
Try starting out on smaller roads, then move up to larger arterials slowly. I think that with some time, your confidence would improve enough to bike anywhere in the city.

Some tips are to ride in a straight line, 1 meter from the curb (this tends to make motorists pass you with sufficient room, and if not, you have space to pull towards the curb), and always check over your shoulder and signal when you're going to make a move or slow down.

As you might expect, roads with bike lanes are a bit easier, because you don't have to worry as much about your distance from the curb or motorists passing too close because the lanes give visual cues for that stuff.

A good way to learn is with a friend who is confident on the road already. Also, check into cycling courses offered by Safe Cycling Thunder Bay. There's lots of resources to help you ride safely!
4/14/2012 7:28:36 PM
imhere says:
Lets try - motorists and cyclists - to open our eyes and pay attention when we are out. That may prevent some accidents. People need to learn to share the road and cyclists need to learn to get off the sidewalk - whether it was the case here or not. It's becoming an "it's all about me and what I want" city, not a city who watches out for other people and cares about other people. It's sad to see. No way should there be this many accidents happening.
4/14/2012 3:35:38 PM
hockeyskates says:

You have to be an idiot to ride on the roads here. It doesn't matter if you are in a bike lane or not.

The sidewalks are safer, but as soon as you leave them to cross a road you are ROAD KILL. Just ask the two sidewalk riders who got crushed as soon as they tried to cross a roadway in the last 48 hours.

I don't blame anyone, and I quit trying to change things in this town a long time ago. So all I can tell you is DO NOT RIDE A BIKE IN THUNDER BAY. IT IS DANGEROUS.

P.S. The main threat on the bike paths is the isolated location and the thugs strung out on crack and Oxy. So don't bike there alone.

4/14/2012 3:39:47 PM
anvil of crom says:
blame the cyclist !!!
how about we wait till the fat lady sings thunderbaycouncil? HMMM? looks like the cycList either ran the light or the car did.
Three years ago I was almost hit by a left turner at that intersection who was turning left while using his cell phone, while i walked on a green light, with a pedestrian light. ...jerk.
a year later HIT by a car just further up the road on john and balmoral/algonquin, the guy was turning right on a red, failed to stop and hit me. luckily he was going slow. I ended up on his hood!! none for the worse , he was freaked out his passengers freaked out, all apologies.
I was lucky!!
everybodies in a rush, drivers take your time.
leave a minute early, you never make up the time speeding!
4/14/2012 3:48:26 PM
tadzup says:
hey, tbnewswatch, your bias is showing.

The bike is in the middle of an intersection. This has nothing to do with a sidewalk.
4/14/2012 4:07:14 PM
Swirly-Q says:
Riding on sidewalks is dangerous. Not because cars routinely jump the curb and drive onto the sidewalk but, rather, because it is less likely that a cyclist will be noticed by drivers at intersections when they are off the road on the sidewalk/crosswalk.

Intersections are alwars dangerous for cyclists but much more so when the cyclist is travelling on the sidewalk.
4/14/2012 4:57:43 PM
Lynne Sharman says:
Thunder Bay is a dangerous city for cyclists and pedestrians ... people with crutches and wheelchairs ... whoever has the smallest mode of transport (including feet) is at risk
4/14/2012 4:39:27 PM
woofwoof says:
Hello.....the cyclist probably was riding on the sidewalk then went on the road. . How is that bias???
4/14/2012 4:42:11 PM
slinky-kitty says:
I agree with tadzup...the bike is in the intersetion. It has nothing to do with it being on the sidewalk..
4/14/2012 5:05:41 PM
Tom Sanderson says:
I'm sure the police have statements from the parties involved and any witnesses to the event and from that information will come to a conclusion as to what transpired. All the theories and solutions we are about to read here are irrelevant.
I hope the cyclist doesn't have any lingering physical injuries or the car driver have any psychological effects.
Those who don't cycle will be blaming the cyclist and those who cycle will be blaming the drivers. It's what these two vehicle operators did that caused the collision, not the bike lanes, not the sidewalk but human error.
4/14/2012 5:05:43 PM
homelessteen says:
If you ride your bike on the sidewalk do it against the direction of traffic so drivers can see you well in advance. Drivers tend to see what is coming towards them as opposed to those going in the same direction. Should allow drivers and cyclist more time to react to potential accidents
Not a perfect solution but nothing is.
4/14/2012 5:34:03 PM
jb says:
That's terrible advice and the reason I almost hit a cyclist at this same intersection. When a driver is making a left turn, they look ahead of them and on the cross street where they are turning. They don't look behind them to see if someone on a bike is about to race through the crosswalk. Stay off the sidewalks and ride with the direction of traffic.
4/14/2012 6:37:00 PM
homelessteen says:
If your not checking over your shoulder before making a left your a bad driver in my opinion. Because you could hit pedestrians in the same situation.
4/15/2012 10:08:29 AM
jb says:
Read the reply. Of course you check the intersection for people crossing. I said you're not looking BEHIND you for someone on a bike racing up to the intersection 10+kmh. A person on a bike approaches an intersection a lot quicker than someone walking.
4/15/2012 12:11:17 PM
homelessteen says:
Your left shoulder. I did read the reply. Behind you, which is where you said people rarely look.
4/15/2012 5:14:08 PM
BetterThunderBay says:
Hi there homelessteen,
That's actually worse. The reason is that the closing distance is faster (you're moving towards each other), so that the impact, if any, is worse and gives the two parties less time to react. At an intersection (when you're on the sidewalk, that's every single driveway), you're much more likely to be hit because the motorist is checking for traffic on their left, not the right so much, which is where you would be coming from if you were riding the wrong way.

So now it's time for accident statistics!

Last year 34 cyclists were injured riding on the sidewalk, 22 (65%) of them were going the wrong way.

A. Don't ride on the sidewalk
B. If you do ride on the sidewalk (but seriously, don't ride on the sidewalk), ride the correct direction, and stop at every intersection.

I'm not contradicting you for the sake of being annoying, just want to make sure you're staying as safe as possible out there. I don't want to see any more of these stories any time soon.
4/14/2012 7:10:31 PM
homelessteen says:
Are those numbers for Thunder Bay or Canada? 34 samples seems like a small grouping to be representing "facts" in my opinion.

This is based on advice given by the officer who came to measure my sons tires after he my son hit crossing the road.

For the record anyone over 16 in my opinion should be riding on the road if they are not riding one of those bmx style bikes (tire sizes makes bmx legal to ride on sidewalks at least the on my son was riding at the time he was hit).

Thanks for the info.
4/15/2012 10:23:34 AM
BetterThunderBay says:
Hi again,
Yes, those are numbers for Thunder Bay. The number of cyclists hit using sidewalks all across Canada is many times greater than 34. I just figured it makes sense to use local statistics since I have them available, even though studies in other cities confirm that these practices are dangerous.

If you like it better, from 2008-2011 in Thunder Bay 117 cyclists were hit because they were using the sidewalk, and 77% of them were going the wrong way. That's local information, and it's a larger sample size.

You're right, BMX bikes are a bit of a gray area, and for now, it looks like (in a strictly legal sense) they'll still be allowed on the sidewalk. Although, they aren't really designed for getting from point A for point B efficiently, so they're still the minority. Which of course doesn't mean the problem isn't there, it's just not quite as common.

I'm sorry to hear your son was involved in an accident. All the more reason to work on making our roads safer.
4/15/2012 1:40:42 PM
homelessteen says:
Three yrs of data is more convincing.

However,I am not a big fan of statistics.
I would guess that 77% of the drivers in this city don't check over their left shoulder before making a left after sitting in the intersection waiting 30 seconds to turn.(totaly made up stat)
If your checking all directions there doesn't seem to be any good reason to hit anything moving towards the intersection.
I would be interested to know how many of those accidents resulted from a left hand turn.
And, if any happened in the same place more than twice.

Thanks again
4/15/2012 5:37:24 PM
countrychick says:
I think the problem here is education, most drivers ( my self included) are not sure how driving with bikes on the road works exactially ie.. when at an intersection where you should be and where the bike should be etc sometimes you are forced to change lanes or you are stuck behind a slow cylicist like wise syclist are not sure of the laws either.. hand signals when turning i never see them do.. also riding up to the curb at a red light then impeding traffic.. some are weaving all over the place and as a driver you have no idea what they are doing! I think some they should have cycling clinics on this subject for ALL bikes on the road, just like a driving lessons. likewise in driver training should have a bike section as well.. maybe if we were all a little more clear on this accidents would not be so common!
4/14/2012 5:50:52 PM
canrebel53 says:
tadzup, just where do you think the bike would end up after being hit by a car. The person get's knocked off the bike and the bike keeps going unless it gets stuck under the vehicle.
4/14/2012 5:55:22 PM
hewentthatway says:
I think that this needs to be examined from both sides equally. All motorists are required to pay attention while they are driving and be prepared in case of a dangerous situation. There are some easy solutions too. If cars were willing to change lanes when passing cyclists (instead of trying to share one by squishing), bikes would be more willing to get off the sidewalks.Similarly, if cyclists were required to be educated/encouraged to access bike laws, they would have a better idea of their role on the roads. Bikes are a great way of saving money on gas and other vehicle expenses and riding a bike encourages a healthy lifestyle. Nonetheless bikes arent practical for everyone and they need a bigger vehicle. Either way, motorists share the road and need to respect each other. Every waterfall starts with a single drop of water so don't tell me an individuals actions won't help the situation. We need to look out for eachother.
4/14/2012 6:10:12 PM
truthfulsmile says:
Were there any motorcycles or maybe one monster truck DRiver within a few miles of this incident ?
4/14/2012 7:01:49 PM
big head says:
I wonder what the statistics were about bike accidents BEFORE the bike lanes were put in. If they were better then perhaps they should be removed. Like Victoria Ave. What a joke that is!
4/14/2012 8:36:20 PM
BetterThunderBay says:
Hi big head,
Glad you asked, I have that information right here!

On Victoria Ave there was at least one accident involving a cyclist every year from 2006-2010. In 2011 (the year bike lanes went in) there were zero.

Also interesting are the statistics for all collisions involving an automobile (cyclist involved or not). On Victoria there were 23 in 2009 and 26 in 2010, and in 2011 (with bike lanes) there were 18.

Based on the numbers, I would say that bike lanes are not such "a joke" as you say.

In fact, bike lanes decrease accidents for all users of the road. This has been found in studies all over the world, and it appears, that Thunder Bay follows the same rules.
4/15/2012 1:59:30 PM
RealityCzech says:
The problem with cyclists on the sidewalks is... they cannot decide if they want to be pedestrians (on the sidwalk) or cyclists (on the road) and instead dance between the two choosing to use the sidewalk when it suits their fancy, and suddenly morph into cyclists when they get a DONT WALK sign and suddenly will either ride right through the crosswalk, ignoring the DONT WALK sign... or suddenly will veer onto the road... magically making the transition into cyclist.

4/14/2012 9:36:19 PM
cob says:
Said it before, but worth repeating: If you ride on the sidewalk, and I don't blame anyone who does, the law says you MUST walk your bike across the street at controlled intersections. Really, you have to be pretty dumb to run, jog, bike or skate across a street when cars are present. A driver turning can't be expected to see someone who comes whipping along at more than a walking pace. That's why it is called a crossWALK.
4/14/2012 9:58:20 PM
jayardia says:
Dead on, cob. Well said. This is precisely one of the main facets of this issue, and needs to be acknowledged and understood by everyone.

Cyclists not walking, but rushing through busy intersections heedlessly, (combined with distracted/erring drivers), are causing *most of* these accidents, I'll bet.

Your last sentence, (cob), is worth repeating too: "A driver turning can't be expected to see someone who comes whipping along at more than a walking pace. That's why it is called a crossWALK." --I would add/clarify that it's the SPEED of a cyclist coming from unanticipated area- (sidewalk) -that increases the likelihood of a distracted driver of accidentally hitting them; -or of being hit by them as the biker heedlessly zooms into the intersection.

(A walker would be well-within the perspective of the driver as he/she begins to execute the turn. A 'sidewalk-biker' may not be.)
4/15/2012 8:13:41 PM
rootbear says:
Drivers in Thunder Bay don't know how easy they got it. I'm staying in a major metro in South Florida right now and with all the lanes, lights and traffic, you don't dare to sneeze to take your eyes off the action. 2 lanes? Phhhh....try 4 or more with lights every which way. Granted, our drivers would fit right in with the speeding, they just wouldn't have the road senses!
4/14/2012 10:28:45 PM
brooky says:
Last year while driving, I approached a stop sign in Westfort. Looked both ways, saw it was clear and proceeded to go. Next thing I know there's a cyclist sprawled over the hood of my truck. Thankfully he was ok, but the freakin idiot was flying down the sidewalk and I just never saw him, or expeted him to be there when he crossed the intersection. He was an adult male by the way.
4/14/2012 11:41:01 PM
yer joking says:
Did you keep him? It's legal to keep roadkill in Ontario.
4/15/2012 10:35:05 AM
SF2012 says:
You can argue sidewalk vs road all you want. But that side of Balmoral is a BIKE PATH!!!! It starts at the park near John and continues into LU. There is also bikers using that path all the time.
4/15/2012 12:04:19 AM
cachinnate says:
Thank you for that observation. I ride that 'Bike Path' quite frequently. The real problem is when the path alonside the cemetary reaches the intersection, it becomes 'sidewalk' (ie crosswalk), then you have to ride the sidewalk again for another 50m or so to regain the path alonside the university.
4/16/2012 11:06:38 AM
Steven says:
Ummmm...... two points:

1) The guy was going south on Balmoral on the right side of the road, but up on the sidewalk. Bad reporting though: There is no sidewalk there: THERE IS A RECREATIONAL PATH where of course bikes are allowed. They went there to take pictures and didn't notice the bike path? REALLY!? Shame tbnewswatch. You should have noticed that and reported it

2) Based on the direction of travel of the car and the location of the bike in the pic, either the car or the bike ran the light. SOOOOOOO the issue isn't bikes or cars. Its that one of them ran the light. A designated bike lane would make no difference if a car runs a light, or the biker is stupid enough to try and run the light.

Regardless, the bike lanes are barely used, and are dangerous. I feel that bikes should be allowed on sidewalks or roads, and the choice should be that of the individual, based on the safety of each situation at a given time. It should always be what is safest for the situation
4/15/2012 12:28:27 AM
She says:
Seriously, It's dangerous riding a bike on the road and on a sidewalk. Make some more bike paths and save a life.
4/15/2012 1:46:26 AM
jetsetter says:
I have to laugh at some who get in numerous accidents or get hit crossing street and blame others or say how terrible OTHER drivers are. Every accident is preventable and regardless of who has right away, peeps have to act accordingly to prevent. Just because a light says walk it doesnt mean not to look or even green lights for that matter. Its inevitable that someones gonna make a mistake but when theres an I have to think, "It takes two", Even the accident I got in was part my fault, even tho the other was charged(turned in frt of me), I could have slammed brakes on and avoided If I was more on the ball at the time.
4/15/2012 9:01:13 AM
ThunderBayFullOfCrime says:
This story should really be called cyclist struck while crossing intersection. If the cyclist walked his bike across like your supposed to, this may have turned out different. Nobody was hit on the sidewalk.

4/15/2012 9:09:13 AM
yer joking says:
Perhaps it's time for a new by-law re: feeding cyclists, that should be a no-no and then maybe a cull on them. Of course you could only shoot the ones riding on the sidewalks at the time. Curious as to the number of accidents caused by cyclists vs deer.
4/15/2012 9:46:48 AM
localdog says:
Its amazing how drivers claim they can clearly see cyclists when they're on the road yet can't see them at all when they're slightly elevated and three feet to the right on the sidewalk. I need to get me one of these cloaking devices all the cyclists are using!
4/15/2012 10:13:56 AM
JIMMY2 says:
Ok I am highly miss understanding something, So from all the comments I just read, Its dangerous to ride your bike on the side walk because you are not seen, is that not the responsibility of the driver to be aware of his surroundings??? What if a mother is walking her infant in a stroller? She won't be seen, Or if I am walking I won;t be seen, I would think being on a bicycle would be more of a reason to be seen other than just walking, Hey drivers look around, and people on the streets biking or walking or jogging, pay attention, its not worth your life for that one green light, people are not nice, get used to it.
4/15/2012 10:45:04 AM
Random says:
What don't you get about a cyclist riding off a sidewalk, in an area motorists don't expect to see one?
Why even make your post?
You realize that EVERYONE has responsibility right? Not just the driver of a car.
4/15/2012 5:26:05 PM
Tom Sanderson says:
I've never read so many stupid remarks in my life than I have on this website. The editors must be as juvenile as some of you who make these absurd comments that get posted. What an embarrassment.
4/15/2012 10:56:21 AM
ShineOn says:
Are you serious, Jimmy2?? Is a mother and her stroller going at high speeds? Obviously not. It is against the law to ride your bike on the sidewalk for a REASON. It is a motorists responsibility to check for pedestrians who are crossing at a crosswalk, but a cyclist would be going to fast for a motorist to be able to see it coming from it's blind spot while making a right or left turn. That is why a bike has to drive on the road and follow the rules of the road. Also: for all of you saying it is in the middle of the intersection, you can clearly see the person was making a left hand turn and the cyclist was obviously driving through the crosswalk (probably coming from the car's blind spot... Sometimes I wonder about the intelligence of people on this site. Jesus.
4/15/2012 11:21:50 AM
SleepyGiant says:
If they were making a left turn they were doing it wrong... Because they were not in the turning lane... I would bet a healthy sum on the car running the red since I see it happen all the time.
4/16/2012 10:27:10 AM
Joey Joe Joe Jr. Shabadoo says:
"The cyclist was travelling southbound when it collided with a car heading westbound on Oliver Road"

Either the bike went across the intersection when he wasnt suppose to, or the car ran the light.

Especially when both parties are travelling in opposite directions, it should be easy to figure out... The witnesses will let the truth shine!
4/15/2012 12:10:43 PM
A Carr says:
Is it legal for bicycles to ride on sidewalks in Thunder Bay? While walking on the sidewalk, I have had to step off it many times to let a oncoming bicycle pass, and several times have almost been hit by bicycles coming up behind me. It is often dangerous to walk on the sidewalk in the Northwood area.
4/15/2012 12:29:52 PM
BetterThunderBay says:
Hi A Carr,
It is illegal to ride on the sidewalk unless your tires are less than 24 inches in diameter (which usually means you're a young cyclist).
4/15/2012 1:49:05 PM
CGA says:
ONLY IN THUNDER BAY! Wonder why people from this town hate Toronto? Small town syndrome! Bikers shouldn't have to fear idiot drivers. I was riding on the sidewalk 2 years ago because I was nearly killed on TWO separate occasions by drivers on Arthur Street. Only in this town would you people have the nerve to blame the biker on any/every location. You refuse to look before crossing the sidewalks/jumping onto a main street. What if it's a little kid learning how to roller blade? Big Difference? No. You car doesn't profile who it's going to hit before you hit them. If you can't look or drive like a responsible person - get off the road. This town is notorious for self entitlement / transferring blame to anyone else. Bike lanes will not help. Today I saw a truck driving in the bike line (they thought it was a lane). So enough with this overrated garbage. Police should be nailing people who don't deserve a drivers license. As I always say ... only in Thunder Bay.
4/15/2012 1:57:54 PM
wayne says:
Tom, you have choices. You can ignore reading comments. You can control your reactions to 'stupid' comments and not get dragged in by them. Or you can choose to comment and post insults like you did at the editors. Time to get off your high horse.
4/15/2012 2:11:44 PM
Tom Sanderson says:
Thanks for the tips Wayne.

fyi: I'm not on any horse. I'm opinionated like the rest of the world.
4/15/2012 2:33:22 PM
flyinjerky says:
I have no problem stating that my issue with these bike lanes is that I find them inconvenient. I complain about all kinds of things I find inconvenient. Dentist appointments, telemarketers, bike lanes. I complain about these things, they inconvenience me. I have no use for them. I have no interest in the reasons people use them. Going green, fitness, no money for car/gas, drivers license revoked? Whatever. Not particularly important to me. I go through a fair bit of effort to have my life be as convenient to me as possible. Not surprisingly, I complain when things are made less so. I am not compelled in anyway to feel bad about this. I dislike the bike lanes. For the better part, they are in my way, and leave less room to drive. They don't help me.
Good luck to the people who ride in these lanes, though. Most times I feel unsafe on the road in a motor vehicle what with the distracted, rushed drivers on the road with me. Not that I'm perfect. Someone is going to end up seriously hurt.
4/15/2012 3:20:48 PM
Jjd says:
Sometimes I feel as though I am a lot safer for my young son and I to ride up on the sidewalk. We go quite slowly (probably about the same as a rollerblader) and always check driveways carefully. We are sure to give pedestrians the right of way. I will not have my son riding on a busy street inches away from heavy traffic. If he hit some lose gravel, a pothole, or simply lost control he could swerve or fall in front of a car.
4/15/2012 3:50:06 PM
jb says:
Riding slowly on a sidewalk with a child is a lot different than an adult using a bike on the sidewalks to get from A to B as quickly as possible. Children shouldn't be riding a bike on the road and no one is insinuating that.
4/15/2012 5:12:03 PM
JIMMY2 says:
shine on: your telling me that because a mother and her child are on the sidewalk you will see them, but a person on their bike won't be seen cause of their high speeds, i was talking about at intersections while waiting for the light to change, I am sorry but i am a driver, and I look in all directions before making a turn, or proceeding thru an intersection, I have never hit a biker, or a walker, it's called sharing the road, as well being aware of your surroundings, yes there are some unintelligent people on theses sites, but give me a break, so because someone is in your blind spot it's thier fault?? try telling that to the cops, your a joke.
4/15/2012 3:53:47 PM
storm says:
Ive lived and biked many cities of Canada and i have never seen as ridiculous of bike lanes as tbay. They are completely unsafe. Who designed these dangerous paths that are too far into the lane and disappear at a moments notice? Hope the cyclist will recover. We need a real mind to design good bike lanes not a hairdresser that became a city councillor ...sheesh !
4/15/2012 8:01:39 PM
The Badger Mountain Hermit says:
Toronto Police collisions...90% of the time, the car is to blame. Still want to take your chances on the street, in a town notorious for careless drivers?
4/15/2012 8:42:07 PM
hmminteresting says:
Wow I am really surprised at some people’s comments here. First, I hope the people involved are going to be ok, secondly, as I can tell from the video and picture, the car and bike were travelling at 90 degrees to each other which is obvious to me that when the biker entered the intersection, either the biker or the car ran a red light and collided together. With that being said, I think that a lot of these comments that I read have nothing to do with this story. The other thing I'd like to mention is that no matter who is right or wrong the person on the bike will always lose in a collision with a car/truck or any other object that weights more. I personally would never ride my bike on the street as I do not trust the motorists in this city and would never assume a motorist is aware of my location on the bike. I am shocked at people’s attitudes on driving and sharing the roads in this city.
4/15/2012 9:07:52 PM
wayne says:
Tom said: "fyi: I'm not on any horse. I'm opinionated like the rest of the world."

and now you know why TBNewswatch allows most of the 'stupid' posts that you refer to, because they are opinions, just like your opinions.
4/16/2012 12:17:23 AM
Dudebro says:
How many bets that if the cyclist is found at fault, there will be no charges and we certainly won't hear the outcome. But if the other way around, they'll be all over that!
4/16/2012 8:30:05 AM
Rbosch says:
After reading all the numberous posts on this story line and pretty well all the other bike lane concerns, I would like to suggest that perhaos a video can be produced locally to fully illustrate and demonstrate the propper situations for cycling in Thunder Bay. I feel the lanes were introduced with little clear and concise information and a review of such things as road etiquette, road rules, bicycle lanes meaning, etc., should be done. Surely the TBay Police Services, and City Council will support such an endeavour, and the production facilities at Confederation College can contribute as well. What a great project this could be for the department at the College. We pretty well know who "BetterThunderBay" is, so he is essential to the project as well. Shaw Cable would be a great medium and perhaps this vido should be mandatory viewing in the early Spring at all Elementry and High Schools. Once it is produced and shown, infractions should be penalized to recoup production costs.
4/16/2012 10:51:23 AM
hockeyskates says:
The way you write it RBosch, it sounds almost doable. However, the city would not do it cheap. They would hire a friend in Video production and the costs would soar.

Secondly, they will not limit broadcast to a free PSA on Shaw. They will want to buy time on local TV. We would be looking at $500,000 easy, and for what, the 50 riders who currently use the Bike Lanes ?

If the city wants to get serious about supporting bikes as a means of transportation, I recommend that they stop simply painting white lines on the road, because that causes more problems as it solves.

BIKES AND TRUCKS DO NOT MIX. Regardless of how much white paint you have.

4/16/2012 11:41:36 AM
BetterThunderBay says:
Hi Rbosch,
I would love to be involved, but I don't really see why I would need to be. I think that you're implying that I am a city employee, or maybe even Mr. Krupper. I'm not.

Really, I'm just another resident of Thunder Bay who also has a lot of cycling experience, in a bunch of different cities. I really want people to enjoy cycling as a recreational activity, or if you're like me, a primary mode of transportation. My main concern however, is that people feel comfortable and safe on their bikes. Part of it is good infrastructure, and part of it is education, confidence and practice for all road users. That's why I keep track of what people are saying and why I spend so much time learning about city planning and infrastructure. Basically, I think there's a lot of potential here, and I'm excited about it.

I do like your idea however, and maybe you should drop Active Transportation an e-mail suggestion.
4/16/2012 10:56:22 PM
Random says:
News flash to you too.....
your talking about Toronto, where pedestrians die daily due to their own stupidity, the Army shovels a few centimetres of snow, will all suffering from big town mentality.
Had he been on the sidewalk, he probably would have rode off the curb into oncoming traffic and been hit...that is most likely what happened anyways.
The bike lanes were designed as a knee jerk reaction to satisfy a few, with a few no minds who looked it over and said it looked good. Those lanes are a recipe for disaster. Must have been sniffing glue when they were designed.
The HTA is very clear on slow moving vehicles to the furthest right of the roadway. Those lanes aren't even legal, and I refuse to even recognize them, unless some poor chump is riding in them, then i move.
4/16/2012 12:14:02 PM
hymers says:
Your point is? We should ride our bikes on the sidewalks? That article does not in any way indicate that riding on the road is more dangerous then riding on the sidewalk... We don’t have sidewalks everywhere you know... and keep in mind, every driveway that crossed a sidewalk is a potential accident waiting to happen for someone riding a bike.
The big issue is drivers and cyclist sharing the road. Cyclists need to respect the laws of the road and drivers need to treat cyclist as a vehicle...
4/16/2012 1:01:53 PM
Random says:
First off, they aren't "accidents", they are collisions. Accidents are things beyond our control, collisions are a result of human error.
For every idiotic motorist out there, there are equal number idiotic people riding bikes.
Your point about driveways backs my point. You have someone riding their mountain bike or whatever, fast, and someone exiting their driveway doesn't have a chance. Boom, collision.
Sidewalks are for people walking and little kids on bikes, roadways are for vehicles, and full size bikes are vehicles.
It is obvious no thought has ever gone into the design of our roadways here in N.America, we are auto oriented. So, slapping some paint on the ground and calling it a bike lane is insane. You are better off riding furthest to the right, like it has always been. "SMRT" people just like to put their stamp on something, even if it is stupid, like those ridiculas bike lanes.
4/16/2012 2:35:13 PM
Delbert Grady says:
and further to that.. at least motorists have taken some testing and been proven competent in the rules of the road.

With no such standards or testing for cyclists, how can we be sure they are competent, skilled, or even capable of riding in traffic??

Roads are for autos, sidewalks are for bikes. Problems like in this story happen where the two meet.

You gotta keep 'em separated.
4/16/2012 11:10:14 PM
Swirly-Q says:
"Had he been on the sidewalk this would never have happened."
A five sentence news article with almost no detail and you are able to determine this how?
4/16/2012 1:20:32 PM
CGA says:
Well you see Swirly,

If you ever decide to leave this deficient city and travel to lets say Toronto, you would know it is physically impossible to bike on the sidewalk. If you knew this street, you would know he was 100% hit while on the road, and hard. This whole "everyone is going to be safe if they bike on the road" trash is getting annoying. This idea that it's always the bikers fault is what blows me away. That you incompetent people would actually back out without looking , hit a biker , lets say he is on the road or even 4 meters closer on the sidewalk..... and it's the BIKERS FAULT! The Feds should force everyone in this town to redo their drivers test.
4/16/2012 9:22:30 PM
Swirly-Q says:
Thanks for the reply but, unfortunately, I don't have any new information on the actual incident than I did before. Also, I'm not sure why this matters but I've lived in Toronto and ridden extensively through the city (never in Whitby, though)
4/17/2012 7:37:50 AM
CGA says:
Then you would know that riding a bicycle around 2000-30,000 pound vehicles is a death trap. It just takes one person (biker or driver) to kill the other. On a sidewalk, you seldom see people going these speeds hence there are LESS fatal accidents on sidewalks. But people here would rather see brains on the pavement instead of looking over their shoulders. I say again, welcome to Thunder Bay.
4/17/2012 12:02:18 PM
CGA says:
Random, I can tell you're just as diluted as the city you reside in. Pedestrians do not die daily in Toronto. You probably think Thunder Bay is middle earth. That is a very nice explanation regarding accident / collision. I like how the biker is going too fast ... and the car just ...backs out!


Did I say we should ride our bikes on the sidewalks? No. I am just being the devils advocate here to show all these small minded twat individuals that they should really "think" a little bit. "Accidents" do happen, drivers back out and don't see everything. That is great that there is a risk every day when you step out your door! Do you think a Driver WHO DOES NOT see you from the same direction will magically see you if you're 5 feet over on the road? No. To even try and argue is ridiculous. To say the bikers are at fault is ridiculous. Bikers are aware of the dangers - hence some prefer the sidewalk, biking slowly. You are not my dad, and you have no right telling me what to do.
4/16/2012 9:17:11 PM
marts says:
i am one of the said people who ride their bikes on the sidealk in this city. why? because there are too many idiotic drivers who refuse to move over and obey the rules of the road when approaching a cyclist. when a car zooms by me and practically rubs me, i am fearful for my life. however, when i ride on the sidewalk, i give the right away to traffic and walking pedestrians. i do not zoom across intersections. i stop and walk my bike if it is busy, or i do shoulder checks to ensure no one is going to be turning. thunder bay is full of ridiculous, self centered drivers who refuse to share the road. i'd rather not die by one of these mindless fools.
4/16/2012 1:41:04 PM
jubjub says:
As long as people drive and bike (and even walk) there will be accidents. Bike lanes may help but there will always be people who don't pay attention, make stupid decisions or just are in the wrong place at the wrong time (hence accidents not on purposes). Arguing blame is pointless.

I am a cyclist and bike to work as often as weather permits. The implementation on Victoria is dangerous to drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. I counted several vehicles driving in the wrong lanes today not being able to see the lane markings which are already difficult to see being faded and covered with gravel. I have seen countless races to make the merges after traffic lights and countless cyclists on the sidewalks or opposite bike lanes. The stats may say accidents are decreasing but that is meaningless without citing if the overall volume of traffic is also decreasing or increasing. Not to mention that the Victoria bike lanes were put in late summer.
4/16/2012 2:01:02 PM
jwo2854 says:
I am both a cyclist and motorist. Weather permitting, I cycle to work. I will use sidewalks on particularly busy streets, when I'm forced to ride into a traffic lane to go around a parked car. Simpson St. is an example.
One morning while cycling, some idiot in a red Chrysler minivan was barreling down Simpson passing vehicles on the right hand side. As far as I know, Simpson has only 2 lanes for traffic. I firmly believe if I was riding on the road, I would have been killed.
I was on the sidewalk at the time and could almost reach out and touch the van as it blew by.
4/16/2012 2:36:36 PM
Vanity says:
I believe this is the bike trail along Balmoral and crosses Oliver. Police should publicise how to cross the road when the trail crosses the road.
4/16/2012 3:17:22 PM
Tannoy says:
This is all wrong, this guy should have been struck while in a bike lane where he should have been riding!
4/17/2012 8:36:13 AM
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