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2012-04-20 at 17:30

New road being made for Fort William Historical Park

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After three years of planning and property acquisitions, Fort William Historical Park is now ready to move ahead with a new access road off Broadway Avenue. 

The need for a secondary road became apparent during the 2006 Rock the Fort festival.  Crowds of 10,000 or more caused major traffic jams coming in and out of the fort and the event has not been held since. 

In 2009, the province announced $8 million for infrastructure improvements at the fort, including a new access road.  The Fort purchased two properties off Broadway Avenue late last year and recently demolished the structures on them.  Ed Cameron with the engineering firm SNC Lavalin is heading up the project for the Fort.

Cameron says the next step is designing the route for the new roadway, and then consulting with the surrounding neighbourhood. 

Construction is expected to begin near the end of this year and be completed by March of 2013.


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buzzerd says:
Let's start the complaining now- but the new road will give me brain cancer, but what about the safety of the children, what if this road blocks the view of the other road, why can't they build the road in another town, isn't it illegal to build a road in a park, why are taxpayers paying to build the road, this Fort sucks,why can't we have a new Fort like southern Ontario....
4/20/2012 8:32:53 PM
Dontlistentome says:
Awesome comment! So true and yet so humorous.
Thanks for the laugh - yet I notice there are already some similar comments.
4/21/2012 11:46:43 AM
figh as huck says:
Wonderif they already ordered the 2 poles like @ the marina???
4/20/2012 9:39:33 PM
hadenough says:
Wow, you acquire the properties, demolish he buildings, plan and design the route and THEN you consult with the surrounding neighbourhood?

I"m sorry but I see a flaw in your logic.
4/20/2012 9:45:32 PM
wayne says:
good luck with the neighbourhood consultations.

I didn't think that the three-day weekend rock the fort annual event was cancelled six years ago due to traffic jams and not having an additional access road. i thought it was because of under-aged drinkers, flooding the following two years etc.?

does this mean FWHP will host rock the fort events again?
4/20/2012 11:13:31 PM
The Wolf says:
Does it really matter how many roads they have coming out of the Fort if they all end up on the single laned Broadway Ave????
4/21/2012 12:40:44 AM
tsb says:
Broadway is a single lane road? So who gets the right of way when two vehicles meet in opposite directions? West bound cars or east bound cars?
4/21/2012 9:04:32 PM
The Wolf says:
single lane per direction guess I could of used the more common term "dual lanes" but then some troll would tell me its single lanes......
4/22/2012 11:10:09 AM
Joey Joe Joe Jr. Shabadoo says:
If this is how monies are spent, even being a tax grant, then prepare to accommodate 10,000 screaming taxpayers around city hall also...
4/21/2012 2:27:46 PM
nvjgu says:
I like how they worded the story," The Fort did this or that. Shouln't it have been the city did this or that. Is it not a city owned attraction.
4/22/2012 9:04:50 AM
tsb says:
The fort is not run by the city, it is funded by the province.
4/22/2012 1:02:36 PM
unknowncronic says:
At the same time, the need for a new government became apparent too...
4/23/2012 3:00:13 AM
IndustrialContortion says:
I think it's a little ridiculous to stop hosting an event because of traffic jams. I hope they bring back rock the fort!!
4/23/2012 2:35:17 PM
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