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2012-04-27 at NOON

AGM for NOMA looks at Ring of Fire

By tbnewswatch.com
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Municipal leaders in the Northwest are joining forces to push for the Ring of Fire ferrochrome plant to be located in the Greenstone area.  

At the annual meeting of the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association Thursday in Kenora, delegates voted to support a resolution supporting its development.  

U.S.-based Cliffs Natural Resources has indicated it is looking at placing the facility near Sudbury.

Also passed by delegates on Thursday was a resolution to press the province to reverse a decision to close travel information centres in Fort Frances, Rainy River and Kenora.

(CKPR Radio)

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wayne says:
keep pushing a private sector company, and they may just move out of Ontario. who wins then?
4/27/2012 1:57:15 PM
noront says:
Ya, we should just let them do what they want, and leave nothing behind. They are allready trying to ship it to China, then what do we get? Cliffs wants to maximize profits plain and simple, if we let them they will. They made over $1,300,000,000 last year, they can afford to proccess here and still make a good buck.
4/27/2012 9:26:34 PM
TBDR says:
Northern Ontario is nothing but land to rape and pillage to the government wigs in Southern Ontario. Quite frankly I don't care if Cliffs leaves. Other mining companies are interested in keeping their operations in the Northwest. Lets cater to them.
4/27/2012 4:37:07 PM
wayne says:
TBDR, Northern Ontario, not just Northwestern Ontario, has had a rich and prosperous history in mines and forestry. Sure let's push Cliff's out of Ontario...some other mining company located in Northwestern Ontario will build a ferrochrome processing plant after seeing what pressure is being placed on Cliff's...NOT! it will be the same argument...locate it in Thunder Bay, Greenstone, Sudbury. if Southern Ontario views N.O. as land to rape and pillage, let's leave the ore in the ground and leave the forests alone. that'll teach 'em!....lol
4/27/2012 8:34:33 PM
Dudebro says:
Every player in this whole ring of fire thing is doing nothing but make it difficult. I'd be surprised if anything significant happens in the next ten years if people don't start working with each other and getting off their high horse.
I say "player", because it really looks like a bunch of kids leading this whole thing crying and whining about EVERYTHING and holding things up.
4/28/2012 9:51:40 AM
The Badger Mountain Hermit says:
This will be the biggest resource rip-off of the Century.
4/28/2012 12:27:05 PM
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