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2012-04-28 at 17:00

Eight-year-old knocked over by car, minor injuries reported

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An eight-year-old-girl has recieved minor injuries after being struck by a car. 

Police and EMS responded to a call about a collision at the intersection of James Street and Frederica Street after 4:30 p.m Saturday.

Police say the car knocked the girl over but she didn’t receive any serious injuries. Police added the driver was a 72-year-old man and the girl was in the care of her babysitters.

The investigation is ongoing.

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ThunderBayFullOfCrime says:
That and the intersection on Frederica and Brown are very dangerous. I wonder if she was on the road biking, nothing was mentioned about that.

Hope she recovers fully.
4/28/2012 10:38:08 PM
Spiffy says:
I dont think so? That does seem like something the police would want to make a point of mentioning lately, but maybe. I liked the unintentional pun in the headline though, that was funny
4/29/2012 6:01:24 AM
megikon123 says:
ThunderBayFullOfCrime ,,,,please read it was the intersection of Frederica and james dumd dumd!!
4/29/2012 4:10:05 AM
karma says:
You spelled 'dumb' wrong.
If you would please read TBFOC's comment again, you'll see they wrote "That AND the intersection of Frederica and Brown".
4/29/2012 10:55:11 AM
DazeofThunder says:
*Phew* that was a close one yes? My hopes are we can now begin to bargain in good faith and just make the streets a safer place to bike. It can easily be done. I would gladly help the city planning committee map out and see-through a plan that would help everyone. Empathy is an individual trait but can have serious global impact. I suggest we begin developing it.
4/29/2012 8:57:50 AM
jb says:
There's no mention that anyone was on a bike.
4/30/2012 1:41:52 PM
unknowncronic says:
Glad to hear she wasnt seriously injured...
4/29/2012 9:15:41 AM
ThunderBayFullOfCrime says:

Learn to read before you open your mouth to comment something silly please and thanks. Troll!
4/30/2012 1:31:37 PM
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