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2012-05-01 at 4:57PM

Vandals strike Prince Arthur’s Landing

By Leith Dunick, tbnewswatch.com

Vandals continue to strike the children’s garden at Prince Arthur’s Landing.

City officials on Tuesday said three times over the past month the stone sculptures, shaped like balloon animals, have been targeted, with large pieces now broken off three of the 10 sculptures.

“The intent of this installation was to have something inviting and interactive that would appeal to children’s imaginations,” said Leah Bayly, Supervisor of Cultural Services & Events, in a release issued by the city.

“Feedback from children in City summer programs influenced the selection of the artwork, and the animals have been extremely popular with all ages.  It is extremely disheartening to see them thoughtlessly damaged in this way.”

The sculptures are collectively worth $95,000.

The city is working with artists Paul Slipper and Nadine Stefan of Vancouver to repair the damage, estimated at about $5,000.

“How sad that people have to vandalize a children’s garden.  It would have taken serious force to break them,” Stefan said.

Police have been notified and monitoring in the area will be stepped up. Anyone with information on the acts of vandalism should contact Crime Stoppers at 623-8477.


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