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2012-06-08 at 11:43

City jobless rate rises slightly in May: StatsCan

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The jobless rate for the city rose last month, according to new numbers released by Statistics Canada.

The jobless rate for the city was 5.7 per cent, which is up from the 5.2 per cent Statistics Canada reported for April.

While the jobless rate may have rose, the city still boasts the second lowest rate compared to all other major Ontario urban areas.

Only Guelph had a lower jobless rate, which in May was 5.5 per cent.

Provincially, unemployment figures remain stated at 7.8 per cent.


(CKPR Radio)

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eastender says:
That figure is about as twisted as a pretzel, its about as spun as a top, Its about as believable as a unicorn. Try about 10, 12%. You gotta count all the people who have given up trying to get a job, and all the people who have never had one, and arn't even interested in one. If you believe that figure (5.7%) I would like to sell you the James street bridge, cheap!!
6/8/2012 12:41:20 PM
baor says:
"people who have given up trying to find a job" should retrain or go to where the jobs are....there is a shortage of skilled workers out west. Why would one give up looking for a job unless they WANT society to care for them....
6/8/2012 4:19:57 PM
advocate says:
the same figure is used throughout the nation and with many other nations. While it is not perfect, it is very comparable to other areas. We are not unique.
6/8/2012 7:04:50 PM
tsb says:
The unemployment rate is specifically the percentage of the workforce actively looking for a job.

I don't know why people still don't understand this.

What you're asking for is the inverse of the participation rate. The current participation rate, the percentage of the workforce either working or looking for work, is 63.5%. The inverse of that is 36.5%, of which most people will be stay-at-home moms, teenagers over the age of 15 but not working, college and university students, people with disabilities, and those who have given up.

The Employment Rate, that is, the percentage of the workforce that actually has a job, went from 60.7% in April to 59.9%. The participation rate also dropped.

Our labour force lost 500 people in the past month, most likely due to out-migration and an aging population.
6/8/2012 7:26:55 PM
brooky says:
So what's your point? I've been swinging a hammer for 35 years full time in this town and have been payed well for it. Why include the lazy and incompetent in these figures?
6/8/2012 11:37:29 PM
woodzee says:
All the money wasted frivolously on Marina Park with the promise to create jobs hasn't helped one bit.
6/8/2012 5:47:55 PM
tsb says:
It should also be pointed out that these statistics are done using a phone survey every month for six months, with selected members of the communities who filled out census forms. The survey is conducted with a couple hundred people at a time, so it is less accurate than the city's satisfaction survey, the results of which everyone on this board derided. So which is it? Does a sample this small hold weight or not?
6/8/2012 7:28:25 PM
tbay87 says:
Small samples, if done correctly, can be surprisingly accurate. I trust Statistics Canada to do proper surveys
6/9/2012 12:25:04 PM
barry medawin says:
I believe the stats to be bang on. Eastender has no data to show otherwise.
6/8/2012 8:57:50 PM
eastender says:
Figures never lie, but liars(and politicians) do figure. Just look around on any day of the week, it seems like a lot of people who could work, dont.
6/9/2012 7:34:43 PM
Curious says:
I think if you include the number of folks on welfare and not looking for employment, you would find the figure much, much higher than that.
6/9/2012 6:29:26 AM
tsb says:
I explained that above, but thanks for the input.
6/9/2012 6:14:22 PM
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