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2012-06-10 at 16:38

Water restrictions could be lessened by Tuesday

By Jeff Labine,
FASD FactsDrinking Alcohol at any time during pregnancy could affect the normal development of the

With the city’s sewage plant nearing 50 per cent pumping capacity, public pools could reopen as soon as Tuesday.

City officials gave another update about the Atlantic Avenue sewage treatment plant at Sunday’s media conference with the hopes that water restrictions could lift and public pools reopen. The city closed a number of pools including the Canada Games Complex, Churchill Pool and Volunteer Pool about two weeks ago in order to conserve water.

Even though things appear to be going well, Acting mayor Rebecca Johnson said they still want the public to conserve water.

“Before we open the complex and all the pools, we’re going to have to wait another 48 hours before that can happen,” Johnson said. “Water restrictions could possibly be lifted Monday but we feel very strongly that it would be better to be ready for potential risks. I would rather say it would take longer than shorter.”

She said council would be appointing the eight members who will make up the city’s disaster relief fund committee at Monday night’s meeting. She said people have applied to sit on the committee and councillors will also recommendations.

Johnson also wanted to remind everyone to dispose of their flood-damaged items by leaving them by the curb for pick-up and contact city workers at 625-2195.

Kerri Marshall, manager of environment with the city,  said the plant’s current pumping capacity is around 50 per cent but to bring the plant to full capacity they will need to make sure all four pumps are up and running.

“We’ve had two main pumps running over the last couple of days and they have been performing very well,” Marshall said. “We’re hoping by the end of today that we`ll have two additional motors back in place. That will bring us one step closer to bring our pumping capacity up to our normal full capacity.”

She said once they have commissioned the motors and successfully tested them they will revisit the water restrictions.

City manager Tim Commisso said this week they are focusing on recovering now that Thunder Bay is officially a disaster area. City council last Monday started the disaster relief fund with $500,000 and since then donations have come in but Commisso said he wasn’t sure how much had been raised so far.

More than 500 homeowners have registered with the city for clean-up assistance through the Safe Home clean-up program. The program is for homeowners who do not have insurance or not enough to cover the damages.



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unknowncronic says:

lets stick with whats importantfor a little while anyways. its still a few thousand neighbors and friends that are directly effected and going thru a rough time in this city of over 100,000+ peeps...

STILL try to help who you can if you can.

6/10/2012 5:03:45 PM
Chaos says:
I know on this site it was posted that the Mayor had surgery some time ago, but is he working part-time? I find it distressing because the last 3 days he spoke as "mayor", and then next day its an "acting" mayor again. We need strong leadership and during this mess I feel we have not gotten much of that from our elected officials!! City admin are not elected....time for someone who is accountable to the public to start taking control!
6/11/2012 8:30:28 AM
cob says:
They say they "currently treating about 80 megalitres per day," which should mean that they are treating the sewage. If, as can be inferred from the previous "news releases" the lower level of the treatment plant is/was flooded, how can this be? There would be no power for your sludge pumps, digesters, etc. I think the wording should be that they are pumping, not treating. WILL SOMEONE FROM THE MEDIA PLEASE ASK FOR CLARIFICATION? WILL THE CITY PLEASE EXPLAIN THE EXTENT OF THE PROBLEM? Just because the pumping crisis is over does not mean the plant is back to normal. The public should know if raw sewage is being released to the Kam River without receiving primary or secondary treatment. UV disinfection alone is not adequate treatment and is not effective on raw sewage.
6/11/2012 8:49:50 AM
Gradual Cow says:
I think it's important to know if the plant is operating at full potential so that we can use mooore water. Really city council should get the ball moooving on full repairs. Moo-ayer Hobbs hasn't moo been around much moo. Moo should moo really moo Moo mooooo moo. Mooooooo.

6/11/2012 12:06:17 PM
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