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2012-06-15 at 15:41

City's disaster relief committee meets for first time

By Jamie Smith,
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The city’s disaster relief committee has now met face-to-face.

The 10-member group in charge of raising and distributing funds to people affected by last month’s flood got together Friday to figure out how they are going to maximize the city’s disaster relief fund. Chair Wayne Fletcher said fundraising is priority one.

“We want to be able to get access to the provincial money as quick as we can and start that flowing so we can help individuals,” he said.

The provincial money, up to $16 million, will be distributed through the Ontario Disaster Relief Assistance Program.

While most of the members have extensive fundraising experience, Fletcher said the meetings Friday were all about how the committee will work and discussing the process with provincial officials.

“How are we actually going to do what we have to do and what are the rules and guidelines that are set up by the government,” he said.

Fletcher said another major challenge will be figuring out how to distribute that funding to uninsured or underinsured people in the community.

City clerk John Hannam said the amount of funding from the province, which could be as much as two to one, will depend on the amount of claims the committee sees and how much they’re worth, which hasn’t been estimated yet.

“If the claims volume is such that we need the full two to one funding then that’s what we’ll get from the province,” he said.

As for money already raised by the Red Cross and Salvation Army, some of that has already been spent on immediate relief. The remaining money from those organizations could be eligible to be thrown into the disaster fund. Hannam said discussions with the agencies are ongoing. 

Claim forms will be available at public meetings at the Slovak Legion and Moose Hall June 23.


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We've improved our comment system.
michaelnigharvey says:
if " you " are suing the City " me ". Then I want my donation back.
6/15/2012 5:52:47 PM
advocate says:
I think that is the saddest thing about the lawsuit. We, as a community, stepped up and donated. The fact is, the City is not a private company. So when it loses $50 million, it either means higher taxes, less services or less employment. That takes stuff away from us, who donated.

No good turn goes unpunished.
6/15/2012 10:47:33 PM
wayne says:
It will take time, but I am confident this group will do a great job.
6/15/2012 7:31:25 PM
jonthunder says:
Great group of people; give them the rights terms of reference and they will do a fantastic job!!
6/15/2012 7:36:36 PM
SBN says:
Congratulations on the committee members for taking up the challenge considering the work they are about to undertake. Your work will be very challenging and difficult. Best of luck!
6/15/2012 8:01:12 PM
macdaddy77 says:
The only person on this group is Mr. Fletcher who has intelligence, the rest of the puppets I don't know if I would trust with my welfare if I was a victim in this flood.
Mind you, this event was not a flood, it was a backed up or non function sewer system.
The people want action yesterday, not more committee groups, etc. Just making more red tape.
The city is being sued, everyone loses in that respect.
As a previous comment stated, more taxes, less services and lay offs.
6/16/2012 12:26:14 AM
Chaos says:
There goes thunder bay...always re-inventing the wheel. There is a large industry that already does this type of work. Why didn't they just hire a few insurance adjuster on short term contracts? They would know exactly how to do this. These folks, who I am sure are nice people, don't know much about insurance, home restoration and home renovations (or do they)?

6/16/2012 10:02:31 AM
Sui Generis says:
Except water and sewage recovery methods are very different. Many things touched by water can be recovered. Nothing made of material, fabric, paper or wood can be recovered once it's soaked in sewage.
6/16/2012 11:48:01 AM
hopper says:
Try telling that to the Health Unit. They're saying it's safe to keep wooden wall studs that have been soaked in sewage, nothing wrong with keeping toilets and sinks they say because "toilets overflow in homes all the time" etc etc.

I found the article interesting, noting the difference between "acts of god" and sewage backup especially.
6/16/2012 12:48:56 PM
deluxecustom says:
Oh good!! Lynne is on the board! Great news! She did so well when she waw the mayor...Dont put the mops away yet people.JEEZ
6/16/2012 11:44:29 AM
CountryGuy says:
You guys are always so freaking negative! No wonder no one wants to come to our city! These individuals are all VOLUNTEERING their time so that they can try to help streamline the system for those affected by the flood. For the love of God get off you high-horses and show some respect! I know for a fact that some members on this committee are just regular people who are altruistic. This is a positive step for our city.
6/16/2012 6:04:46 PM
citizenreporter says:
What do any of the people on this board know about the cost of disaster recovery? Do they know what those most affected are going to need in the short term? Do they have a plan as to how they will help the people or will they just spend money?
6/16/2012 10:52:17 PM
laurie says:
macdaddy77 - what gives you the right to be name calling people you don't know... grow up...

6/16/2012 7:42:36 PM
jimmyboy says:
the only posting in this forum that makes an ounce of sense is the one by "Chaos".....I can see that this is going to be nothing short of a 3 ring circus with a committee comprised of individuals with not one bit of related experience in dealing with such matters.!

You have to feel for the people who's fate is in this groups hands.!
6/17/2012 11:08:31 AM
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