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2012-06-18 at 14:30

Pro-life protest leads to assault charges

By Leith Dunick,
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Brian Hamilton says he has no regrets about dousing a group of Calgary-based anti-abortion protestors with chocolate milk.

Hamilton, owner of Algoma Street’s The Red Earth and the Bean Fiend, and the president of the Bay and Algoma Merchants Association, is facing four counts of assault, after four members of the New Abortion Caravan set up shop in the middle of a long-planned sidewalk sale.

The well-known Thunder Bay businessman said he was first irked when a truck bearing graphic images of aborted fetuses slowly drove through the neighbourhood, in full view of his customers and several young children.

He said he tossed eggs and whipped cream at the trucks and told them to leave, only to have them park and line the sidewalk at the corner of Bay and Algoma for a peaceful, and he later found out, legal protest.

“I approached them, as many people did, as hotly an issue as this was, and asked them to leave. Of course they didn’t. They claimed they were on city property and they had a right to be there,” said Hamilton, who plans to petition city council in the near future to ask for a basic decency bylaw banning obscene materials from being displayed in public.

Hamilton said his actions were out of frustration, nothing more, nothing less. By no means were they political.

“I want people to know. I didn’t do this to protest anti-abortion sentiment. I am not wading into that issue. The issue here is 100 per cent the posting of graphic stuff.

“I’m sure you couldn’t put that on TV. You couldn’t put that on the front page of the newspaper. So why was it here front page in the centre of our community on the day of our big annual sale?”

Police were already on scene, after Hamilton said he called to complain about the graphic nature of the protestors’ signs, and immediately took him into custody.

The 36-year-old spent the day in jail and will be back in court on July 18 to answer the assault charges.

A request for comment from a representative of the New Abortion Caravan, sponsored by the Canadian Centre for Bio-ethical Reform, was not immediately returned. However, in an email released to local media, a spokeswoman said they took the incident in stride.

"We are disturbed that this man would bully and assault young women trying to speak up for other women as well as children.  But we are inspired by the calm response of our team members who refuse to fight violence with violence.  By their actions, my courageous colleagues echoed the sentiment of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who once said, 'We will match your ability to inflict suffering with our ability to endure suffering.'"

The group also posted pictures of the assault and its aftermath, as well as a video of the incident to Facebook and You Tube.
Hamilton said it’s a clear sign the group was there to incite reaction and violence to draw attention to their cause.

Thunder Bay Police Services spokeswoman Julie Tilbury confirmed they were there.

“Some of the business owners in the area were a little concerned with regards to the nature of the material that was being circulated and the images that were being shown,” Tilbury said.

“The incident did get a little heated up where one male did go up to the demonstrators and poured chocolate milk on them. He was subsequently arrested.”

Tilbury said even though chocolate milk isn’t a dangerous weapon, it still constitutes assault.

“Anytime there’s an unwanted, intentional act on an individual that is considered to be an assault.”

The suspect was charged and released pending a July court date.


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DougMyers says:
Agree or disagree with the protestors, that was a dumb thing to do. Especially with 3 officers standing right there.

Seriously? Chocolate milk?

I can think of about 100 different ways to show your displeasure, disagree or protest yourself that are 100 times better than that.

Poor judgement there.

6/18/2012 2:46:10 PM
hadenough says:
I was driving by when this happened and this idiot almost ran into the side of my truck as he was pitching eggs at the large truck with the mural on it. Goofball.

Can you imagine him behind the wheel when he gets mad.
6/19/2012 3:44:24 PM
choice says:
I am against animal abuse. I think next weekend I will make some signs depicting beaten and abused pets, really graphic ones, and go stand on a street corner downtown to express my beliefs. I think it's fair.
6/18/2012 2:52:20 PM
stugots says:
Why not? It's your right. Just don't do it on the corner of Bay & Algoma or you might get punished for expressing your freedom of expression.
6/18/2012 10:52:57 PM
yer joking says:
If you people could just pos your home addresses we will ensure that their is an offensive protest in YOUR neighborhood soon as it is our right and you care so much about us!
6/19/2012 5:42:35 PM
stuck? says:
I know they are not related, but this makes me think of an incident with the Westboro Baptist Church demonstrators in that documentary.

Some dude threw a cup of pop @ the demonstrators and hit a kid in the head.

People may not agree with each other but violence does NOT help OR SOLVE anything.
6/18/2012 3:06:01 PM
mercy mercy me says:
now that's what i call lactose intolerant
6/18/2012 3:16:24 PM
vimeo says:
I was going to add some smart comment, but pretty hard to top this one!
6/18/2012 3:56:21 PM
Tannoy says:
Poor judgement but he's right in a way, the taxpayer has spent all this money to make that area better and then we have that stuff cramed in our faces. Seriously, people in this day and age are aware that life is precious blah blah blah. Standing on a street corner showing graphic photos wont change a single mind, it will just get you unwanted attention. unless of course thats what your after in the first place is conflict, in which case mission accomplished.
6/18/2012 3:18:40 PM
Lifer says:
I'm against abortion but am fully in support of Pride awareness. Many people in Toronto (including the mayor) have been unsupportive of Pride Week and especially the parade, which they claim is lewd & "graphic" in its own way. I'm sure you can extrapolate the arguments you use to Pride-related activities. Those who stand firmly opposed to the LGBTQ community will likely never be swayed, but that doesn't mean that demonstrating to raise awareness is futile. Those who have taken part know quite well the level of "conflict" as you mentioned, involved, but they do so because they strongly believe in what they do. Sometimes getting unwanted attention is exactly what is needed to make your point.
6/18/2012 11:23:49 PM
Tannoy says:
This has nothing to do with homophobia or anti pride week so im not sure where your getting that comparison from... Pride week is usually a very colourful event that i would have no problem walking down the street with my children during. The images presented by these people during their display were not appropriate for public display and thats where the problem in all of this is, not in the protest itself, not in whos right and whos wrong as far as abortion goes, its the way they went about it. So really now does anyone care about the mayor of toronto or his feelings on pride week? No... not at all... As far as wanting to believe in something strong enough to want conflict, why put a child in a position to see something they cannot unsee? Why put a child through that? Whats wrong with you? Your against abortiong... fine... obviously if someone is there with their kids they didnt have one so now why punish them?
6/19/2012 3:37:20 PM
Lifer says:
My analogy was made in response to your comment that "standing on a street corner showing graphic photos won't change a single mind." I believe it will. My point was that your dislike for the "graphic pictures" is subjective and not unlike those who felt equally offended at the lewd & "graphic" display of some of the Pride floats at the Pride parade. Unfortunately, they felt that their children shouldn't have to be subject to that behaviour and "lifestyle." But the persistence of the LGBT community is working.

You're failing to see that the issue here has nothing to do with graphic pictures and everything to do with the abortion issue, which most posters here are clearly in favour of. If the graphic pictures are the heart of your concern - that the children will be upset - then this can all be fixed by a simple ad. in a newspaper informing people about where and when then next demonstration will be. This way you get to protect your kids, and we'll try to protect the unborn kids.
6/19/2012 4:56:25 PM
emjma-10 says:
each to there own,do what you gotta do to sleep at night i guess.... but if i ever catch someone on my property putting those horrendous pics in MY mail box again, i will be calling the police. what a great Saturday morning that was.
also, @"choice" i agree with you, tell me where and when because that is fair if we are forced to look at dead fetus'.
6/18/2012 3:18:55 PM
t-bone says:
milk was a bad choice
6/18/2012 3:19:34 PM
ozias keagan says:
I think of instead of wasting Chocolate milk, he should of poured Water on them. What the hell is the police getting involved in this stuff, remember freedom of speech and expressing yourself... the city of thunder bay and the police are going over board...
6/18/2012 3:26:58 PM
daryl060761 says:
I call for an end to all lactose intolerance. ;)
6/18/2012 3:27:56 PM
imchino says:
Glad someone took a stand to these loonies & their snuff show.
6/18/2012 3:36:50 PM
SadButTrue says:
This I assume is the same group that put the graphic picture in the mailboxes of many homes. These groups make me sick.

He shouldve used Strawberry Quick.

I shall now go listen to some Feed Us a Fetus by a great Canadian band Dayglo Abortions.

6/18/2012 3:50:26 PM
docks says:
I was following the large truck with graphic images and pro life comments on Algoma, a man ran out on the street and threw a pail of what looked like white paint on the side of the truck. It could have caused an accident. We are all entitled to opinions, and I am for life. But I have to say the images were disturbing for me as it showed a 21 week aborted fetus, and I am 23 weeks preg. I had some shopping to do and pick ups to make with my daughter and I avoided that area, for two nights I barely slept because the images were disturbing. But I understand that visuals are the best to communicate information, but I think all it did was stir heated tension and the information was not communicated. Was the demonstration to give information or cause a fight?
6/18/2012 3:53:06 PM
JerrySpringer says:
I am sorry you had to go through that.It was an interesting place to demonstrate on Bay as Birthright is just
6/18/2012 4:48:05 PM
panzerIV says:
People have the right to free speech and freedom of thought.

If people want to be pro-choice or pro-life them let them be it. An opinion should be formed only after someone has looked at both sides and has all the facts. It shouldn't be made because of religious beliefs or because your best friend is this side.

How the guy went about dealing with them was wrong. Personally, I feel that showing these photos off to kids is wrong.

If you wanna have a conversation great, but showing off dead babies to kids and causing a scene isn't the way to go.
6/18/2012 3:53:58 PM
Ellynorm says:
i do not in principle agree with abortion but I also do not agree with assaulting the public with these graphic images. i was disgusted as I was eating breakfast and this truck passed my window, not once but three times. I do not agree with assault but seriously charging the guy. These protestors if they had a heart would ask for the charges to be this possible?
6/18/2012 4:18:49 PM
varga says:
I say kudos! Many people complained about the graphic nature of the photos and the police did nothing. The issue was not the message these people were trying to convey but the radical methodology they used in doing so. Like others have stated if someone were protesting any other issue using similar images the police would have shut them down but due to the controversy that would arise from arresting religious fantics protesting abortion they chose the simple path. When citizens speak up against something like this the police are expected to react appropriately or the citizens will take action themselves. While I do not support vigilanteism per se what other choice was this man left being a business owner in the area? In the end the stupidity of the protest is a more effective means of driving people away from their cause than attracting supporters.
6/18/2012 4:24:41 PM
Legal opinion says:
1) The police were not in a legal position to remove the caravan people because they weren't breaking the law. Unfortunately, the "milk assault" was the only "crime" committed in the context of this incident - it was foolhardy & based purely on emotion, as can be seen from the accused's reaction in the video.

2) Censorship laws in this country aren't set in stone, and are quite difficult to achieve through the courts, which typically side with the Charter on such matters. The "decency bylaw" mentioned in the article is one way to achieve limitations, but there's a danger whenever society allows gov't to decide on what is tasteful. Laws don't have to adhere to any "community standards test" in this regard: council will tell you what is acceptable.

3) Whether it be displaying graphic pics, or voicing a political opinion, freedom of speech has a price and can be offensive. I'd sooner live in a country that protects this right, notwithstanding the collateral damage, than not.
6/18/2012 9:08:13 PM
friedfishy says:
Pour more chocolate milk on them. Stop interfering with the choices of other people. People will live there life the way they wish to, and who am I (or you) for that manner to say otherwise.

Regardless if I am pro-life, or pro-choice, it doesn't matter. Don't cram junk down people's throats as it just enrages people. It certainly won't change their mind.

How many screwed up children that wouldn't have had a chance in life have been saved by the way of abortion? There's good that comes with most bad in life.

Whatever you do, FFS, stop wasting the time of others.
6/18/2012 4:28:53 PM
mars says:
The huge injustice is not that the people are holding these signs, the injustice is in the pictures they are holding. Images of abortion are sad, but these children do not have a voice to speak for themselves, and these pictures speak for them on how canadians view life in the womb. I for one respect life, and believe the right to life is the most basic human right.
6/18/2012 4:31:30 PM
jessicajay says:
Guess what? Three weeks ago I miscarried--naturally--at 13 weeks along in my pregnancy. Stopped at the red light at Bay and Algoma my 5 year old asked me if that's what our fetus (yes, she knew it was a fetus) looked like when it died. Think that was something *I* needed to see??? My daughters?? These people only care about their own sick agendas, justifying it in any way they can. There are MUCH more useful ways to get your message across, if those happen to be your views.
I'm also a foster mother for children whose parents weren't fit to take care of them. How many of those women and men standing outside holding those disgusting signs have foster or adopted children? How many volunteer at shelters for women who have been abused?
I find what these people did with their signs absolutely DISGUSTING, and KUDOS to Brian for his protest.....I'll be seriously coming to your cafe that much more often now!!!!!!!!!!

6/18/2012 9:25:18 PM
JM says:
According to what I am hearing, these pictures are of dead fetuses that are at 21 weeks along. Here in Ontario, the legal age to abort is under 12 weeks gestation. Everyone can express their opinions on the matter, but these people usually use false information to get their point across. You can find tons of anti-abortion material that has been stolen from mothers who have miscarried babies, and of doctors SAVING babies lives by operating on fetuses still in the womb. They use these very pictures on anti-abortion posters to advertise that these babies were aborted. These people are sick, twisted liars with a religious agenda to push, and they will stop at nothing to fuel anger and outrage in others. I don't believe their message comes from a place of love and respect. I am sorry to disagree with you mars, but many times those pictures do not speak for the children. Those children are being used, whether they were aborted or not. That is not respect. Good for you Brian!
6/18/2012 10:23:43 PM
nads74 says:
You need to check your facts...there are 3 clinics (aka doctors) in this province that abort much later then that...

I do agree with everything else you said! :)

Good for you Brian is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6/19/2012 9:08:51 AM
JM says:
I stand corrected nads74. Good catch! Although, I don't think any of those 3 clinics are in Thunder Bay? Not that it makes a difference. There are still reasons why women may choose to (or need to) abort later in pregnancy. I just think it sad that these people have come to the small community of Thunder Bay to harass the citizens here.
6/19/2012 5:12:32 PM
RealityCzech says:
There is a place for protests and impeding on a businesses right to conduct their business is not it.
6/18/2012 4:32:17 PM
eddylives says:
What a bunch of morons to think they can force their beliefs onto everyone else and get any respect.
All they are doing is creating a situation where someone is going to force their fist into their nose lmao.
Each to their own is fine by me but if you think I will tolerate being forced have another thing coming
6/18/2012 4:39:35 PM
jo123anne says:
nobody forced anything - what are you talking about!
6/18/2012 9:36:32 PM
mars says:
The individuals were standing on public property, not blocking any business'. Business being affected was NOT in my opinion what was troubling them that day. I think most people would agree that the angry man and other negative reactions are mainly because they do not support the cause of what these people are doing, or consider why they are doing it.
6/18/2012 4:54:11 PM
jafo says:
they were not blocking businesses, but they were affecting business.
I had planned on walking up and down the street, visiting all of the businesses and business owners (I know most of them because I live up the street from them) with my 4-year old daughter on this afternoon. Thankfully, I ran into a friend and her 3-year old as we encountered the demonstrators, and my friend offered to take my daughter away while I had a non-violent discussion with these terrorists. (I use the word 'terrorist' because in the dictionary I have here, the word is defined by "the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims")
I understand your want for a community dialogue, but I can't forgive you for the afternoon you ruined for my family, friends and community, and therefore I have no desire to listen to your argument. You can have my ear when you stop acting like selfish imbeciles.
Oh, and don't give me this 'what's worse, the image or the act BS"
I'm Pro Life. END ALL WAR
6/19/2012 12:01:54 AM
trent says:
Anti-abortion protesters are a joke. No one out with their family on a saturday afternoon should have to be subjected to their propaganda. Good on you, Brian.
6/18/2012 4:55:15 PM
mars says:
@panzer IV -"dead babies"? Thats exactly it these are pictures of is dead babies! At least the people who are looking at them no matter what their age are alive! We are more concerned about protecting innocence, than protecting the actual life of the innocent!!
6/18/2012 5:18:51 PM
unknowncronic says:
from here on in it will change how peeps will advertise... i guess there are no limits anymore as if they can show those graphic images so freely on the streets, just be prepared for others to express themselves with terrible pics in the future...
6/18/2012 5:55:51 PM
Ranma says:
The tactics used by these types of groups is to ensure a violent response from people, in order to get money from settlements. It is just like the Westboro Church trolls. They go to the most public of places and ensure their protest is legal, but make it as close to illegal as possible to ensure people react.

The fact that they quoted MLK shows just how out of synch these people are with the rest of the world. These are truly fanatical protesters who believe whatever they want. MLK was an advocate of Pro-Choice. This would be like the church using Hitchens or Dawkins to promote themselves!
6/18/2012 5:57:24 PM
Hempstar101 says:
all props to you brian, glad you did that. theres children walking around that area and they do not need to see pictures like those. good job b!
6/18/2012 5:57:46 PM
Lally says:
While I don't agree with the chocolate milk throwing, I find it amazing that he had to spend a day in jail and will have to go to court in a month. We haven't heard a word about what charges the teenagers who were caught vandalizing several homes and cars will face. Thousands of dollars of property damage, and we hear nothing. Someone loses their temper and throws milk and he's off to jail. There's something wrong here.
6/18/2012 6:02:54 PM
RoldGold says:
/sarcasm on

For a news source that is supposed to be unbiased, it's real nice to see a youtube video at the bottom of your story ending with an ad (including a URL) promoting the pro-life's website. I'm sure your readers will love visiting the link, allowing them to see grotesque images.

/sarcasam off
6/18/2012 6:04:23 PM
Dontlistentome says:
You know, I have at times made it a mission to point out the lack of journalistic objectivity and ability by the illustrious Dougall team. All to often, the Dougall supporters on here wold bash me and call my comments unfounded.

Thank you roldgold, for noticing and pointing out yet another faux pas by these Dougall 'news' fumblers. And to anyone with the integrity to expect that people holding the public power of 'press' are held to the highest standards of journalistic expectation, honesty, objectivity; you should be commended.

You can tell from the types of opinions that are formed here resultant of the slanted, subjective writing here, just how much biased power this 'media' group has. If everything was simply an editorial, with no presumption of being unbiased, it would be easier to follow. Dougall writers only seem to have as much integrity as it directly correlates to not stepping on anyones toes; mostly advertisers. You sure get the truth and facts and news that way huh!?!
6/19/2012 5:22:54 PM
pippirose says:
It isn't "what" these anti-abortion people are doing, or "why", but "how"! Everybody has the right to their own opinions, but they also have a duty to be responsible and respectful in their "sharing" of their views. What those anti-abortion people did was NOT respectful. They just wanted to get their message out, regardless of what consequences it had to children, families out for a

Do I agree with the way Mr. Hamilton handled things? No--but I understand his frustration.
These people were there to make trouble, to get noticed at whatever cost, as it apparently wasn't enough just to pass out flyers.
6/18/2012 6:05:52 PM
Jenn says:
Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs, but I've never understood why people feel the need to cram them in other people's faces. I'm personally pro-choice, but you won't find me marching down the street with signs making people with different values feel upset and angry. It's also sad that they have to use disturbing images to force people with no interest in their cause not to ignore them. We're lucky to live in a country where we do have the right to make decisions regarding our own bodies, so these protesters need to get out of the dark ages and stop worrying what other people are choosing to do with their own bodies.
6/18/2012 6:16:58 PM
lexar says:
You don't have to read it. That's your choice. Try and sell that to someone who's adopted...who's mother decided to go the way of life.

There's thousands of adopted people out there. Many who you probably know and love. They wouldn't be here if everyone followed the way you think.
6/18/2012 10:07:04 PM
Janie says:
The common misconception is that Pro Choice means Pro Abortion. I very much am Pro Choice, but personally would never get an abortion. Actually I would wager that most people hate abortion. The people making these decisions are not in a good place.
I just don't think that an embryo that can not live independant of it's host should have more rights than that host.
6/19/2012 9:05:34 AM
nucksfan89 says:
I love how these pro-lifers are painting themselves out to be some kind of martyrs, "oh we will endure the violence of these people" give me a break. You are forcefully pushing your propaganda down peoples throats, I don't blame this business owner at all for getting mad! No matter what his stance on the matter is they are disrupting his BUSINESS! And how that he has been charged, I am sure these pro-lifers are feeling nice and smug about the whole thing. Frustrating!
6/18/2012 6:17:15 PM
scorpio says:
This is getting totally out of hand. I too am a business owner in the Bay/Algoma neighbourhood and those protestors had no right to do what they did. Women for women, are you serious? Do not speak for me or anyone else as I didn't hear one person agree with what was going on, quite the contrary. I had customers come into my shop distraught and kids very upset and some had been crying because of what they saw? A beautiful day in our neighbourhood destroyed by selfish and ruthless people trying to make a point. Are you kidding me? The pictures were graphic and severely disturbing. They don't care about the kids at all, they are just a group of people lost in their lonely sad lives as if they cared so much about the children they would have worried more about the ones walking, talking, breathing and upset because of what they did. Sorry I agree with Brian Hamilton. I could see his frustration clearly and he wasn't the only one who felt it.
6/18/2012 6:20:06 PM
scorpio says:
Oh and another thing. I have a "no flyers" on my mailbox and they totally disregarded it and left one of their nasty flyers in anyhow. If I see that again also I will call the police and file charges for trespassing. I cannot see how he can be charged for simply throwing chocoate milk yet they can get away with showing horrible graphic pictures. I would love to know who in our city allowed this to happen in the first place? Did they not even check to see what type of pictures were going to be shown? Shame on whoever allowed this also.
6/18/2012 6:25:43 PM
tbayman92 says:
I am proud of the New Abortion Caravan for being brave enough to display the reality of what is happening in our nation.
6/18/2012 6:32:21 PM
TBayBuddha says:
Are you proud of them calling women who have aborted Murderers? Are you proud of them systematically bullying, intimidating, belittling, disrespecting, and alienating thousands of women?

I tolerate their view on not wanting abortions, and I even respect their opinions with no harsh words said in rebuttal; but when this kind of abrasive, distasteful, BARELY legal tactic is being used to PUSH a biased opinion on a community... Well I really don't think there's anything to be proud of there, do you?
6/18/2012 9:46:36 PM
eyeinthesky says:
Tomato juice would have made a much better point!!!
6/18/2012 6:39:17 PM
CB says:
Well it looks like they achieved their mission to me: People are thinking about it and talking about it. Let's face it, it's not an issue that really gets looked at, thought about, or talked about often.
6/18/2012 6:42:02 PM
laurie says:
I thought stuff in mail boxes needed a stamp ??
6/18/2012 6:46:24 PM
patti says:
Not sure who i feel sorry more ~ Brian Hamilton and who i assume the one or two police officers who have to burn a good portion of the day in court.

The judge who has to deal with this petty nonsense of assault.

or the taxpayers who eventually foot the bill.
6/18/2012 6:53:48 PM
stonecutter says:
assault is not petty
6/18/2012 9:01:04 PM
Pro-woman says:
I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be saying this if someone poured chocolate milk all over you while you were rightfully expressing your opinion!
6/18/2012 9:59:44 PM
patti says:
Yeah right ~ express your opinion all you want, JUST DON'T DO IT IN FRONT OF MY BUSINESS.

I wonder what would happen if they decided to protest at the Police Station parking lot ??

As for having milk poured on me ~ yes i would be upset, but i'd literally also be embarrassed to charge someone with assault over it.
6/19/2012 12:42:55 AM
yer joking says:
They got what they wanted CHEAP ATTENTION at someone elses expense. No one was injured! The protesters should have to return for a lenthy trial as they innitiated all of this hullabaloo!
6/19/2012 5:14:20 PM
John Boy says:
I just watched a video of the man dousing the young women with Chocolate milk and thought to myself, "this could just as easily have been gasoline or even acid" Clearly the man did not use all of his logical abilities to diguse the situation. In fact calm cool rational discussion was going on until he "snuck up" on the young ladies and did his dirty deed. Our freedoms in Canada were won by young people challenging the status quo. This man simply does not understand what true freedom is. he also does not know how to defend or engage in a defence of his viewpoint. he simply resorted to violence much the same as that depicted in the photos the ladies were holding. He used the classic BULLYING tactic of trying to intimidate someone he could not get to follow his thinking. Sad for the merchants association that they have someone like this as their leader.
6/18/2012 7:05:14 PM
anvil of crom says:
I think your getting carried away, and your example IS a fallacious argument, as he didnt use "gasoline or acid".
If this guy was my merchant leader i'd hoist him on the podium with my won arms.

Dirty deed , no its want dirt it was chocolate milk.
As to "assault", Generally, an assault occurs when a person directly or indirectly applies force intentionally to another person without their consent.

The "force" being the PSI of chocolate milk i guess.
6/18/2012 8:31:08 PM
thunderbaycouncel says:
attention seeking????hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
6/18/2012 7:08:12 PM
John Boy says:
I just thought of this interesting fact. men are always told they have no say in the abortion decision. It is a woman's choice. So now along comes Michael and attacks these WOMEN opposed to abortion and he suddenly has his voice and his rights back. Amazing how freedoms comes to those we agree with and are denied those with a contrary view.
6/18/2012 7:28:35 PM
n00n says:
Who is Michael?

Who is telling men that they have no 'say' in the decision making process of an abortion? and how is that a fact, never-mind an interesting one?
6/19/2012 11:53:41 AM
tbayheart says:
Chocolate milk is a bit much, but can't say they didn't deserve it. They knew when they decided to put these graphic images on a vehicle that they were asking for people to speak out against them. I really hope people set up a protest beside them with Pro Choice signs :) we'll see how they react then because I'm sure they'd have chocolate milk to pour on our heads too.
6/18/2012 7:38:01 PM
Winger says:
So next time you see a vehicle you dont like, that makes it OK for you to assault the owner or people that have the same vehicle?

Just because YOU dont like it, that doesnt mean its legal to assault someone.

What happens when you do something I find to be "graphic"? Can I assault you and that will be acceptable?
6/18/2012 8:37:28 PM
Yvonne says:
Reality is that children are being murdered every day in the womb. These children have no voice and their right to live has been taken away. These pictures show the truth and have made woman change their mind about killing the baby in their womb.
6/18/2012 7:47:30 PM
hopper says:
Fetuses are NOT children. Children are viable on their own, outside the womb, independant of their mothers' bodies.
You have no right to tell any woman what she can and cannot do to her own body. PERIOD.
6/18/2012 9:15:13 PM
lexar says:
Tell that to an adult who's adopted. I'd bet you'd get a different answer.
6/19/2012 11:10:55 AM
ircorrect says:
Are you using who's to say who was? or who has? Either way, I am an adult who was adopted, and I plan to adopt some day so I match your criteria regardless of what you meant. I still fully agree with hopper's statement.

Fetuses are not children. That's why they're called fetuses and not children. And no person has the right to tell another person what they can and cannot do with their own body.
6/19/2012 12:46:46 PM
lexar says:
That's not at all what I said. People are free to do what they want with their bodies. I'm just saying people who are adopted are sure greatful that their Mother chose life long before the fetus grew into a living being.
There's a big difference.

6/19/2012 1:48:34 PM
ircorrect says:
Anyone who's alive should be thankful and grateful for it. I think it's pretty whack to suggest that because someone is adopted they are somehow more grateful than someone who was raised by their birth mother. People growing up with their birth mothers should be just as thankful that they were allowed to come into existence.

The reason you should be so thankful about your existence is because your mother (adopted or natural) didn't have to make it happen.
6/19/2012 6:38:26 PM
ircorrect says:
Anyone who's alive should be thankful and grateful for it. I think it's pretty whack to suggest that because someone is adopted they are somehow more grateful than someone who was raised by their birth mother. People growing up with their birth mothers should be just as thankful that they were allowed to come into existence.

The reason you should be so thankful about your existence is because your mother (adopted or natural) didn't have to make it happen.
6/20/2012 1:17:01 PM
tbaygal27 says:
Shut your mouth lexar, I am an adult who was adopted and I am pro-choice. Clearly you speak for no one but yourself. Only an obstinate fool would presume to know how others feel and make broad sweeping generalizations such as yours.
6/19/2012 2:46:48 PM
lexar says:
Sounds like I've struck a sensitive chord.

No, you're not at adult....Well, perhaps an immature one perhaps who can't accept criticism or intelligent discourse.

So tell me, if I'm wrong in assuming how some people think; specifically adopted folks, does this mean you would have preferred your Mother was pro choice and followed through? It's got to be one or the other.
6/19/2012 4:02:20 PM
tbaygal27 says:
I am choosing not to address your fallacious insults. My point is that you should by now, with your infinite sagacity, understand that you don't speak for others. You do realize that there is a difference between pro-choice and pro-abortion, right? FYI my Mother is pro-CHOICE, her CHOICE being to give the baby up for adoption.
6/19/2012 6:10:25 PM
lexar says:
And yet once again, you have...

And you've also skated across the question and have spoken for your Mother. But what about you? What CHOICE do you support? Nevermind, you said you choose not to address.

ircorrect, I totally agree. It's an interesting paradox that people who speak of the right to choose whether or not to terminate a pregnancy are obviously greatful for their birth Mother for carrying out theirs. So tbaygal27, that's my point. Perhaps its a bit bold assuming how people think. But I can't think of anyone who wished their Mother chose otherwise.
6/19/2012 11:08:43 PM
tbaygal27 says:
What I said I would not address are your fallacious insults *i.e. not an adult, immature, cannot accept criticism or intelligent discourse* I stated that my mother is pro-CHOICE as we have discussed the topic at length. I would personally not choose to have an abortion, but the CHOICE I support is the WOMAN'S CHOICE. Pro-life nutters can scream and moan as much as they want beating their silly drum and showing off their offensive pictures... not a lick of difference will it make. As a parent I would not appreciate these graphic and disgusting pictures shown to my child. Clearly this group was asking for trouble, and they found it.
6/20/2012 11:09:48 AM
ircorrect says:
I like how you took the part of my statement that no one could disagree with, but left out the part where i said
"I think it's pretty whack to suggest that because someone is adopted they are somehow more grateful than someone who was raised by their birth mother."

tbaygal27 has you on her point. There is a difference between pro-choice and pro-abortion. You choose ignore it (maybe not in reality, but certainly in your argument).

I hope you know the saying about what happens when you assume. You've demonstrated it yourself.

No person should be forced to play host to another being. The only difference between a fetus and a parasite is that one should be planned and cared for (some people don't plan, but still care for), the other uses the host body (mother) for it's own benefit without the consent of the host.

By taking away the choice of a woman to decide whether or not to carry the fetus, you're making it impossible to distinguish the fetus from a parasite. Way to go.
6/20/2012 1:37:14 PM
rosie_o says:
Actually, Yvonne, REALITY is that children (not embryos, not fetuses but REAL living children) already in the world are being murdered every day...all across the world children die from war, starvation, and mistreatment. In Canada children (many of them unwanted) are abused, sexually exploited, and going hungry. So why don't YOU face reality and go help some children who are already IN the world and need a voice? Or are you only concerned with shock value and wasting time standing around doing absolutely nothing?
Go DO something for children who are already in the world and have no say about the horrible lives they are living.
6/18/2012 10:51:36 PM
TBayBuddha says:
For or Against, that's your choice. Why do groups like this feel the need to constantly present their point of view in a manner that belittles and alienates people who have had to make this incredibly difficult choice? We as a people are given the right to make our own choices and decisions under the Charter or Human Rights, these groups claim he is trying to hinder their right to free speech, when on the contrary they are trying to hinder people's right to choice.

Granted this may not have been the best way for Brian to express his frustration, if the way these people are delivering their message is resulting in people becoming so frustrated that they feel the need to do things like this, or worse, I believe they should reassess the way they are delivering their opinion on the matter.

Or maybe they should just down right stop stop trying to tell people what they Should and Shouldn't do based on their personal beliefs.

Someone already tried that once-I believe his name was Hitler
6/18/2012 8:09:57 PM
The Wolf says:
I think the bigger unaddressed issue here is the event of throwing chocolate milk on someone being labeled as assault, no wonder our courts are so tied up with trivial events they can not use their resources on the true and dangerous criminals.
6/18/2012 8:29:37 PM
realist says:
Chocolate Milk today, a noxious substance tomorrow? Where do you draw the line?

A positive outcome from this would see Brian make a donation to a women's shelter, and for the charges to be dropped.
6/18/2012 9:36:21 PM
yer joking says:
It could have been........Curdled Chocolate Milk AHHHGG!
6/19/2012 5:36:34 PM
countrychick says:
What amazes me is that in 2012 there is never talk of PREVENTION OF UNWANTED PREGNANCIES for heaven's sake there is a wide variety of BIRTH CONTROL available which if you are on certain drug plans are free ( ie ontario works drug benefit is is fully covered) to me birth control PREVENTS abortions, which have a lot of risks to mothers both physical and emotional which no one ever wants to talk about. I wish we could have a meaningful conversation about this topic because i think it should be unnessary.
6/18/2012 8:39:00 PM
TBayBuddha says:
Although you have a great point, prevention certainly is the key; one of the most prevalent problems that comes along with "Pro-Life" groups such as these, is that they also condemn the use of contraceptives. It's quite one-sided with little room in their minds.
6/18/2012 9:33:58 PM
nads74 says:
have you ever heard of rape? Open mindedness is what is needed in this topic. Things aren't always black and white people.
6/19/2012 9:39:54 AM
clanmackay says:
Sometimes birth control doesn't work. And in other cases women decide not to use certain birth controls because it affects their hormones in a big way-interefering with their day to day functioning. Ideally there would be no abortions but it is incredibly naive to think we live in an ideal world.
6/19/2012 11:04:17 AM
Ann C says:
I found the graphic nature of the images absolutely appalling when one considers the young children who were exposed to them.
This crosses the bounds of common decency when horror and shock are considered methods of conveying a position. I can fully understand how someone could be frustrated and react as Brian did.
I simply cannot understand how our local police force allowed these images to be displayed.
We protect our children with warnings of graphic material in television shows and theatre, yet, this organization was allowed to 'legally protest' using this material.
Permitting this is not the Thunder Bay I know and love and grewup in and raised my children in .......... where are our wholesome family values we treasure so much????? Certainly not in allowing these images to be forced upon us.
6/18/2012 8:57:49 PM
realist says:
Plan and simple, Brian Hamilton broke the law, the protesters did not.

I don't agree with the protesters message, but I will fight to the end to defend their right to assemble.
6/18/2012 9:03:48 PM
scorpio says:
I would like to know which women's mind this has changed as I have spoken to countless women and none of them have agreed with this. These people that seem to think these pictures were ok and this disgusting vehicle driving around was ok so are you saying then it was ok to upset the real kids that are here and now? Foolish people, honestly. If you think these protesters were ok and this vehicle was ok then you are saying it was ok to upset the kids. Really? Strong words such as murder when speaking of abortion, give me a break and stop the dramatics please. You have upset and traumatized children. If you cared so much about kids you wouldn't have done that nor would you have agreed with this ridiculous protest. You did not change anyone's mind that I have spoken to. Don't kid yourself because people see now that none of these protestors really care about the kids at all. they just have nothing better to do with their lives. I feel so sorry for them.
6/18/2012 9:21:36 PM
StylistR says:
This issue has been beaten to death! If this calgary base group is so passionate about this issue, they need to find better means of communication. Our small community does not need this type of imagery displayed on our localized downtown. There are so many local small business owners there trying to make a living. in a society where big box stores dominate, a side walk sale like this weekend is important to the businesses. I understand the protesters view, but theres a time and a place. Mr. Hamilton should not be left accountable for his actions. He was only frustrated with the protesters lack of compromise! Graphic images like that are not wanted attention on a local side walk sale!!!!
6/18/2012 9:22:50 PM
She says:
By plastering pictures of mangled babies around town is very disrespectful to the aborted fetus isn't it? Just like it would be if it was a dead woman/man/animal.
6/18/2012 9:27:52 PM
Pro-woman says:
I find it ironic that all of you people who claim to be "pro-choice" and "pro-women" also think it's funny, 'cool', or just to assault WOMEN who have a different view than yours by pouring chocolate milk all over them...sounds a but hypocritical to me! Can I pour chocolate milk all over when I disagree with your opinion? Ya, I didn't think so!
6/18/2012 9:41:19 PM
The Wolf says:
I think the bigger unaddressed issue here is the event of throwing chocolate milk on someone being labeled as assault, no wonder our courts are so tied up with trivial events they can not use their resources on the true and dangerous criminals.
6/18/2012 9:48:01 PM
mars says:
For or against, that's your choice? What about the choice of the unborn baby? Does that person not have a choice? No actually that person does not yet have a voice. Does that person not have any rights?
6/18/2012 9:52:08 PM
theonlyopinionthatmatters says:
I will be frequenting these businesses because of the chocolate milk incident. Good on you sir!
6/18/2012 9:55:01 PM
jo123anne says:
I applaud the people in this group because they are speaking out for those who cannot speak for themselves. The lives of many children have been saved because women considering this procedure, saw pictures of what an actual abortion produces, something that they were ignorant of. Yes the pictures were graphic but have you noticed what is allowed on t.v. these days? No matter how frustrated Hamilton was, his behaviour was inexcusable. Some example for a leader in the community to set :-(
6/18/2012 9:59:03 PM
Legal Opinion says:
To all the people who are licensed to practice law though the Google Bar Association: dousing someone in chocolate milk, white milk, milkshakes, or any other liquid dairy product, as may have been the case here, is assault.

The intent behind the legal definition of assault is simply to protect people against unwanted physical contact, or non-physical contact i.e., threatening gestures or language.

Regardless of what angers people more, the graphic pictures or the message behind them, people have a right to assemble and demonstrate peacefully. People also have a right to disagree with the message on display. But we don't have a legal right to hurl stones, milk, or even threats at others in this country. Hamilton let his emotions get the better of him and made a foolish mistake, and many of his "supporters" here applaud that behaviour. Torch & pitchfork much?

Sometimes I wonder which is worse: religious fanaticism or the angry mob that opposes it?
6/18/2012 10:08:49 PM
scorpio says:
If I were ignorant enough to walk around with such graphic images, insult people and upset children I would hope that someone would defend those people by pouring chocolate milk over me. Seriously, if that is all someone is doing to try to stop such horrible acts we should be so thankful. It is just chocolate milk and nothing more. Now they are crying assault. They won't stop. I am proud to have Brian Hamilton a part of the Bay/Algoma neighbourhood.
6/18/2012 10:36:09 PM
fiorn says:
They are not crying assault. There were police about 10 feet away who arrested him for assault on the spot. Perhaps your definition of assault is different from the criminal code's, but that's the one they have to go with.
6/19/2012 10:25:57 AM
Des says:
I think we all need to take a step back and look at the issue objectively. Is it worse to snuff out the lives of babies, or is it worse to expose the brutal reality of how those lives are being snuffed out?
I submit that what makes those pictures offensive is the abortion in those pictures. If we can't handle looking at it, why are we allowing it to happen right here in our own hospital, funded 100% by our tax dollars?

I wonder if these people who are complaining about these pictures have the same reaction to the images on cigarette packs (which children see). I wonder if they react that way to all the porn that children are exposed to in the corner stores. Or is it really that the pictures simply don't sit well with our consciences and it is easier to attack the messenger?

I seem to recall writing a letter to the editor last year about my son being exposed to crude sexual and immoral content in a movie @ Silvercity. I was painted as a prude. But now we care about kids. Convenient.
6/18/2012 10:39:29 PM
Cookiemonster says:
I believe everything this group does is for shock/awe & even there videos don't show caring or compassion, its all about making the certain disagreeable and upset people look like complete monsters! Mr. Hamilton over reacted in an instant but lets be honest, all of us at one time or another have done the same, react without thinking. I believe in freedom of speech/use of graphic imagery WITH BOUNDARIES surrounding who/where/what/when these images are used. I feel CCBR tries to deliberately rile up the public prowhatever so that they then get media attention & use the platform for their own agenda. Many reasonalbe, responsible, caring, individuals feel that an adult discussion,with talking & sharing ideas on abortion can be accomplished without the use of these images. Yes sometimes images are warranted but there has to be some considerations put in place. I heard RTL brought these people to town & the city has nothing to do with it so address your complaints accordingly.Respect for all
6/18/2012 10:47:15 PM
unknowncronic says:
Why all this crying over spilt milk?-----

----Seems the moral of the story here kids is if you want to get your point across in 2012 in any way, all while keeping it legal still, just get some inappropriate pics of your choice, get them blown up to a huge size & paste them on your vehicle and drive them all around town protesting your view.

Gonna be some rude & crude pics a coming to your local neighborhood & there will be nothing that you can do except cover your childs eyes & or look away.

Freedom of speech = 21 week old dead baby fetus pics?
6/18/2012 10:54:22 PM
Eager Annie says:
I saw this van several times on Saturday driving slowly thru town. Regardless of the right to choose, many women (unfortunately) every day are faced with pregnancy loss WITHOUT a choice. As many as 1in4 pregnancies end in miscarriage. Many of these women must undergo medical intervention for removal of the fetus. In essence it’s no different than a typical ‘abortion’. I lost a baby this winter and know the emotional struggle, but didn’t require this type of surgery. When I saw these images my heart ached for all women (including some very close to me) who have had to endure this WITHOUT A CHOICE. To then have images of this nature paraded around town is hurtful. Did these people think of THESE women (and men) when they developed their messaging for this vehicle? Do they care who they hurt? Abortion wouldn`t be an easy decision for any woman to make and would assume it would leave emotional scares for a lifetime (I know miscarriages do). They say ‘abortions hurt mothers’, but [cont…]
6/18/2012 11:01:05 PM
Eager Annie says:
[…cont] I think this type of messaging hurts those who hadn’t chosen the fates of their babies just as much, if not more. They come to OUR town (and others) and hurt people who have already been hurt–not to mention the emotional damage this does to our children. You can’t have an offensive license plate in Ontario, but this type of offensive material is tolerated? In my opinion these people (and whomever endorsed) should also be charged with abuse–a count for every witness! A peaceful protest isn’t this offensive, nor does it prey on vulnerable populations of society.
Sorry there’s no way I could thin out any more to meet the character count.
6/18/2012 11:18:32 PM
scorpio says:
Still, for all of you who are for what these protestors have done, none of you want to be responsible for upsetting young children yet you are supposedly for protecting the unborn. Why not try protecting the children that are here and stop this nonsense. These protestors were offensive, and rude and were just spouting off at the mouth over something they did not have enough information on. If you don't care for the children who are here now then you have no right to say you care about children at all and if this offensive material is legal then can you imagine what else people would then have the right to do and say and plaster all over the streets and our vehicles just to make a point? OUr kids would never be able to walk comfortably outside for fear of this type stuff being all over the place. Really? and you feel this is ok? Come on people, take your head out of the sand and see the harm you are actually causing here. This is actually quite scary to think this could happen.
6/18/2012 11:43:09 PM
Random says:
Well, these pro life nut jobs might as well oppose masturbation as well, how many countless lives are tossed away each time that happens?
I'll be buying lots of chocolate milk from now on...just in case.
6/18/2012 11:45:51 PM
lexar says:
I'm guessing you don't ever have a problem having to deal with an unwanted pregnancy huh.
6/19/2012 11:28:00 AM
random says:
You guessed wrong. You see, I pay a ton of taxes, and as lucky as I am to get to pay for free methadone, wine,food, I also have the pleasure of supporting countless children, from single parent families, paying for someones one night of pleasure. I get to buy their clothes, food, provide them with subsidized housing, the list goes on.
Here is some freedom of speech for you:

I think these pro life people are nut jobs who have no business sticking their nose into someones personal life. Just look south of the border at the religious right, those crazies, what they are doing.
I'm pro choice...maybe i'll stand on a corner with a poster of some infant born with horrible deformaties, or a poster of a child suffering from malnutrition.
This dude dumping milk on someone is a far cry from what the pro life nuts have done to others, like murdering a Doctor. Pro choice people never seem to pull that crap.
Maybe these ladies holding the signs should adopt one of the kids i mentioned...?
6/19/2012 5:13:45 PM
jubjub says:
Bad move Brian. You have now given this group the media attention they craved. Money can't buy this exposure and they will probably stay around longer because of this.
6/19/2012 8:34:04 AM
eyeinthesky says:
I'd like to be the first to thank the pro-lifers for coming to T-Bay. All this bickering is almost as fun as the bickering over the flood. Now we just need someone to figure out how we can blame this on the city and get a lawsuit going.
6/19/2012 9:45:28 AM
Juno999 says:
My friends child went to get the mail for his mommy and came across these disgusting images on a pamphlet and was mortified. How do you explain such images to a child? I'm all for freedom of speech but there should be limits.
Brian Hamilton, good for you! I'd like to donate to your legal fees and will support your local business!!
6/19/2012 10:48:26 AM
mars says:
Responding to She says: You called it, they are indeed mangled "babies". What is so sad is the disrespect for this human life that resulted in its tiny body being torn apart. The pictures are shocking because the end result of abortion is shocking. About 100,000 unborn babies are being mangled and killed every year in Canada. We should be outraged at that.
6/19/2012 11:16:13 AM
Eager Annie says:
And do think messaging like this is effective as a catalyst for change? A shift in societal views? i don't (and clearly many others who had to have sensitve convos with children would agree)!
Have you thought about the women/families who didn't have a choice in how their miscarried babies were removed from their bodies? It's no different. Seeing images like these "hurts families"! Is it right for them to see the 'end result'? How is it right to parade these images in this fashion - its discraceful on so many levels. My heart goes out to those families who have been hurt by these images and whose wounds are re-opened.
Anyone endosing these images should be ashamed! Have some common decency for fellow 'man'.
mars, your comment sickens me!
6/19/2012 12:40:16 PM
tbayheart says:
You are considering these fetus' to be human
& no I am not arguing that, yes it is a life.
So if someone wanted to protest war, they could now put pictures of mangled soldiers who lost their lives fighting for our country in order to get their World Peace point across? There is a line that needs to be drawn & they've crossed that.
6/19/2012 12:07:55 PM
reaoniam says:
really.. seriously though that guy just made us all look like idiots.. what a child. What was the purpose of dumping milk on people.. if he didnt like the signs why not take them or ruin them rather then humiliating himself.. I bet, because he knew he was on camera an wanted to be a tough guy showing off to his girls in his shop.. well you embarassed us all who live here.. live in the real world an see how graphic it is.. be a man not a child... you should have done something more dignified which would bring better results to your beliefs. Sorry brian.. you are a child... an its sad others will pay for your childish behaviour
6/19/2012 12:24:53 PM
stuck? says:
Just my honest opinion, and this may offend some people, so I apologize if it does.

With the CONSTANT population growth over the years, we should do as many people have said in this thread and take care of the children in the world RIGHT NOW.

I'm not trying to say I'm pro-abortion at all. If you want to, go ahead. I'm not going to try and talk you out of it or into it. But, there is already an over-abundance of people in this world. It's kind of like.. natural selection? Natural is definitely not the right word as there is NOTHING natural about abortion, but it's .. in a way .. population control?
6/19/2012 12:30:46 PM
mercy mercy me says:
Hey, indulge least Brian got his pint this a new social mooo vement? and last, but not least...why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?
6/19/2012 12:33:21 PM
Whats good for some good for all says:
I'm going to have some posters with dead mangled children in Syria and walk around the streets and in front of city hall and every festival in the city because they say this is apparently in our right to do so. They just opened the flood gates of bad taste by allowing this to happen. Free speech shouldn't override the rights of parents to protect their children from seeing such grotesque pictures.
6/19/2012 1:02:00 PM
Ellynorm says:
I am prolife but would never associate with fanatics who insist on assaulting others visually. Should these images be used to counsel against abortion, maybe, but really I can never know the circumstances behind an abortion. Most people I know regret the decision greatly and suffer their own torment without further assault from us. As a single parent who did not choose abortion, I can only say, people must be more embracing and supportive of the single parent. Physical abuse(chocolate milk) is not right, or funny, impulsive yes, unfortunately I think it got the movement more attention. The cost of that truck and their cross country journey could have fed a few hundred or contributed to flood relief.
6/19/2012 2:12:07 PM
Queen Bee says:
I feel bad for everyone involved. The only success that this anti-abortion group has made is to park their caravan in the streets of a town that already has so many frustrated businesses and people who are attempting to rise above in an economy that already strives to seek a new heart each and everyday, not to mention surviving a recent natural disaster. They should have parked outside St. Peter's Church in front of those crowds who are in a state of crisis relief and just trying to get by in order to make their mark. They got the attention that they wanted through Brian's actions which is a shame. It was a poor judgement call but now this group has successfully created bad press around one of Thunder Bay's business sectors that is counted on as a tourist attraction and a business, Red Earth Imports, that has arguably succeeded where many have failed. It was terrible judgement by all and I hope they are happy with the free press they are going to get from Thunder Bay. Pro free will!
6/19/2012 3:12:41 PM
mercy mercy me says:
i's sure that you can deduce from my prior flippant comments that i am pro-choice, but more relevant is the Supreme Court of Canada's decision on this issue, if you are not in favour of that decision, attempt to fight it in court not with Howard Sternesqe shock tactics on the street or you end up with the street justice that Brian metered out....ok, well one more flippant comment, was that Steve Harper driving the van [in the background of course]
6/19/2012 3:22:26 PM
wayne says:
check out the letters to the editor in the opinion section of this site.
6/19/2012 3:29:13 PM
dee16 says:
I think it's awesome that he did it! Not only are those people taking away from the hard work Brian and his crew have put into trying to make downtown a better place to be, but they were exposing people INCLUDING CHILDREN to these horrifying images. Whether it is reality or not, they do not need to show such disturbing images. ESPECIALLY where there are restaurants, where people are trying to enjoy the meal they are paying for, not throw it up. Abortion is a topic that no one will ever agree one, because people have their own views on it, so to have people come prance around with their disgusting photos is just wrong. I'm sure those people caused a lot of anger that day.
6/19/2012 5:30:46 PM
glock9 says:
I think what we all really want to see is the instant replay . . .
6/19/2012 5:54:58 PM
thunderkol says:
I think these pictures are not necessary...i am a firm believer in pro-life but not these tactics...i will teach my children the value of life without the shock value...shame on you all for subjecting the little ones with these nightmares....knock it off and i will be stopping by this fellas establishment to make a purchase.
6/19/2012 5:56:32 PM
yvonne says:
Actually Rosie_o after raising a family of 5, I now look after 4 foster children full time. I would take care of more but am not allowed by regulations. I also sponsor 2 children in Uganda.
6/19/2012 7:12:17 PM
localdog says:
I think the bottom line here is people like Brian Hamilton and many, many others would prefer to live with their heads buried in the sand and pretend things like this don't go on. It's reality, accept it. Why shouldn't people be exposed to these graphic images? Same for factory farming, the mutilation of millions of animals happens every single day but people pretend it doesn't happen, "out of sight out of mind", but when they're presented with the horrific images of these realities they get all bent out of shape. Waaah. If you don't like seeing the pictures, if reality is too much for you to deal with, keep yourself sheltered at home or stand up and do something to end these atrocities. Don't take it out on the people that have the courage to stand up for their beliefs. It's time for the schools to start teaching this stuff to kids because we know damn well their parents aren't doing it.
6/19/2012 8:31:26 PM
RealityCzech says:
Maybe some people have accepted this reality and therefore did not feel they needed the picketers in his face, protesting in front of where he makes his livelihood.
6/19/2012 9:01:50 PM
localdog says:
Maybe he has, but it doesn't mean people aren't free to do what they want (legally) in public outside of his store. What does on outside of his store has no bearing on his business, though now he's certainly put it in the limelight.
6/20/2012 10:38:49 AM
combatwombat says:
Censors often "X rate" movies due to graphic images, as such children cannot see them, and parents cannot allow them.
Is this agreeable?
If so, how do these protestors show images that otherwise would probably be rated X in a movie theatre!
But Dog, what your saying is any graphic images representing reality "should" be shown,anywhere, anyplace, anytime.
So its Ok then to show the gore of accident victims, victims of murder, rape, or general violence, of war, starvation, things that happen all the time, things that "are reality".
Its wierd its Ok to have images of dead fetuses in public, with no warning, BUT if I walked down the street naked the cops would charge me with indecent exposure!!
Theres a lack of logic with this issue.
Dog, You take a tough stance, I bet you regularly stand up to atrocities, you dont eat meat, wear leather or buy sweatshop products.
You support multiple charities including the animal shelter and soup kitchen!
I bet !!
6/19/2012 10:57:44 PM
localdog says:
Every censored piece of material you mentioned is freely available on the internet for kids of all ages to view. Today's movies and video games contain more blood and guts than the images these protestors used, and if you think young children are not playing these games or watching these movies then you're being naive. Yes, I have taken a public stand on many things, mainly animal related, I run an animal rescue, and I help with children's charities if and when I can, that is when I'm not depleting my own funds taking care of these animals that their irresponsible owners should be taking care of. Abortion is not something I have much of an opinion on but a person's right to stand up for what they believe in in any legal way they see fit is. If people don't like it, don't look... keep on walking, no harm done.
6/20/2012 10:22:54 AM
combatwombat says:
kudos to you as an animal lover, good job.
But you warp the issue.
First, the ability to seek out material i mentioned in private at home, child or not does not make a public showing of that material OK to child or adult.
The issue at hand is images that are visually Offensive are IN PUBLIC. Not in private.
To tell someone to avert their eyes from a offensive image is like saying the protestor should have averted their head when the choclate shower started.
A picture shown in a public place,in a large format open to all eyes gives no one the option to opt out of.
How a child is raised in private ,what they see or do at home under the supervision of their parent or guardian is not related to this issue.
I think the forum has spoken on this and you will find yourself in a small minorty on this issue.
Speaking of irresponsible people, maybe they are types that would let their kids seek out these images, or maybe abandon their pets?
6/23/2012 6:09:33 PM
Joey Joe Joe Jr. Shabadoo says:
i think they were just in the way of the splashing chocolate milk. they had a decision to move, but chose not to? how can he be charged for freeing milk from its container?
it was just bad timing that there were people standing in his way when he did it.
6/19/2012 10:47:25 PM
grs says:
Free the milk. It has rights too. It's not fair to keep it penned up inside a carton.

Pro milk life! People shouldn't terminate it's life early, once it starts to smell, by dumping it down the drain. We should be freeing it so it can frolick in the countryside and properly live out it's life as nature intended.

Pro Milk Life!!!!

6/20/2012 9:23:36 AM
wayne says:
Should the pro-choice group be allowed to display graphic images of the brutal and cruel deaths of abortion clinic doctors and workers caused by the pro-lifers?
6/20/2012 2:39:20 AM
soooo says:
I wanna find out how to go about filing an official complaint against this group for displaying graphic images in public. I'm pretty sure if I stood on a corner with a poster of porn or naked people or even someone getting beheaded in the middle east I would be charged. Same should go for them.
6/20/2012 12:45:27 PM
theonlyopinionthatmatters says:
Its never OK to project your own PERSONAL beliefs onto others.
These people need to get there priorities in order if their against abortions, was it not just in the news that in China they force pregnant mothers who already have children to get abortions if they didn't fill out the paperwork to have another child?
6/20/2012 12:49:22 PM
tbaybuddha says:
6/20/2012 2:53:39 PM
Bambie&ThumperDiscussAB says:
"The truth is unless someone is ready 2 see the image they will not really see it. People don’t see a murdered baby. They see their own beliefs being assaulted; they see an obscene thing being shoved in their face; they see their young children being frightened and confused. They don’t see what we want them 2 see. Half of what we perceive is external reality; the other half happens in our minds. If you have the wrong mindset, u are not going 2 see the baby on that poster for what it is." A blogger. I am pro life but cannot endorse CCBR war tactics which have changed over the past few years. They seem to have become increasingly self righteous; arrogant in their knowledge/stance & unwavering in their conviction that their graphic approach will end abortion. 1 must first have a conscience & soul to be first affected by the images; do your research CCBR on living in a narcissistic world & you will soon be disppointed as many researchers note many social concerns are falling by the wayside
6/20/2012 6:56:52 PM
moonpie says:
What is so bad about those images? They're no more gory than the last movie I watched that opened with a room full of bloodied and hacked up corpses. What if Mr. Hamilton ran his business in a big city, would he throw a temper tantrum every time a group of gay men in assless chaps paraded in front of his store? Like it or not, a persons right to express their views is one of those things you just have to learn to accept and live with.
6/21/2012 12:26:44 AM
chris-inthebay says:
I'm interested in knowing how many people received these tasteless flyers in their mailboxes? I suggest it wasn't random and am very unhappy about this.
My wife is 4months pregnant and went through birth screenings. I would suggest that this group either 1) are watching the clinics where pregnant women are being tested, or 2) there is someone providing addresses based on tests that were done....I am just throwing that out there, but the timing is scary. She just had these tests conducted 1.5weeks ago...None of my neighbours received this obscene flyer in their mailboxes? Either way, i'm not taking chances that these people are following my wife home, I contacted the police and my MP as well...Please message back if you have received this flyer, I'd like to hear others thoughts.
6/24/2012 7:12:07 PM
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