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Monday March 30 2015
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2012-09-14 at 13:47

Council likely to discuss Municipal’s future, but item not on agenda

At-Large Coun. Iain Angus.
Jeff Labine,
At-Large Coun. Iain Angus.
By Jeff Labine,

It isn't on next Monday’s agenda, but city council is expected to have a closed-door discussion on the future of the Municipal Golf Course.

Council voted 8-3 in favour of closing the Municipal Golf Course in April with councillors Andrew Foulds, Joe Virdiramo and Iain Angus voting to keep the golf course open. The main reason for the closure was that it would save the city millions of dollars.

Angus said Foulds is expected to put forward a notice of motion to reconsider the future of the golf course at a future meeting.

“Regardless of what comes out of the closed-door discussion, we will continue to try to retain the operation as a municipally run golf course,” Angus said. “There’s some real challenges. The city of Thunder Bay and the township of Oliver-Paipoonge does not have an official plan for residential development in a place like that.”

Other challenges the golf course faces include a proper water supply and trying to find a seller who will buy the property and pay union rates, he said.
But since the decision, roughly, 1,500 people have signed a petition to keep that golf course open. With that many people calling for the golf course to remain open, Angus said it’s worthwhile to revisit the issue.

He said he’s optimistic that people will change their votes but at the same time felt it was probably the courses last season.

“We want to have at least one more opportunity to have a sober second thought,” he said.


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