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2012-09-16 at 15:52

Battle of Britain

By Jamie Smith,
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Adolf Hitler’s first defeat was due partly to local hands.

As the Nazi’s grip tightened on Europe, Hitler wanted to reach further and invade Britain. But before the Germans could take the fight to the sea in order to open up the English Channel, they needed air supremacy. They took to the skies in July of 1940 and the Battle of Britain began. It would result in a major victory for the Allies. Winston Churchill called it Britain’s finest hour thanks in part to the Hawker Hurricane, some of which were built right here in Thunder Bay at what was then Canadian Car and Foundry.

“The hurricane shot down more aircraft during the Battle of Britain than any other allied aircraft,” Battle of Britain commemoration parade organizer Rick Mortensen said Sunday. “I think Thunder Bay has a major role they played in that great victory.”

The fight was commemorated at the Lakehead Air Force Memorial with a parade Sunday afternoon. Churchill said never in the history of conflict had so much been owed by so many to so few. Mortensen said the parade is a way to try and pay some of that back.

“We as Canadians owe a great debt to them,” he said. “This is our way of recognizing, of commemorating that debt.”

Second World War veteran Roy Lamore said the battle turned the whole tide of the war.

“This is what had to be done. Doing that, they saved England and everything that went with it,” he said.

The commemoration also helps remember the thousands of civilians and airmen who lost their lives in the battle.

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Tiredofit says:
We should have a monument to this built at the marina, the can melt the bent poles and forge something that has real meaning! Seriously we do need a monument for this event in our cites history! Why not track down a plane and mount it there!
9/17/2012 6:55:41 AM
Tom Sanderson says:
Had to throw the negative into a good thing didn't ya?
9/17/2012 10:03:17 AM
Tiredofit says:
How so Tom? I'm promoting a positive thing, I'm serious about this being created, my Grandmother was a Rosie and my grandfather a paratrooper in battle. I'm simply stating that something like this is more deserving of $900k than those stupid blinking lights.
9/17/2012 2:17:16 PM
Tom Sanderson says:
By mention of the poles.
Many people make great comments then they add 'But' and it all goes down the drain.
I do agree there should be a Hurricane on a pedestal some place in the city. Even if it's built out of plywood.
9/17/2012 10:58:35 PM
imhere says:
It was a nice ceremony and the weather was great for it! WTG for everyone involved and who attended.
9/17/2012 12:01:12 PM
Arch Stanton says:
I recall meeting the former Manager of the wartime Hurricane line back in 2003/04. Great guy - he used to have a hangar at the airport. Anyone know if he is still around? He must be a ripe old age if he is. Would love to know if there is any documented records or diary of his WW2 work.
9/18/2012 2:50:30 PM
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