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2012-12-22 at 11:50

Man charged after early morning crash

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Police are reminding people to not drink and drive after an early morning crash.

Fire, police and paramedics responded to a two-vehicle collision near Tupper Street and Prospect Avenue around 6 a.m. Saturday morning. No one was injured but an 18-year-old man was charged with operating a vehicle with over 80 milligrams of alcohol in his blood.

He is scheduled to appear in court in the new year.

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michyj32 says:
That is why there are things like Operation Red nose...I'm sorry there are way too many drinking and driving accidents and charges in this city...why don't people get it?? After spending 100 dollars drinking you can't save 20 for a cab?
12/22/2012 1:29:38 PM
The Badger Mountain Hermit says:
Booze is STILL GOOD....Marijuana is STILL BAD. "No Choice" is the only "option" we're given, criminalizing people. Thanks, and a Merry Christmas to all those political prisoners incarcerated by unjust, inhuman, irrational drugs laws. Give it up, coppers...and re-earn our respect. Find some other way to get rich, instead of off our backs, please. Thank you. Now, cue all you Victorianists that like dictating other peoples' lives and morals. You hate us all, so why do you care what we do with ourselves?
12/22/2012 6:41:50 PM
advocate says:
What are you saying here? You think the driver would have been safe if he was high on weed? Because I will STRONGLY disagree with that.
12/23/2012 10:29:36 AM
hadenough says:
Don't care what you do to yourself, really don't care.

Just don't you and the rest of your imaginary names get behind the wheel when you're impaired and include the rest of us in your stupidness.
12/23/2012 12:42:24 PM
gerster says:
Sad but not surprised! People don't understand until they get caught!
12/22/2012 7:01:35 PM
chbaker says:
We could have the death penalty for drinking and driving. I don't think numbers would change. People do what people do, regardless of legal consequences. Funny, alcohol causes people to go crazy, but is legal. While marijuana has little to no negative effect, but remains illegal. And even though it's illegal most Canadians have tried it anyway, and many use it on a regular basis. Take THAT gun laws.
12/23/2012 9:00:38 AM
razor_burn says:
Under aged and impaired. Hang this little bugger to the cross!!
12/23/2012 9:01:25 AM
laurie says:
The cost of a life is a lot more than a cab ride..

12/23/2012 10:45:48 AM
Delbert Grady says:
Ok here you go newswatch, lets see another editoria telling us that easy access to automobiles is the problem here.

Its not?

Oh OK.

Lets pass a law that says nobody under 19 can buy alcohol. That should prevent this terrible act, as well as any others like it. OH.

We did already?

Well now what? Should we just make all vehicles disappear so we never have this problem again?

Nah, that would be completely assinine!

So re-read your banning guns editorial and go look at yourself in the mirror.

See what you see.

Id guess you wont put up this comment either?

Love always,
12/23/2012 2:55:39 PM
moonpie says:
I think they allow your comments to be posted so that people can see the kind of moron you are. Blaming a news rag for all the problems in the world?

Sounds about right.

Oh, wait, you're right, it's completely asinine.
12/24/2012 11:18:02 AM
TheMac82 says:
"The police are reminding people not drink and drive"...kinda odd that people need to be reminded not to be stupid...natural selection i guess
12/23/2012 3:09:50 PM
MIZ says:
I hope this little punk gets what he deserves!!
12/24/2012 10:28:57 AM
joey joe joe jr. shabadoo says:

Alcohol & Loosers go hand in hand...
12/24/2012 11:16:18 AM
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