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Saturday October 25 2014
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Volunteers working hard to get dinner ready

Volunteers peel potatoes Monday morning at the Dew Drop Inn.
Jamie Smith,
Volunteers peel potatoes Monday morning at the Dew Drop Inn.
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By Jamie Smith,

THUNDER BAY -- The Dew Drop Inn has Christmas dinner covered thanks to its volunteers.

On Monday the Red River Road kitchen was bursting with volunteers peeling potatoes and getting ready to carve up a dozen turkeys in time for dinner Tuesday. Because the Dew Drop has so much help, although more hands are always needed and appreciated, each task taks a couple of hours.

That wasn’t always the case.

“At one time we didn’t have enough volunteers and it used to take us all day long to get everything ready,” director Terri Favreau said as friendly faces passed by on their way to another task. “Now because I have so many good volunteers it’s only taking a couple of hours per task.”

Brenda and Jim Collette have been helping out for seven years. The strangers they served with have now become friends Brenda said.

“I just enjoy coming to cook and help people in need,” she said. “It makes you feel good.”
But as people like the Collette’s continue to show up to lend a hand, the people who show up in need are also on the rise.

“A lot of younger people are starting to come more and more. A lot of families are coming,” Brenda said.
Favreau expects more than 350 people for dinner. While a lot of them are individuals, she agrees there are a lot more young faces in the crowd than there used to be.

“Things are getting worse in Thunder Bay,” she said of the need.

Luckily there are places like the Dew Drop. Otherwise there might be nowhere else for some people to get a hot meal, a smile and a gift at Christmas.

“We’re just trying to brighten up their spirits,” Favreau said.

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