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2012-12-26 at 9:00 AM

Early birds

By Jamie Smith,
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It would seem the old adage is true, the early bird does get the worm.

Although in this case the worm is a 55 inch flat screen TV. By 7 a.m., Cheyenne Linklater had already finished her Boxing Day shopping. Standing outside of Future Shop with a massive television she got for under $500 and a high-tech coffee maker, Linklater hadn’t even slept before hitting the store to find a deal.

“I came here straight after work to see what kind of deals they had,” she said.

Linklater was surprised that she didn’t have to wait in line but was thankful given temperatures were -23 C with the wind.

“It didn’t seem as busy as it did a couple of years ago,” she said.

Matthew Thompson was also surprised by the small crowd considering the mosh-pit of commercialism Boxing Day tends to be. He woke up around 5:30 a.m. and said it was worth every minute of sleep lost in order to get two Playstation 3 displays, a minifridge and a flying drone.

“Boxing Day shopping is a tradition as much as Christmas,” he said loading his goods into a truck. “It’s pretty chaotic (in the store) but not as bad as I thought it would be. I thought it would be a bit worse considering how many cars are here.”

Over at Intercity Shopping Centre Randy Gallen, John Priscott and Dustin Roose sat in the sparsely populated food court waiting for stores to open at 9 a.m. The friends woke up just before 4 a.m. but it was because of another Boxing Day tradition, the start of the World Juniors. After Canada downed Germany 9-3, they decided to walk over to the mall, warm up and wait.

“Just to get our stuff first I guess,” Gallen said, adding he was looking for video games.

Priscott was also looking for video games, along with some new shoes. Roose said he was surprised to be one of the only people at the mall so early .

“We were expecting some more people here,” he said.

By 7:30 there was only one store with people in front of it, EB Games. Cory Bouley and his three kids were the first and only waiting customers outside of the store. They were there for wireless videogame headsets, which were more than half off. Veterans of the holiday line-up, the Bouleys got up around 6:30 expecting to have company.

“We’re very shocked,” Bouley said. “We figured there would be a big lineup by now.”

As for what possesses someone to get up before the sun rises in order to shop, Bouley said the reason is simple.

“The kids. You gotta get them the best deals you can,” he said with a smile.

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We've improved our comment system.
chbaker says:
Wow. North American society is sick.
Just gross.

Those things are made by sweat shop children working in horrid conditions.

I'm not sure working overtime away from your family so you can use lenders to buy slave made items is the way Jesus wants you to celebrate his birthday.

Just gross.
I'm ashamed to live on the same Earth.
12/26/2012 11:01:15 AM
Sui Generis says:
Oh, get off your high horse. Unless you have no electronic devices in your home (tv, alarm clock, etc), no manufactured clothing and a thousand other items, you're part of the sweat shop problem, too, my friend.

2. The bible points out that Jesus, if he existed, wasn't born in December in the first place. Read it sometime. Christmas is a pagan tradition from the date to the tree, so don't bring your religion into something that has evolved to be nothing more than a family holiday.
12/26/2012 12:56:58 PM
Escroft says:
If you study it properly, Jesus was actually born in September.
12/27/2012 11:13:12 AM
humnchuck says:
SO you shop online then? :)
12/26/2012 1:29:25 PM
herpderp says:
I'd like to know how you came to the conclusion that the items mentioned in this article were made by "sweat shop children". These items are mostly machined and require very little human-interaction while being manufactured. I could see maybe if it were clothing items or even items with many small parts... And I could see your point if these people knowingly bought these items knowing they were made with that type of labor. Why don't you post sources of this information so that people actually know what to avoid? Without it, you're leaving self-thinking people like myself to question statement. It sounds like this is a very touchy subject for you. Maybe your energy in this case would be better put to use actually educating people on the subject instead of just placing blame.
12/26/2012 4:45:13 PM
eastender says:
Unless you've been living on Baffin Island for the past 20 years, with no phone or media contact, you ought to have heard about the great shift in manufacturing from North America to China and all point east. Everything is made there. Parts are made by machine, but they are still put together by tiny agile fingers attached to people who have little choice in life. Either work on the postage stamp size plot of land picking rice, or go to the city and work 12/16 hour days in the factory putting together thingamajigs for big fat lazy North Amererican couch potatos to play with. Guess what? Slavery still exists, only in a different guise. It probably costs less to employ an Asian than it would cost to keep a slave in food and shelter in North America. Of course we will buy these procucts, because out of sight out of mind. Its like if you had to kill your own cow to eat beef, more people woud probably be vegetarians. China is half a world away, dont ask dont tell.
12/26/2012 7:12:22 PM
Random says:
chbaker, I love it when you put down your crayons and colouring book and post here. You are such a hypocrit it isn't even funny.

First, leave the continent-no more gross Americans for you.

Secondly, virtually EVERYTHING you consume, be it clothes or food, is a product of very low wages, or borderline slave labour. Our two North Aerican countries are where they are due to exploiting low wage/slave labour. It built them. Unless you live in the bush and are using soup cans and string to communicate, you are also living of the avails of "sweat shops".

Nobody here could survive if we paid the labour costs associated to North American workers.
Go back to colouring and leave the news to the grown ups.
12/26/2012 6:30:23 PM
Baor says:
What on earth did you post this silly comment on? A homemade computer in your basement ? By the way, not everyone believes in god.
12/26/2012 8:45:14 PM
barry medawin says:
Now hold on a minute here!

First of all, I only buy items made in North America. Second, I worship Lucicifer, so my holidays have nothing to do with your religion.

You may find both of these points hard to believe, but some of us march to a different drum.
12/26/2012 8:45:55 PM
debt collector says:
The admitted pothead who hates the police and believes pot creates no societal issues has a problem with a free commerce system.

That's rich.
12/27/2012 12:59:55 AM
razor_burn says:
When did drugs become part of this conversation?? You must be on some good ones.
12/27/2012 9:16:40 AM
debt collector says:
Maybe you should hang around a bit more often.

"chbaker" is always bashing the police and claiming we need less restrictions on society including the legalization of marijuana. Yet, he wants to restrict what others buy and when and where they buy it.

The word hypocrite comes to mind.
12/27/2012 11:42:14 AM
razor_burn says:
Not in this story so keep it where he talks about it.
12/28/2012 8:23:39 AM
JM says:
Interesting that you are hurling insults about how "gross" and "sick" North American society is, and how you are "ashamed to live on the same Earth" as us. I am sure this "Jesus" character you claim to know so much about would be thrilled that you are celebrating his birthday insulting and spreading so much negativity around! Very Christian-like of you!
12/27/2012 12:11:27 PM
ranma says:
After working in retail for 10 years, I can tell you that most of the "deals" this year were nothing more than regular sale prices. Nothing was a great steal.
12/26/2012 11:29:31 AM
bugwatts says:
SPOILER ALERT!!! Thanks for giving the score of the game! I was pretty sure that Canada would have won but did plan on watching the game when it's replayed at noon!
12/26/2012 11:57:31 AM
MIZ says:
chbaker, your attempts at being clever have fallen considerably short..... grow up little guy and tell it to someone who cares
12/26/2012 12:27:18 PM
rootbear says:
I just can't get over how people have all this money to spend. Going in debt over their heads because of traditions. On a side note, today brings out the dumbest of the dumb drivers with little or no regard to posted signs in parking lots. A delivery driver was trying to get into a loading dock and people had parked there. Also saw vehicles parked in fire zones. What if there had been an emergency? Total disregard people!
12/26/2012 1:32:19 PM
The Wolf says:
Boxing Day sales/shopping are going to be a thing of the past as Canada is now starting to lean more towards Black Friday Sales as the USA does for the holiday season start. Once Target opens up it will be even more so.
12/26/2012 1:36:20 PM
CM Punk says:
Its funny CHBAKER,
I made a comment that everything is made in China and I get ribbed about it.
I wonder if people will make a stink about yours.
Just love the double standard on the comment section on here.
Yeah, I stay away from boxing day shopping as I am not that crazy to stay in line for hours before the store opens just to save a few on a TV or whatever I am "needing" at that present moment.
I remember an interview CBC did with Harper, he urged Canadians to curb their spending. I sense interest rates will rise soon. As they should.
12/26/2012 3:32:54 PM
trent says:
Did you really have to include the score of the hockey game in this story? I'm sure some people who were planning on watching the game later accidentally found out about the score from this article.
12/26/2012 5:13:14 PM
razor_burn says:
I can still get better deals over the border. Fail!
12/27/2012 9:18:45 AM
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