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2012-12-27 at 10:47

Ontarians feel safe, not all willing to give up the phone while driving: Survey

By Jeff Labine,

Only 66 per cent of Ontarians say they are committed to follow the province's ban on handheld devices while driving.

That number comes from the OPP's satisfaction survey, which collected the opinions of random residents from across the province. The telephone survey measured Ontarian’s opinions about the OPP’s delivery of services and how safe they felt.

While there is no regional breakdown for all of the statistics, the OPP study found that 66 per cent of Ontarians said they wouldn’t drive with a hand-held device while 24 per cent said they were ‘not likely’ to do it.

On the question of how safe Ontarians feel in their home province, more than 95 per cent of respondents said they felt ‘safe’ or ‘very safe’ in their communities as well as traveling across the highways.

The survey also showed that most were satisfied with the OPP’s visibility for marine and ATV patrols.

For questions of safety, the survey did collect data regionally and responses were broken up into four broad regions -- North, south, east and west.

On a scale from one being ‘very unsafe’ and four being ‘very safe,' the North came in at 3.25 and was noted as feeling less safe than the east region, which had an average score of 3.5.

The North, which only made up two per cent of the survey’s region representation, was also highlighted for having a higher likelihood of marine and ATV activity than the Great Toronto Area and the south region.

More information on the survey can be found on the OPP website.

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