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2013-01-09 at 13:26

Police investigating a George Street stabbing

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THUNDER BAY -- City police are investigating a stabbing that sent two men to the hospital Tuesday evening.

Officials with the Thunder Bay Police Service say officers responded to an assault on George Street just before 7:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Officers at the scene found a 31-year-old man on the ground outside the Thunder Bay Shelter House. The man was bleeding from stab wounds.

A 34-year-old man was located inside the vestibule of the Shelter House and was also bleeding.

Police say the 34-year-old man was not co-operative with responding officers and was handcuffed as a result.

Paramedics brought both men to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre.

The 34-year-old man was placed under arrest and escorted to the police station after being discharged from the hospital. He has been charged with aggravated assault  and breach of probation.

He was expected to make a court appearance Wednesday.

The 31-year-old man remains in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Both men involved in the incident were known to each other and police say alcohol was a factor in the incident.


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ring of fire dude says:
This is getting so routine now that TBNewswatch should also post a score-card of all the stabbings and assaults on-line .
1/9/2013 4:24:36 PM
young&concerned says:
Wasn't this same story published last week and the week before that and so on!

It is the same nonesense time and time again!

The Tbnewswatch staff have the easiest job ever covering these never ending stories. Same template just edit the date, the address and the ages. (the rest is all the same)!
1/9/2013 4:52:34 PM
Tbay99 says:
Wrong, easiest job ever would be Judges in Thunder Bay, probation for everyone!
1/10/2013 12:11:21 AM
damanisback says:
just curious is there still Community police stations? -bring back beat cops in troubled areas,you no- one cop walking from macs store, to macs store
1/9/2013 5:54:06 PM
michyj32 says:
I'm pretty sure these are the same comments you guys post every week as well..instead of doing anything productive in the city you sit in front of your computer and complain about the police, the mac's stores, the aboriginal's a solution MOVE! Or become a part of the solution...Yes there are beat cops (glad you all research anything before posting) police cannot be everywhere all the time and employees at the Shelter House do their best to control situations like this.
1/10/2013 1:51:38 AM
musicferret says:
The thing is, I think damanisback may be right about many of these things.

Of note, the community police station in my area closes as soon as it starts to get dark, and is closed most of the weekend. This is exactly when beat cops are needed, not so much on a wednesday morning at 11am.

Damanisback, I agree with much of what you say.
1/10/2013 9:02:34 AM
dad3192 says:
This is a "shelter"...correct?? Such as a place to stay in an emergency situation.
So why is it that when someone commits a crime, gets arrested and held for a bail hearing..they can be released on a condition to reside at the shelter??
Now it is no longer an "emergency" is ordered by the court!!!
If the people who are arrested do not live in Thunder Bay...make it a court order to go live where they came from!! We don't want other communities problems, but when we get them, and they commit a crime..the court ORDERS them to reside here!!
seriously...lets get THAT problem fixed!!
1/10/2013 12:02:19 AM
michyj32 says:
This crime happened at the Shelter, the individuals that commit crimes there get trespassed from the shelter, the judge cannot order someone to be released on the condition that they live at the shelter..the shelter is not a daycare and a place to look after criminals..maybe John Howard does this but not the Shelter House..
1/11/2013 2:25:50 AM
thunderbaycouncel says:
how the heck do i raise my kids here??? we are getting such a bad name.
1/10/2013 6:08:11 AM
Chaos says:
too many police working in daytime - start to have more working at night and directly on the beat. This kinda of stuff doesn't typically happen at 10 am! for 30 million plus budget City needs to seek a quote from OPP as money does not seem well spent.

1/10/2013 9:05:26 AM
michyj32 says:
seriously you think there are more cops working in the daytime?? Did you think no one else in the city has figured out that most crime happens at night?? How many police work in the daytime?? Do you even know?? Wow you should be on the crime prevention unit with a brain like that!!
1/14/2013 3:56:32 PM
control says:
Im glad that my tax dollars are going to a effective police department....NOT!!! Do something for goodness sakes, Thunder Bay is NOT a safe place to live anymore and its the police's responsibility to make it so again
1/11/2013 1:11:58 PM
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