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2013-01-09 at 15:39

Idle No More demonstration leads to brief Highway 11 closure

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LONGLAC, Ont. -- Highway 11 at Longlac No. 58 First Nations will be under a road advisory for about an hour Wednesday afternoon.

Police issued a road closure notice to media shortly after 3:30 p.m.  Wednesday.

Few details were made available in that release, but officials with the Greenstone Detachment of the OPP say the brief closure is the result of a peaceful Idle No More demonstration.

While police did say they expected the road advisory to end in approximately one hour, they did not give an exact time.

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ranma says:
So when can other groups start doing a forcible closure of the highway and not get arrested?
1/9/2013 3:59:59 PM
panzerIV says:
The Tamil community did one on the Gardiner in Toronto to protest the war between the Government and the Tamil Tigers organization. I think that was broken up by police but it wasn't until a couple hours later.
1/9/2013 6:25:22 PM
ibrando says:
What a joke! Rail lines boarder crossings and provincial highways can be blockaded at will and authorities will do nothing. Yet in Attawapiskat, reserve police escorted media off the reserve and to the airport on the orders of Teresa Spence. Global media was at the reserve to do a story on living conditions. Time for our demonstrations to begin...ACCOUNTABILITY NOW!
1/9/2013 4:43:22 PM
young&concerned says:
What garbage! Send out the snowplows!
1/9/2013 4:46:32 PM
Tbaylifer 1 says:
I am a non aboriginal and I demand accountability and transparency from First Nation Chiefs. Revving up Campaign.
1/9/2013 4:49:32 PM
northenontario22 says:
how can they close a highway and nothing is done about it? If other groups tried this they would be arrested.
1/9/2013 5:00:18 PM
Blue says:
Two different rules but we are not allowed to point this out.
1/9/2013 5:30:02 PM
glass half full says:
Seriously! half of these people do not know why they are protesting.

Why do we have laws? Who in society are expected to follow these laws?

This has to end. disrupting travel is not helping these people gain support. Again I say as I have said in the past, Do people remember OKA? People got shot. This will eventually turn violent.

1/9/2013 5:30:45 PM
6913 says:
"Mother Nature might be blocking the Highway due to strong wind gusts in the area causing blinding snow squalls!" I wonder if she will be arressted?
1/9/2013 5:42:16 PM
outdoorlover says:
i agree with ramma if we blocked the trans canada highway we would be charged and in jail in no time at all
1/9/2013 6:38:49 PM
reunion147 says:
When has another group even tried such a thing?
1/9/2013 6:54:21 PM
hardball says:
they can do closures anywhere in Canada, no-one needs to explain or ask your history teacher(s)..
1/9/2013 8:27:12 PM
yoyoma says:
it was a bit cold, but I must say I enjoyed it. FYI the highway wasn't completely closed the whole time, we slowed the traffic to one lane for quite awhile and offered information pamphlets as to why. Again, a little bit of real reporting would go a long way.
1/9/2013 9:48:17 PM
mfile says:
It doesn't matter if you slowed traffic and gave out pamphlets. The fact is that the highway and railroads were blocked and there is nothing anybody can do about it. I would like to see another organization or group from Longlac try that kind of ridiculousness and see what comes out of it. It wouldn't even take 30 minutes and they would be slapped with fines and sent home.

Some people really have the good life and can't even realize it. Time to start opening your eyes Canada and stop these kinds of things from happening.
1/10/2013 7:48:50 AM
laurie says:
Blockages have never just lasted 1 hour.. Try 4-5 hours.. and they block traffic completely..

and honestly do you think truckers care about the phamplets..

when they do finally allow traffic to start moving the protestors are no where in site
1/10/2013 9:29:00 AM
dozerman says:
The hwy in Fort Frances was blocked a few years ago. They were even charging a toll. They got away with that one too.
1/10/2013 7:44:59 PM
mazda323 says:
How much did those pamphlets cost? Tsk, tsk, wasting money that could have been spent on improving the lives of those who complain to be so impoverished!
1/11/2013 4:22:40 PM
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