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2013-01-21 at NOON

Car crashes into Salvation Army Thrift Store

By Leith Dunick,
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THUNDER BAY -- The Salvation Army Thrift Store on Memorial Avenue has been a beacon of bad luck.

Earlier this month a driver lost control of a vehicle and smashed into the side of the building, causing extensive damage. Last July a fire destroyed the contents of donation bins behind the store.

The latest incident occurred last Sunday at about 6:45 p.m. and damaged both the glass storefront and the foundation.

“We still do not know why the crash happened and we do not have any details about the person or individuals who were in the vehicle,” said Michael Perry, Retail District Leader for Manitoba and Thunder Bay Thrift Stores, in a release issued eight days after the incident.

“This comes at a very unfortunate time because the cold draft and excess debris is making shopping and everyday operations cumbersome,” said Perry.

Despite the setback, the store remains open for regular business hours.

Repairs are expected to take about two weeks to fix.

“We’re hoping this latest incident won’t have a negative impact on donations or store sales,” said Perry.

“We need all the help we can get to continue to support individuals and families in need this winter.”


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MD says:
The car wouldn't fit inside the donation bins so the driver tried to park it inside. Honest mistake.
1/21/2013 3:13:11 PM
triceps says:
Again, learn to drive really isnt that hard
1/21/2013 4:13:44 PM
razor_burn says:
Lost control? How do you lose control that bad in that area. That's just pathetic. They were probably screwing around. Stupid people everywhere.
1/21/2013 6:05:58 PM
tsb says:
Maybe it's a message from God? We all know he likes to speak to us in obtuse gestures as opposed to clear, meaningful language.
1/21/2013 7:58:46 PM
hardrawkin says:
Luckily no one was standing near the doorway at the time. Not much detail on the driver or potential cause.
Was it a hit and run or are we just trying to protect someone with amazing driving skills.
1/22/2013 6:45:59 AM
lance says:
Was a cell phone found in the car?? Im willing to bet it was
1/22/2013 9:14:11 AM
TheBeatles2013 says:
I wish thatthat someone crash into the victoraville so the let the traffic go through and reopen the business on victora street
1/22/2013 4:11:35 PM
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