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2013-05-15 at 16:49

Fort William X-ray, ultrasound machines moving to city`s north side

By Jeff Labine,
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Fort William’s only diagnostic imaging machines are heading toward Port Arthur.

The Fort William Clinic, which sees around 17,000 patients, houses the south side’s X-ray and ultrasound machines. Officials with the clinic announced that they would be moving to a new facility along Golf Links Road near the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre.

The X-ray and ultrasound equipment will be moving to the Port Arthur Clinic.

Dave Williams, president of both Fort William and Port Arthur Diagnostics, said he felt it was a good move to consolidate the two facilities into a central location. Williams had wanted to move to the new facility by the beginning of May, but said realistically it could take another few months.

“This was the only (diagnostic imaging) in Fort William,” he said. “It’ll take a little getting used to but we feel it isn’t a huge hurdle to overcome. We’re also taking our cue from the doctors moving and centralizing more. There seems to be a contraction of the medical community around the hospital.”

Williams said all of their equipment will be upgraded from using film to digital once they complete the move. He believes that this will help move patients through the clinic at a much faster pace.

Williams believes that the move will also reduce some of his costs.

All of the diagnostic exams done at the clinic are billed to the Ontario Health Insurance Plan. Williams said the province has reduced the amount that they pay making it even more important to find cost savings.

“It’s getting tight,” he said. “We have to find creative ways to find savings in our budgets.”

He added that all the staff will be transferred over to the Port Arthur facility.

Janice Latta, a patient at the Fort William clinic, said she didn’t mind the idea of driving to the other side of town. Although she understood some might be inconvenienced by the move, she said that as long as people could see their doctors she didn’t see anything wrong with the move.

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We've improved our comment system.
happy gardener says:
too bad all but one of the staff at the Port Arthur Clinic(diagnostics dept) were laid off a couple of weeks ago to facilitate this move.
5/15/2013 4:57:16 PM
musicferret says:
And so the exodus of anything and everything of any social value to one side of the city continues while the area with the poorest health and greatest social problems gets shafted. Great work everybody! Whats left? Can we move FW gardens to the other side of town? CHECK! Hmmmm.... what else? Can we find some way to move/close the art gallery and conservatory, as they are nearly into the FW side? CHECK!

Seriously people, think about it: what recreational opportunities are on the FW side? Port Arthur side has the complex, the auditorium, the university, the college, magnus, boulevard lake, cascades, centennial park, hillcrest park, marina park, skate park..... I could go on.

This is not an issue of "we're all one city now, so it doesn't matter where these things are!". Its the fact that we are ignoring a large population of the city completely by taking every last recreation opportunity possible away from them. Then we seem surprised when there is a crime problem there.
5/15/2013 6:13:32 PM
MD says:
I'm all for moving Boulevard Lake and the Cascades to FW but in exchange for Mount McKay.
5/16/2013 10:05:27 AM
TBDR says:
Uh yeah like the Camelot St Courthouse closing in favor of the new one on Miles? Also you do realize these clinics and the equipment are not city owned right?
5/16/2013 3:47:41 PM
musicferret says:
Well obviously you can't move those natural land features. Mount McKay is not part of the city. FYI

TBDR are you calling the courthouse an attraction? ummmm.... I would suggest it was moved there SPECIFICALLY to get it out of the "Good" side of town. There is quite an 'unsavory' element associated with it.

Yes I know these clinics are not city owned, but that doesn't change the fact that they are going, removing one more thing which is important to the community.

So are you guys disagreeing with me that this is happening, or disagreeing that its a problem?
5/17/2013 8:41:49 AM
MD says:
There's no problem at all. It makes sense to have attractions/ medical buildings / recreational activities close together rather than spread out. You make it sound as if when something moves 10 minutes away it is no longer accessible to people in FW.
5/17/2013 9:19:16 AM
ranma says:
This is the dumbest move EVER. The PA Clinic does not have anywhere near enough parking to take care of the current patients. Whoever decided to do this should be fired. The Fort William Clinic in it's current office has ample space for parking, and the new one appears to have lots as well.

This is a GREAT inconvenience to patients. It is almost as bad as when they had to close their blood clinic because of government cutbacks. Nothing better than waiting for hours to get blood drawn!

5/16/2013 12:08:49 AM
joey joe joe jr. shabadoo says:
@happy gardener: how dare they layoff while the machines are being moved in!

GEEZZZ, how dare they!!!

Think a little more b4 u post happy.
5/16/2013 7:26:09 AM
Hoynthehoy says:
Since when were x-ray and ultrasound machines considered recreational activities Musicferret?
You mad bra? Misdirected you're argument seems to be.
5/16/2013 9:46:10 AM
countrychick says:
It is not moving to the PA clinic it is moving to a new building by the hospital which will be easier to get to. All of the doctors will be moving there (mine is there) supposed to be there by November of this year. As for parking, it will be better as now there is metered parking and it can be a pain if your appointment runs longer than expected! One other thing... thunder bay has been a amalgamated city for 40 year.. when are we going to get over this south side vs north side thing?????
5/16/2013 10:41:07 AM
lexie says:
guess you missed this part of the article...

"The X-ray and ultrasound equipment will be moving to the Port Arthur Clinic"

And I have to agree with 'ranma' - this appears to be a poor move for parking purposes. I have been to the PAC several times when there were no parking spaces available. NOT ONE! Try walking almost 3 blocks, after major surgery - where I was finally able to park!

And although I am a PA resident - I do agree that the south core seems to be losing out.

To 'countrychick' - EVERY city has a north end/south end/east end/west end - it has nothing to do with amalgamation. It has to do with feeling at home in your neighbourhood and having the services in that neighbourhood. As soon as businesses/services pull out - the problems flood in.

My heart goes out to FW. This is cerainly a loss for you all.
5/16/2013 3:39:43 PM
5/16/2013 11:37:29 AM
mazda323 says:
Oh, poor southside! You have Chippewa Park - use it! You have the Kam River Park, is it the northside's fault that the druggies hang out there? You have beautiful Vicker's Park, The Conservatory (which is fully in the southside, not "nearly"), the Friendship Gardens, Mission Marsh, Cambrian Players,etc. It's not the northside's fault that you choose to ignore these gems on that side of town. By the way, a bunch of administrative offices just moved from north to south and there will be more once the Court is open. If you feel "ignored" in the southside, by all means, move to the northside, but please, quit complaining. Thunder Bay has been one city for 43 years now. Get with the times.
5/16/2013 12:03:30 PM
musicferret says:
Mazda, you're missing the point.

How would you feel if all of those nice things folks onthe north side enjoy just up and left? How about we put the hospital in the south side, and magnus, and the auditorium, and plunk 150 m into a waterfront park on the kam instead of marina park, and take the art gallery and the complex and the university and college?

YOu wouldn't be happy would you? Well, why is it that an entire side of the city that has had this happeneing to them for the last 43 years should just "Move to the north side" if they don't like it?

This is about building a liveable city FOR ALL CITIZENS not just for the wealthy on one side. But go ahead and tell an entire half of the city they are wrong to complain and to be happy with the administrative offices and courthouse moving to their side. In your mind is it really a courthouse and a few offices that leads to local quality of life?
5/17/2013 8:47:23 AM
mazda323 says:
What you're missing Musicferret is that the Sleeping Giant has the best view from the northside. Can't change that, sorry. There is a waterfront park on the Kam, but no one goes there. Clean it up and make it what you want. Boulevard, the Bluffs, just happen to be on the northside, can't change that either.
Magnus is a private enterprise, they can locate where they like. University and College were built a long time ago, before amalgamation, maybe they preferred Port Arthur to Fort William, who knows? But they're on the northside and that's not going to change. The powers that be wanted the hospital by the university, a wise choice. BTW, all my medical needs are on the southside, except my dentist, and I live north. I am also far from 'wealthy', but I live my life and don't complain about this side or that side. We are ONE city. If something I need or want is south (like my job), I go there. Quality of life is what you make it, not what the city provides to you.
5/17/2013 11:23:32 AM
Jon Powers says:
By Jeff Labine,

" Fort William’s only diagnostic imaging machines are heading toward Port Arthur "

I am growing very, very angry at the resurection of P.A.vs F.W. garbage.



Not Port William or Fort Arthur!

Great Story!
5/17/2013 1:27:29 PM
musicferret says:
Ok then...

We're thunder bay.

Let's re-phrase this away from fw pa:

"Why is it that pretty much anything of any social or recreational value in this city is being placed in one small area, reducing or even eliminating it's accessibility to a huge part of the city's population?"

Whats next? Shall we rip out all the roads except in one side of the city as well? Will you still sit there arguing that the rest of the city should shut up because we're all one city now?

It DOES matter that its all being put in one area. It affects those people not in that area negatively. The fact that it happens to be in Port Arthur is irrelevant and has nothing to do with the old PA FW debate. I would be equally upset if everything of social value was ripped out of the rest of the city and put out near the airport. Something tells me you would be as well.

This is no different.
5/17/2013 6:13:11 PM
lexie says:
Every city refers to areas by their names.
Wpg has Transcona - St. Boniface - etc.
Toronto has Missisauga - Scarborough - etc.
Thunder Bay has FW - PA - etc
ALL cities are defined by areas - it's ridiculous to say anything different.
This has nothing to do with 'separating' one end from the other - it's simply defining where and what part of the city things are taking place.
This story would not make any sense if it read - "Thunder Bay's X-ray, ultrasound machines moving to city`s north side"
5/20/2013 4:01:01 PM
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