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2013-08-22 at NOON

Comedian Lewis Black takes shot at Thunder Bay

By Leith Dunick,
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Comedian Lewis Black apparently wants no part of Thunder Bay.

Speaking to Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC’s The Last Word, The Daily Show contributor was asked if he’d consider accepting Canadian citizenship, in response to news that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, a presidential contender in 2016, was actually born north of the border.

“Thunder Bay is nice, but you really don’t want to be a citizen of Canada living in Thunder Bay or remote stretches in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland,” said the New York resident, who was brought on the news program to discuss a feud he’d started with the state of Texas.

The full interview can be seen here. The clip in question is about three minutes in. 

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ThunderBayFullOfCrime says:
Well, what do we have to boast about here in Tbay? Crime? #1 for murders per population. Our town has a bad reputation now. Pretty bad when 3 mornings in a row I see dirty, scummy looking people huffing glue behind the TD on Arthur St. Drunks begging people for smokes outside of metro at 10am. Not very pleasant at all.
8/22/2013 12:52:06 PM
mikethunderbay says:
Yah it is strange that it only happens in tbay. You never see that walking down Younge st in Toronto or downtown Vancouver. Give your a head a shake and wake up. What I've learned is that no matter where you go there are always people who complain, and they always seem to be the loudest. These same people never offer solutions only complaints, and on the rare occurrence that they do offer solutions, the solution has about as much depth as a puddle after a light rain. The complainers are usually lazy citizens who refuse to do research to offer solutions and loudmouths who are unhappy with their own lives. I for one am looking forward to friday where after work I will head downtown and meet up with friends and go to a couple bars and enjoy life in Thunder bay. "ThunderbayFullOfCrime" enjoy your Friday night complaining.
8/22/2013 1:59:40 PM
sweetazmaple says:
in toronto you get " hey want some meth" or how much for an escort or "hey watch it i got a gun in my pocket" or hey the toronto cops will use you as a target
8/22/2013 6:11:51 PM
maxdange says:
Have you ever been to Toronto? because I used to live there for school and never once has anyone come up to me and asked me if I wanted Meth or shown me a gun that was in their pocket...i've lived in Thunder Bay for 3 years though and seen more drug evidence here then anywhere else...I took a friend to see the tugboat at camview park a few weeks back, take a walk under that bridge and tell me what you see...
8/22/2013 10:18:24 PM
passlake says:
I lived just outside Regent Park in Toronto about 10 years ago. Thunder Bay doesn't even come close.
8/23/2013 11:47:08 AM
minstrel says:
seems you really like to complain. you even make things up to complain about. thunder bay is not #1 for murder, it is #13.
if you don't like it, leave or do something about it, either way please stop with your negativity!
8/24/2013 2:32:37 PM
anarnosti says:
Can anyone really blame him? Our city has been on a steep downward slope for the last few years and it just keeps getting worse. There was a time that I was proud to be from Thunder Bay... now.. not so much.
8/22/2013 12:55:08 PM
Swirly-Q says:
“Thunder Bay is nice, but you really don’t want to be a citizen of Canada living in Thunder Bay"

What does that even mean? Taken literally, it seems he is suggesting that Thunder Bay is nice but only for non-Canadian citizens? If so, I'm not sure why Canadian citizenship would detract from one's enjoyment of this beautiful city.

I'm Canadian and I love it here!
8/22/2013 1:20:03 PM
Tim H. says:
typical limousine liberal. he's a left wing socialist advocate thats made a living pretending to be an angry old White man.

He should like it in Thunder Bay. It's a city festering in the results of outlandish left wing and socialist policys.

All those Hollywood liberals are all the same. They preach socialism but they would never live in it.
8/22/2013 1:23:03 PM
fastball says:
Let's review your've mentioned "liberal", "socialist" and "left wing" numerous times.
Judging by your tone, one might think you're some kind of right wing, gun-toting, Bible-carrying, homo-hating, tax-evading, war-loving, hippy-hating, rheumy-eyed old geezer, who yells at the kids to get off while lawn while he pines for the good old days of Harry Truman and when "women and the coloured knew their place".

Just while we're assuming and stereotyping, OK?
8/22/2013 4:11:46 PM
Decide says:
fastball, your post goes down in history here as the best post EVER, bar none. You nailed it square on the head.

I pondered a reply to his ridiculous post, but then read yours, and realized none was required by me, as you said it perfect.
8/22/2013 5:31:25 PM
Winger says:
Tim is right. There's no doubt that Black is a left wing Obama loving demoncrat.

why are you so assuming of others? You seem to have some sort of phobic dislike for those which you do not agree with. How come?
8/22/2013 5:49:01 PM
Baor says:
As opposed to bitching about absolutely EVERYTHING.? Good grief, do you listen to yourself?
8/22/2013 7:19:24 PM
litmus says:
Tim H, I find your comment quite ironic since you are one of those "angry old men" that you are talking about.

Feel free to move to another city if not happy here
8/22/2013 7:51:51 PM
unheard says:
Pretty sure are crime is petty compared to New york, and seems that the impression he has is because of the dumb bike lanes poorly planned out,
degrading infrastructure and oversized/overpriced phallic symbols in the marina
8/22/2013 1:24:40 PM
The Streetpeople,Homeless,dumpster diving,begging and theives I fear in TBAY. You see of thieves on bikes riding around the city during the day,obviously look for stuff to steal then they come back in the middle of the night and steal anything they can get their hands on.I see the Streetpeople/Homeless crowd in back lanes and wooded areas all over the city.
8/22/2013 1:32:23 PM
passlake says:
yes. he spends all his free time on tbnewswatch and cares about our bike lanes, our crime rate and what we do at the Marina. He has nothing better to do.

you all realize he's a comedian, right? Most comedians that know of Thunder Bay has taken a shot at us in the past.

maybe he doesn't like Thunder Bay because comedians can't make a living here?

or maybe he's basing his opinion on all of you that constantly complain about anything and everything that happens here. It's not perfect here, but it's good enough!
8/22/2013 1:39:48 PM
spazz says:
this is a man who makes his living telling (mostly negative) jokes. I really enjoy his comedy and can't take this comment to heart. he's just doing his "job".
8/22/2013 1:43:44 PM
rob20 says:
Exactly... he's a comedian... I'd be surprised if he even knows where TBay is or what life is like here or what is going on in the community at all. These guys get prepped pre-interview about topics. He probably thought "I need a couple remote city name drops, google mapped Canada, saw the Lake Superior, saw TBay and decided that looks in the middle of know where." He deals in pointing out extremes and poking fun at the obvious... 30 seconds after the interview if you asked him what he knew about TBay he'd probably tell you "Not much, it's on the lake in the middle of nowhere." Which we are. Relax!
8/22/2013 2:20:17 PM
realitycheck411 says:
He actually traveled across Canada in a tour bus.

It's apart of his routine in another show.

Anyways, if I were a visitor to Thunder Bay and saw the walking dead marching down the middle of Memorial Ave at the peak of 4:30pm traffic, I too might make a quick judgement of this city.

First time impressions last forever.
8/23/2013 8:15:09 AM
progress now says:
Its always difficult to see yourself as other people see you.
8/22/2013 1:58:07 PM
MD says:
...unless you own a mirror.
8/22/2013 2:49:22 PM
Iceman says:
This is actually awesome, he is a great comedian, very funny and got to mention us. The only bad publicity is no publicity. Check out his cross Canada rant. [pHeH0ppqMbk].cfm
8/22/2013 2:37:50 PM
fastball says:
Does anyone actually think that Lewis Black has ever been here, or even knows the difference between Thunder Bay and a city in Newfoundland?
He's a comedian - he's just doing his job. He probably threw a dart at a map and picked the name at random.
No need to get all introspective and insecure because some American mentioned Canada or Thunder Bay There's more important things to start navel-gazing about.
8/22/2013 4:03:58 PM
ThunderBayFullOfCrime says:

I offer plenty of solutions, and have for yrs except no one listens. Maybe for you Mike, its fun to go out drinking downtown but for a young woman like myself, it's not. I don't need to go out and drink to have a good time, plus I'm too busy trying to raise a family, working and donating my time. You compare TBay to big cities like Toronto and mention specific streets and areas that are unsafe, meanwhile there are no areas of this town that feel very safe. In TBay it's not just one street, it's all over the city. Funny how you judge me when you don't have any idea what I do on a daily basis. I'm the one picking up other people's garbage and helping seniors, working my butt off and doing good things while you go out and drink. Who's the lazy citizen?
8/22/2013 4:10:06 PM
heartofdarkmatter says:
he's saying that if you ain't living in one of the big cities, you're screwed. did anyone watch the video or just start typing about bike lanes? lmao
8/22/2013 5:32:51 PM
sky high says:
He's an old man with ancient beliefs, so whatever this geriatric fool says is irrelevant.
8/22/2013 7:32:13 PM
bluejaysfan says:
And that is why Lewis Black is one of my favourite comedians. The Best!
8/22/2013 9:39:05 PM
moi says:
I'm sure Lewis Black must have some sort of fan if his comments about the city bother SOME of you so much, then by all means send him an email letting him know.
I love the Daily Show with Jon Stewart..and if Lewis Black is funny enough to be a regular on that program, then it's good enough for me.I enjoy listening to what Lewis Black has to say.
8/23/2013 9:25:07 AM
musicferret says:
Well, when your priorities are dumping money into one tiny area of the city for a bunch of overpriced 'want' type items while ignoring all the actual 'need' items, its pretty easy to make fun of the city. #1 in crime! #1 in high taxes! GO TEAM!
8/23/2013 10:31:10 AM
freddyc says:
115 agreements with full of crime.....Amazing how those full of self loathing/hatred always have to find a scapegoat rather than look for and actually work towards a solution.
8/23/2013 12:53:01 PM
freddyc says:
A lack of understanding and compassion are a "red flag" of the wounded and unhealed.
8/23/2013 12:59:13 PM
stonecutter says:
its a joke.
8/23/2013 2:32:50 PM
CleverUsername says:
Seriously, why is this even news?
8/26/2013 3:43:57 AM
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