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2013-12-04 at 16:49

Needs will be met

By Jodi Lundmark,
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There is no question Thunder Bay will have the energy it needs when it needs it, says Ontario's Energy Minister.

In a conference call with media Wednesday afternoon, Minister Bob Chiarelli discussed the Liberal government's long-term energy plan, which has projected energy costs rising 2.8 per cent over 20 years.

Despite an announcement last month that the Thunder Bay Generating Station will be converted to burn advanced biomass by 2015, the region's energy task force last week said they believe the region will need more power, especially with a potential mining boom.

According to their numbers, 75,000 tonnes would be needed in cold weather and 120,000 in droughts just to meet the region's current energy needs.

However, Chiarelli said he didn't agree with that statement and the mining companies aren't complaining.

"They know what our program is for transmission and generation. They know it's going to be there when they need it," he said, noting that in addition to the generating station, in five years the area will also have access to power from the east-west transmission line.

Chiarelli also said the province is in negotiations with Cliffs Natural Resources about an accommodation in the energy rate for the Ring of Fire.

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cm punk says:
I also heard the minister say there will be a 30 percent increase over 3 years.
12/4/2013 5:18:21 PM
Ranma says:
But will the people of Ontario have the money to pay for this power? Probably not.
12/4/2013 5:36:02 PM
jonthunder says:
Given the Ontario Liberal governments word on energy, health care and everything else; who cold possible be silly enough to believe their word. McGuinty and company have been nothing but the tellers of falsehoods. Hopefully, we are not as stupid as they think we are....
12/4/2013 6:52:08 PM
greasemonkies says:
Why give a reduction on electricity for Cliffs arc furnaces(Billion $ or more a year) when KWG resources has patent for using natural gas to do the same and costs for natural gas without any subsidies is far cheaper than hydro with subsidies.So why go down hydro road when natural gas is the right choice.
12/4/2013 10:28:52 PM
dockboy says:
Bob Chiarelli doesn't care one bit about Thunder Bay and the needs of Northern Ontario. I've listened to him skirting the issue again and again. He comes across as man who doesn't know the first thing about his job. He should be replaced, the sooner the better.
12/5/2013 8:49:13 AM
Fred Brown says:
Ontario in negotiations with Cliffs Natural Resources about an accommodation in the energy rate for the Ring of Fire?

Cliffs is closing their offices and has suspended their chromite operations in Ontario indefinitely.

Mr. Chiarelli, are you saying they are not leaving, that they need the power and will still develop Black Thor in the Ring of Fire?
12/5/2013 9:04:50 AM
yqtyqt says:
And we should believe Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli why? It's not as if he wasn't part of the Lieberal gang who promised everything from no tax increases to no involvement in the gas plant scandals.

I really have a tough time believing why Ontarians should trust anything that they have to say or promise.
12/5/2013 9:38:48 AM
lori says:
YQTYQT, I could not agree more. We are much better off believing what is coming from Ottawa.

Only 1 person knew about Duffy
Oops Two people knew about Duffy
OOPs again 12 people knew about Duffy

The PM knew nothing about Duffy except that the party with tax payer donations were going to pay the bill

Anyhow, I realize that I am just a liberal lover who is still waiting for you, or anyone to tell me who has represented our two ridings better than the two we have.

Just a name

Still waiting

For years now

Keep avoiding

Cause you keep talking about everything but local issues except for one or two

Not the billions that have come here
Not the thousands of jobs
Not the many new buildings
Not the new services
not the state of the art health care equipment
Not more money for highways than ever
Not the law school or med school

Nope, those things don't matter to you, just getting the tories elected is the only agenda

Just one name YQT---- still waiting
12/5/2013 9:41:56 PM
fluffy says:
How about cutting us a break on our residential electricity rates. What a rip-off.
12/6/2013 10:53:23 AM
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