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2013-12-06 at 15:30

Council Preview: Dawson Heights seeks expansion

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A local developer wants city council’s approval to expand a subdivision.

If approved, which city administration is recommending, Dawson Heights would see 15 new homes, 20 townhouses and five six-plexes.

The expansion would also need two new streets and a walkway.

Sewer and water already exist in the 2.46 hectares of land needed near Wardrope Avenue.

According to the application no agencies, from the Lakehead Regional Conservation Authority to the Ministry of Transportation, have no objections.

But the city has received several phone calls and a letter from people concerned about bringing multiple-unit dwellings to the area. There is also a concern about how widely circulated a public notice was mailed. Council will hear about the project Monday night.

Also Monday council will hear that expected reports on the Royal Edward Arms along with pet by-laws in other cities will be submitted in early 2014.



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New Democrat says:
Though I'm in favour of more high density housing, these should really be better located. Stop building outwards!
12/6/2013 10:16:38 PM
Today1 says:
One reason some people build outward is that two or three people control/own all the property in town, and control the market.
12/7/2013 8:43:27 PM
tsb says:
Why are multiple unit housing developments such a concern in this city?
12/7/2013 12:16:45 AM
ring of fire dude says:
Because ThunderBay has become a welfare destination for Ontario and there's not enough low income/social housing for all the new applicants flowing into the City .
12/7/2013 6:52:03 AM
dynamiter says:
You are totally wrong - ring. Multiple unit housing developments can be in many forms - including condos, timeshares, apartment buildings and 2, 4 sixplexes ( as in the back of Parkdale). We need many more of these. A great many older people want to downsize and not all are condo people. Many want a smaller new house ( 1400 sq ft - even if it is attached on one wall to another house). They dont want their big house. They want something small, easy to maintain, that they can leave easily alone if they want to travel. There is a pent up demand for safe small gated subdivisions with other like minded people. They have these in Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto and many US cities. Why cant our city planners lead us in that direction. Builders will always follow the money - and the demand and $ are there. Dont make the automatic connection that apartment buildings are slums - some may become that - but many dont.
12/8/2013 12:20:34 PM
joey joe joe jr. shabadoo says:
Winnipeg had 40,000 homes built over a few years & many were multiple unit housing developments.
Many decent wage earners live in them now, they aren't just for low income families!
12/7/2013 1:56:46 PM
jimmyboy says:
One can only imagine the MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of dollars it is going to cost the tax base to repair all the damage to the Royal Edward Arms...I was inside there in April of 2013...and its and utter disaster to put it mildly...hardly a way that a designated Heritage Building should have been looked would think when it comes down to property management...some managerial heads should roll over this entire they would if this was a private sector held's hoping everyone is well prepared for a HUGE REPAIR bill.

12/7/2013 4:10:47 PM
brooky says:
So what's your plan to prevent tennants from wrecking the place? Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you run for mayor a bunch of times? As mayor, what would you have done to prevent this?
12/7/2013 10:59:54 PM
Tbay99 says:
Oh tsb get out of your fairytale world you know exactly why people have concerns with them. These units statistically bring in MORE CRIME! Argue it all you want the stats don't lie and I don't blame people for not wanting them in their neighbourhood.
12/7/2013 7:39:25 PM
SomeGuy says:
I think you may be the one living in the land of fairytales.

Could you please let us know where you got this information from in regards to crime stats and multi-unit dwellings. If the stats don't lie then please post them.
12/8/2013 1:51:32 PM
Cletus Van Damme says:
You just need to search "crime stats low income housing".

The results are almost unlimited. All the stats and stories you need.

12/8/2013 3:18:43 PM
SomeGuy says:
Low income does not always mean multi-unit dwelling.
12/9/2013 8:31:49 AM
Baor says:
High density, multi units, four plexes do not translate into low income units. Nice try though.
12/9/2013 10:57:48 AM
tsb says:
Oh, I see. Multi-unit residential developments are bad because anyone who lives in a house connected to another house is a criminal!

This must be why all of our crime happens in Waverley Park Tower, Sherwood Estates and Glacier Ridge!
12/7/2013 10:18:54 PM
humnchuck says:
I've noticed that all those condo developments in Toronto and elsewhere are just cesspools of crime and vice...

It all depends on what's being built. "High Density" can look like a lot of things. Maybe let's wait and see what the plan actually is first?
12/8/2013 10:33:08 AM
bluejaysfan says:
Growth is good folks... this kind of development is becoming more common in our city, whereas it was a rarity for far too long.
12/8/2013 2:22:28 PM
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