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2013-12-10 at 14:22

Facing challenges

By Jamie Smith, tbnewswatch.com
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Changing schools can be tough for a kid.

Losing friends, trying to make new ones, getting up to speed in the classrooms are just a few of the challenges a student might face when they move.

The challenges can be even more difficult when the student is in foster care.

It's one of the reasons six school boards, along with Dilico Anishnabek Family Care and the Children's Aid Society, signed a protocol Tuesday morning that will help make education easier for more than 600 kids in the district who are in care.

The agreement comes after two years of work by the local Crown Ward Education Championship Team.

Coordinator Gail Quirion said it's all about realizing that kids in care have unique needs and social agencies and school boards can work together to meet them.

"This protocol is going to give us guidance and what steps to follow and what to do if there are challenges," she said.

Dilico child welfare director Carmela Magbanua said sometimes when a child moves foster homes they also have to move schools. That can cause a disruption that may hurt the student's education.

Through this protocol they might not have to thanks to transportation agreements.

"So it's flawless for a child if they're moving," she said. 

If the child did have to change schools, the protocol allows for an education plan that could go between school boards.

Quirion said it's all about making sure kids in care are successful students. Currently only around 42 per cent of wards graduate high school. It's important that this protocol help kids get through grade 12 and maybe even beyond.



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Escroft says:
In other words, they're screwing up the child's stability by pulling him or her from his or her parents, and since the Foster Parents can't do a half decent better job, they are transferring the poor children to OTHER foster care facilities which further cripple the already fragile state of mind they have! C.A.S. is an insanely powerful corporation that is federally funded. This article is clear indication that, quite frankly, they have absolutely no more of an idea how to handle these children than the G.D. REAL parents do! Forgive my language, Tbnewswatch.
12/10/2013 9:42:51 PM
Curious says:
is they complaining and demands ever going to end? Maybe we should start from the bottom& work our way up as there is millions each year literally wasted on talks, meetings etc on how to fix problems . Let's actually fix the problems. I have yet to see the millionaire club of chiefs do anything for the people they are pretending to fight for. They seem to be the only ones benefiting .
( I know you aren't going to post this because it is the truth.)
12/11/2013 8:09:17 AM
RicknB says:
Nope, not until they are treated equal. Think about it, imagine if you were born on a reserve (where the government said you can live after they took your land)The same government said that they have a responsibility to take care of you BUT again they fail, and treat you unequally. Your under funded, so you can't have clean drinking water, you can't have fresh food, you can't have the same education....the list can go on and on. BUT ...Its people like you that think they should sit back and do nothing and not change anything because it's easier for you. If you want to fix problems talk to your local politicians and have them be accountable to what is still being done to our Aboriginals in this country.
If you read the story Dilico and CAS are trying to fix things so CHILDREN are less effected by moving from foster home, to foster home.
12/11/2013 10:48:31 AM
S Duncan says:
I believe you have the terms "equal rights" confused with "special rights"

For example: Everybody has equal rights to clean drinking water. Everybody has access to it, but you want special access to it.

If you have special access then how can there be equal access?
12/11/2013 11:25:03 AM
fan says:
Aside from the "rights" issues implied by previous comments, the more straightforward and central issue in this situation is the school(s) system's communication protocols. When any child moves from one school to another does that child's information not follow him or her? If a child has a individualized learning plan is it not mandatory that it follow the child in the O.S.R? And, at the very least, parent or foster parent should have been in communication with school personnel who, if at all professional, would ensure all relevant information accompanies the child who is moving. Why such elaborate measures to do what the school should be doing?
12/11/2013 11:52:53 AM
ngb says:
How did a story about children in foster care become just a racial issue in the comments section? Not all children in foster care are aboriginal. Just sayin.....
12/11/2013 1:38:28 PM
TWM says:
As difficult as it is dealing with a child that gets passed on to different families, (that has to be difficult for the child).. finding ways to smoothen that transition is fixing some of the problems. Everything cannot be blamed solely on the "millionaire club" of Chiefs as someone stated. Their accountability or lack of it has been noted and laws have been enacted to address that issue. Still, children on reserves suffer as their parents/grandparents have been affected by many of the policies laid out by this and previous governments. More inclusive cultural education benefits the child as they learn who they are, if you don't know who you are, you'll never know where you're going.
12/11/2013 2:47:04 PM
Wayne79 says:
The problem is there are far too many irresponsible kids having baby's without thinking of the ramifications. Grandparents are supposed to be that and NOT parents. If you are not ready to support children....DONT HAVE THEM!
12/11/2013 3:34:21 PM
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