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2013-12-26 at 08:52

Early morning rush

By Matt Vis, tbnewswatch.com
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With Christmas barely in the rearview mirror, consumers get a chance to cross the last items off their holiday wish lists.

Across the city, hundreds of people marked their post-Christmas morning by taking part in the bargain hunting display of commercialism grandeur that has become Boxing Day.

One of the more popular destinations was Thunder Bay’s lone Future Shop location, where people were lined up in advance of the electronics retailer’s 6 a.m. opening.

People at the front of the line, which grew to be upwards of a couple hundred people by the time the doors opened, arrived in the parking lot hours before the store’s opening.

“I got here at like 3:15 a.m.,” said Carmine Caruso, who was sitting in the pole position in line.

“I think they have some deals online that are different than in the store. I’m not sure if they’re the same, but (going in the store) you get it right away.”

Story continues after video...



By accounts of experienced Boxing Day shoppers, the lines were not as long as compared to years past.

While a flurry of die-hard shoppers had marked their territory, the last 15 minutes prior to opening saw a flurry of arrivals that tripled the crowd.

All in all, it was not the worst that many had seen.

“Usually I come here and the line is all the way out to Chapters and it’s ridiculous, but it’s not that bad this year,” Caruso said.

Michelle Poshtar was experiencing her first taste of Boxing Day shopping after spending a few years working in retail on the day after Christmas.

She thinks the promotion of other shopping days, as well as online options, might be decreasing the appeal for lining up in the cold to be the first through the doors.

“I think with Black Friday stuff stores are realizing that people have already spent money before Boxing Day so they’re going to be doing more sales for Black Friday too,” Poshtar said.

She added she was planning on going deal hunting at the Intercity Shopping Centre, as well as a few other businesses across town on Thursday.

For Caruso, he only has one other plan for the day after he is done checking out the store's camera selection.

“I’m going to go to bed after this,” he said.

“I’ve been up all night. I’m tired.”

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We've improved our comment system.
Itmatters says:
My son and i were the 5th people in line at 430 am this morning! We were told by the Future Shop to be early so we could purchase a PS4 that would be in stock for Boxing Day. 4 Customer Service people asked us and others what we were shopping for and we told them a PS 4 Okay was.all that was said at 530am. Upon entering (i am the one jumping up and down in video) we heading to the aisle and were met by a young worker who said they do not have the PS4. I immediately went to Customer Service to voicey complaint that all the staff had to do was let us know when we were freezing outside that there were none in stock and there would have been no issue. Now I am upset! My feet are still cold and am hoping they will keep their promise to call us as soon as one becomes available! Not impressed at all with this Company!!
12/26/2013 1:51:36 PM
Thor Odinson says:
Tip: If you buy an extended warranty, don't listen to what the employee says it covers. If you ever have to use it, chances are they won't honour it.
12/27/2013 12:17:07 PM
ou812 says:
Good. maybe your son can go play outside instead!
12/27/2013 2:48:03 PM
ring of fire dude says:
From the picture it's plain to see that "Generation Entitled and Spoiled" haven't much of a clue about the meaning of Christmas .
12/26/2013 4:00:35 PM
SadButTrue says:
Says the guy that during christmas feels compelled to criticize others online.
12/26/2013 6:11:46 PM
tsb says:
Isn't your generation that one that showered us with gifts at every opportunity and force-fed us the lie that we could be anything we wanted to be and deserved nothing less than the best for ourselves?

Enjoy your pension. It won't exist at all when I'm your age, because your generation took too much.
12/26/2013 6:41:16 PM
ou812 says:
wow. Yeah blame the older generation for your greed as well. typical.
12/27/2013 2:51:23 PM
anvil of crom says:
bah humbug, have another merry glass of onion water ! people have been consumers for thousands of years, and they also bought and played with toys and items that were recreational in use.
So whats changed?
Next time try some eggnog you might feel less "gwumpy" their poopy pants.
12/27/2013 4:15:21 PM
ring of fire dude says:
At least everybody wasn't pulling knives on each other like at some other stores .
12/26/2013 5:42:46 PM
SomeGuy says:
All I can say is ugh at the whole notion that every holiday we have is being turned into some competitive game of who can purchase the most, who can cut their holiday the shortest to stand out in the middle of the night in the cold to save a few dollars.
12/26/2013 5:45:57 PM
blah blah says:
I'm sure there were deals to be had in store but damn....stayed warm shopped online with sales that have been going on for a while now.
12/27/2013 9:56:29 AM
fastball says:
I went to the Future Shop at noon on the 27th. The parking lot was pretty much empty, the store was not crowded at all - and I got the same Boxing Day deal on what I bought. In and out in 20 minutes, no freezing involved.
I can't think of too much that I'd sit outside for 6-odd hours in -20 temperatures. The deals before Christmas and a few days afterwards are probably just as good. Frankly, paying a few dollars extra is not worth frozen toes - but that's just me.
12/27/2013 11:33:57 AM
rootbear says:
12/27/2013 12:38:20 PM
Glyder says:
^ Judgemental
12/27/2013 2:40:30 PM
islay says:
I got a warm shirt, some socks and gloves. Thanks.
12/27/2013 9:07:43 PM
moi says:
Save a few bucks by standing outside (a store) freezing your toes off at 3 in the morning waiting for boxing day sales to start?
Thank you...no. Short of my house burning down, there wouldn't be a reason in the world I'd be silly enough to be outside at that hour (especially in this city). As the old saying goes..."there's a sucker born every minute", and I'm guessing the big box stores know that Thunder Bay has it's fair share of suckers.
12/28/2013 10:42:42 AM
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