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2013-12-26 at NOON

Dew Drop Inn, Shelter House provide Christmas meals

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Two local organizations did their part to give those in need a chance to enjoy a Christmas dinner.

The Dew Drop Inn and Salvation Army hosted Christmas Day dinners for hundreds of people on Wednesday.

The Dew Drop Inn had more than 40 volunteers working at their St. Andrew’s Church location to prepare 350 plates of food for the anticipated gathering of at least 300 people.

The volunteers had 90 kilograms of turkey, 68 kilograms each of ham and potatoes as well as 100 cans of vegetables and boxes of stuffing.

On the south side of town the Shelter House had 25 volunteers working to prepare their meal.

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dockboy says:
Hats off to all the volunteers who put others in front of themselves.
12/27/2013 9:47:10 AM
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