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2013-12-30 at 15:37

Two dead from H1N1

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A second area resident has died as a result of the influenza virus H1N1. 

The number of confirmed flu cases has jumped from 35 to 61 in only a week, and The Thunder Bay District Health Unit held its second extra flu clinic on Monday in the wake of the death of an adult hospital inpatient from complications of the H1N1 flu. 

Medical Officer of Health, Dr. David Williams, says while most flu outbreaks impact those over 65 years of age, nearly half of Thunder Bay's confirmed cases are of people under the age of five.

Another 40 per cent of confirmed cases are of adults between 18 and 65 years old. 

The data illustrates just a fraction of the spreading flu, which he expects to peak in the second week of January.

As of three weeks ago, public uptake of the vaccine was already 30 per cent higher than last year.

Those seeking the vaccine can get it at local pharmacies, through their family doctors, or by calling ahead at the health unit's regular Wednesday vaccination clinics.


(Thunder Bay Television)

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PurpleLeaves says:
Any possibility of releasing the ages of the deceased?
12/30/2013 3:54:50 PM
Canuckchick1980 says:
What the story fails to explain is if the flu shot being given out by the health unit actually covers H1N1. Each year's flu shot covers a strain that the drug company's/ researchers think may become prevalent. Something tells me this shot offers little to no protection against this particular strain. Wash your hands!!!
12/30/2013 4:02:43 PM
pylon says:
It does in fact protect from H1N1.

A quick search online would tell you that, then you could tell your friends and family to go get one instead of being ignorant.
12/30/2013 9:59:15 PM
Luxe says:
The Flu vaccine does not stop you from getting a certain flu, it lessens the symptoms and stops you from dying from the flu.
12/31/2013 7:57:22 AM
mystified says:
My condolences to the family and friends of those who died because of this flu outbreak.

The best prevention is stay away from the clinic and hospital, if possible, as they are both a cesspool of infections and diseases.
12/30/2013 4:25:58 PM
Tbaylifer 1 says:
Washing hands is important however we also need far better cleaning of healthcare facilities.
12/30/2013 5:22:12 PM
Canada123 says:
@Canuckchick: this years flu vaccine indeed covers H1N1 (A) along with another strain of A and a B strain. You can read more on CDC and the WHO’s website about this years flu vaccine and what it covers.
12/30/2013 7:49:22 PM
tbaylady says:
"All the cases we've received, nearly all are [not] immunized, and that's concerning because the organism is H1N1, and that's covered by the vaccine," Williams said.
A quote from David Williams, Medical Officer of Health, December 20, on
12/30/2013 10:32:16 PM
hardwood floors says:
as previous comments have said - wash your hands, and may i add, sneeze/cough into your elbow/sleeve, dont go out if you are sick unless you absolutely need to (getting scratch tickets is not a NEED at such a time). i work retail and i have customers complaining daily to me of illness and yet they`re out shopping.....
12/31/2013 6:22:44 AM
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