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2014-01-01 at 06:35

Police kept busy

By Leith Dunick,
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Thunder Bay Police say it was business as usual on New Year’s Eve.

In a release issued early Wednesday morning, police say they were kept busy with the typical type of calls as revelers ushered out the old year and welcomed 2014.

Police responded to more than 90 demand calls involving intoxicated people, noisy parties and domestic disputes. They also ensured intoxicated people weren’t left to face the elements, with temperatures plunging to – 35 C.

“No problems were encountered at any local establishment,” the release states. “Overall, the night went very well for the City of Thunder Bay.”

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Ranma says:
And yet I did not see a single RIDE program tonight, or any other night during the holiday season.
1/1/2014 7:07:59 AM
citymtnbiker says:
-47 degrees with the wind chill I doubt there were any ride programs out there.
1/1/2014 7:18:59 AM
Jtravels says:
Perhaps you did not drive on the streets that had RIDE programs set up; I went through two over the holidays.
1/1/2014 8:20:01 AM
advocate says:
People drink and drive throughout the year. People are more cautious on NYE than other days in December. I do not know if there were more or less RIDE programs last night, but I doubt it would have an affect on the overall drinking and driving situation. RIDE is out throughout the holiday season and that is where its presence is felt.

1/1/2014 10:09:56 AM
mystified says:
There were ride programs. The police don't park a bunch of cursers on the side of the street with lights flashing to advertise their presence anymore. The stop, setup, check a few vehicles and move on to a new location and setup again.
There is no excuse to drive impaired.
1/1/2014 10:40:37 AM
Chaos says:
Out of the 90 calls how many did they actually send out officers?
1/1/2014 6:08:15 PM
patti says:

"Police responded to more than 90 demand calls involving intoxicated people, noisy parties and domestic disputes."

Just think ~ (in a perfect world) without the booze, you could actually lay off some of the force .........
1/2/2014 12:38:43 PM
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