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City to host open house focusing of Gardens’ future

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The city will be hosting a pair of public open houses to collect feedback that could help determine the fate of the Fort William Gardens.

In a news release issued by the City of Thunder Bay Monday afternoon, officials confirmed that the first open house session would take place on Wednesday, Jan. 8 at the Fort William Gardens, located at 901 Miles Street East, at 6 p.m.

The open house will be followed by a presentation and workshop, which are scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m.

The second session is set for Tuesday, Feb. 4, and will involve a presentation and workshop beginning at 6:30 p.m.

For more information, visit the city’s website here.


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The Badger Mountain Hermit says:
No private industry for construction industry to maintain itself, so it's decided to feed off the government teat. Trouble is, all the $15/hr. people don't want to pay the way for all this great stuff most people are simply not interested in, nor can afford. This "events centre" (new hockey rink) is just a cash cow to keep some rich people making sure they get richer. I'm getting suspicious of graft payments occurring here now.
1/9/2014 9:55:57 AM
dockboy says:
Build it and they will not come, it will never be filled to capacity.We want, we want, then never support. There is only a small percentage who will support it and those are the hockey fans.It will end up just being another noose around the taxpayers neck.
1/7/2014 4:56:04 PM
Tbay99 says:
Sky high once again you prove your arrogance. You realize Thunder Bay ALREADY pays some of the highest taxes per capita in the country right? Perhaps it's not a revuene issue it's a WASTEFUL spending issue! Get a grip on realty and do research before spouting your mouth off.
1/7/2014 12:18:33 PM
mystified says:
If you are really concerned don't be spewing your opinions here. Go to the open house and tell the people who make the decisions.
1/7/2014 11:20:23 AM
DougMyers says:
I would hope we could find a way to turn that building into something that at least breaks even.

It is nice to just say tear it down but the cost of doing so would be very high, not to mention the clean up of the land after.

I am not sure what turning that into a viable venture would be but I hope something comes out of these meetings.
1/7/2014 10:11:54 AM
bttnk says:
Tear down this disgrace of an arena. Worst ice in the city. TIn the coming months it will be announced that the Events Centre is getting the full green light with government support and we can move on from this out-dated, past expiry, eye-sore. Looking forward to the day I can bring my family to a game at the new event centre in the waterfront district.
1/7/2014 9:41:13 AM
patti says:
This is all window dressing, as any feedback collected at these open house's will mean absolutely zero.
It's been determined long ago (via consultants) the best solution for the gardens.

Forward thinking progress tells me it will be torn down, once the ducks have been lined up for the construction of the new events center.

It's coming folks ~ DEAL WITH IT !!!
1/7/2014 9:23:39 AM
Tbaylifer 1 says:
Will this open house be like that of the multiplex where the city akes for input but has a plan already to go? We have far more infrastructure needs that must out way the wants. The mining boom is dead, the city is not growing and the population is aging. Unless the youth of the city is willing to pay more if any taxes the multiplex should be a dead horse. No, I don't have a cane just common sense.
1/7/2014 7:01:40 AM
Tbayhabs33 says:
I'm going to love seeing all those tears from you winers in Tbay that cry foul over every new possibility in the city. This new arena is just what we need and is a blessing. You min wage poor uneducated babies can sit in your house and cry while the 99% of us are enjoying it :)
1/7/2014 6:16:24 AM
unknowncronik says:

Can't see fixing the building being cost effective, so tearing it down may be the only way out...

Could be some good real estate for something NEW!
1/6/2014 6:53:03 PM
sky high says:
This pretty well seals the deal....why would we be having these if we didn't already know the truth-that the Events Centre is a couple of formalities away from being shovel-ready? Congratulations Thunder Bay, welcome to your fabulous new Multiplex Arena.
1/6/2014 6:52:52 PM
Dan dan says:
Thanks! Looking forward to it!
1/6/2014 8:28:41 PM
S Duncan says:
not happening. no money. broke, bankrupt.

Why don't you and hobbs use your own personal money? youre both such successes you must be able to afford it?

or are you both just wards of the state?
1/6/2014 8:48:59 PM
sky high says:
It's going to happen, Tim, and it's going to be the worst day of your life. Why do you suppose they are holding these meetings? Just to scare you into loving the Gardens? They're going to demolish it and we're building a new Events Centre downtown PA. You're always the last to know, aren't you TimBob. There is plenty of money to build this new barn
1/6/2014 11:25:53 PM
DougMyers says:
Who is broke or bankrupt?

The city is far from that so please stop with the fear mongering. It is OK to state that you feel the city needs to curb spending but to post outright lies is a problem.
1/7/2014 10:10:06 AM
Eastender says:
One of them is definitely someones albatross.
1/7/2014 10:34:11 AM
tbay99 says:
sky high its clear you have no regard for city spending/property taxes. Out of curiosity how much do you think each household should pay annually for taxes?
1/6/2014 8:50:11 PM
sky high says:
Oh, I don't know. Exactly what we're paying plus 15% maybe? And then freeze it at that. Do you want to live in a dump your whole life? The rest of the country just laughs at us because there are so many red-necked hillbillies here who just don't understand economics; and all they want to do is drink and smoke and watch TV till they die. I personally want to see us become a half decent city. Walking around PA during the ribfest and then going to the Marina at night and having dinner and drinks was amazing, I actually felt like I was in a big city. But with your attitudes and demotivated lives, all we'll get is nothing.
1/6/2014 11:33:08 PM
Sprague Street Superman says:
If you are so unhappy with this city the way it is, why don't you leave for the bigger city you want to be in? If anybody is laughing at us, its because of people like you who think the rest of the city owes it to you to entertain your obviously feeble brain. If ThunderBay is a dump its because of you and people like you. are you going to move next to the airport and demand taxes pay to build a soundproof wall around it next? you don't pay taxes because its obvious you don't understand economics either. as for paying taxes theres a limit to what people will pay. if you want to pay 15% more of your money go ahead and donate it to the cause, the rest of us will continue to laugh at you.

your right about something . you will get nothing
1/7/2014 1:57:40 PM
sky high says:
No thanks, I think I will stick around and watch this city grow and get better. Thunder Bay is a dump because people like you want to keep it like it was in the 60s. You need to go back to school and try to articulate what you read. Yes, I pay a lot of taxes and would pay more to see this city get better-unlike you and your gang of cronies that get high blood pressure over a small increase in the water and sewer rate.
1/7/2014 5:42:31 PM
Me n My Opinion says:
I'd say it's obvious that sky high does have regard for city spending. It's just different than yours. It's neither right nor wrong - just a personal preference. Just as yours and everybody else's is. We may not agree with one another's viewpoint, but it doesn't make them wrong. Your priorities happen to be different than his. S Duncan (or Pie Island, Delbert, or whoever he is this week) differs from me, but it doesn't make either of us right or wrong. We all have differing views on how we feel our tax dollars should be spent. Where we are probably all the same is that whatever priorities are chosen by the City, Province or Feds, they should be delivered as efficiently as possible. But as far as beliefs, everyone has their own, and that's why we have elections - to try to form a decision making group who fits our personal beliefs. Sometimes you succeed in that, and sometimes the other guys do. But no one is wrong. We're all motivated by different sets of beliefs.
1/7/2014 12:09:38 PM
tbay99 says:
In no way can a city of 110,000 sustain the FW gardens and the apparent events center being built. Have some common sense for once if everyone is so set on a new events center then demolish the gardens.
1/6/2014 6:02:41 PM
ring of fire dude says:
The "Fort William Shelter House". There you have it .
1/6/2014 5:21:20 PM
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