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City police report second straight December without fatal collision

By tbnewswatch.com

For the second year in a row, the city’s police force has reported no fatal collisions for the month of December.

Officials with the Thunder Bay Police Service reported last year that they had, for the first time in recent memory, gone through a December with no reports of fatal collisions on local roadway. This year the force was able to make a similar announcement regarding December 2013.

Twenty-one drivers were charged with impaired driving, or failing to provide samples of breath during the month of December. Again this year, just about half of that number, twelve, was as the result of the annual RIDE program.

Police say those statistics are consistent with RIDE program results from previous years.

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timeforchange says:
News like this is always welcome.

We should thank the Thunder Bay Police for making sure this was the case. Their massive raise and massive increase in their budget was surely the cause of this.

If we could provide another 10 million or so to the police budget there would be no crime in thunder Bay.

If there is an increase in violence in Thunder Bay or if the homicide rate is high or if we continue to rank in the top 5 in all of the bad categories compared to the rest of Canada, will people stop accepting the standard responses that we get every year about how this is never the fault of the management and leadership at the police service.

This is a good news story. There is no doubt about that.

What would make it even better is to see dramatic decreases in things the police should be doing and not being satisfied in a category they had very little to do with.
1/7/2014 7:45:25 PM
PAgirl says:
Oh brother. Nowhere do I see in this story the police saying there were no fatalities because of something they did. How ridiculous. Just another excuse to bash the police...*yawn*
1/8/2014 11:30:55 AM
mystified says:
This would have even been a better comment section if you got off your police bashing platform and had of just posted the part about it being a good news story.
1/8/2014 12:42:09 PM
mystified says:
Best news I've heard all year.
Would be nice to see the impaired charges drop too.
1/7/2014 3:55:10 PM
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