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Richardson, Kozorys vying for NDP’s Thunder Bay - Atikokan riding nod

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Ontario’s New Democratic Party has selected a date for nominating a candidate to run in the Thunder Bay - Atikokan riding.

The two people vying to run for the NDP are the same candidates who stepped forwards in 2011 -- Madge Richardson, the former mayor of Schreiber, and Mary Kozorys, who works in MP John Rafferty’s constituency office.

The first meeting for voting party members will be held on Feb. 8 at the Pioneer Centre in Atikokan. The second meeting will be held on Feb. 9.

The exact location of the Thunder Bay meeting is unknown at this time, however, it is believed that party leader Andrea Horwath will attend.

Kozorys won the nomination over Richardson in 2011, and then narrowly lost in the provincial election to Liberal MPP Bill Mauro, who was also the riding’s incumbent during that election. 

(Thunder Bay Television/ CKPR Radio)

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yqtyqt says:
New Liberal Order sounds like the same old Liberal posters under different names. The same old liberal posters worshipping debt, hydro policies, wasteful spending, Lies, vote buying, corruption, etc. etc.
1/9/2014 3:40:39 PM
S Duncan says:
yes, the new liberal order sounds just like the old one.

bribe taxpayers with their own money and burden future generations with massive debt enslaving them to taxes before they were even born.

then, being too stupid to understand whats going on and also preaching for more of it? yup, that's a liberal alright.

the new is the same as the old just twice as stupid.
1/9/2014 11:04:00 PM
New Liberal Order says:
It's irrelevant which of them wins because the Liberal candidate will win and invest more tax dollars in the region. So what if we pay more for electricity? That money goes right back into government coffers to fund more projects! They won't win on the issues they think they'll win on.
1/9/2014 4:10:36 AM
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