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Health Unit confirms 93 flu cases, five deaths

By tbnewswatch.com

The district’s health unit has confirmed 93 case of influenza.

In a news release issued to media Wednesday afternoon, officials with the Thunder Bay and District Health Unit provided updates to its ongoing monitoring of flu cases in this area.

That Wednesday update also came with confirmation that five deaths remain attributed to influenza.

The statistics provided in the news release can be read below:

Local Flu Update
·    93 lab-confirmed cases of the flu (influenza)
·    5 flu-related deaths
·    Flu shots available:
·       Health care providers
·       Local pharmacies
·       The Health Unit’s appointment-based immunization clinic, held every Wednesday from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm
·       Check Ontario.ca/flu to locate a flu clinic near you

Flu Prevention
The Health Unit reminds the public that they can prevent getting and spreading infections by:
·    Getting a seasonal flu shot from the Health Unit or local health care provider.
·    Washing hands often, for at least 15 seconds with soap and warm water, or by using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
·    Covering coughs/sneezes with the upper sleeve if no tissue is available.
·    Putting all used tissues in the garbage right away.
·    Staying at home if sick to avoid spreading infections to others.

For more information, visit thunderbayflu.ca

Facility-Based Outbreaks
Influenza A Confirmed:
·    Influenza A has been confirmed as the cause of the respiratory outbreak declared on Friday, January 10 at Lakehead Manor
·    Outbreak is facility-wide
·    Visitor restrictions remain in place at the facility. Family and friends of residents may call facility for more information

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tiredofit says:
Folks, we have almost totally eliminated a large group of devastating diseases over the past 50 - 100 years, all through the use of immunization shots. Now, imagine if no one took those, we will still be getting mumps, measles, polio etc.. We've manage to survive all of those shots. again it's your choice, however think about those other diseases before you start saying they are bogus, don't do any good, only make you sick or cause whatever the defect of the week is. Is it perfect for everyone? NO, does it save lives? Let's compare these modern out breaks to ones in the past? I'd say they do and do a hell of a good job at that. I'll take my shots than you...
1/16/2014 3:27:05 PM
Dockboy says:
Maybe we should try to adopt the policy they're to get passed in New York state? Because alot of people don't receive paid sick days they're trying to get a law passed that would make it mandatory for employers to give employees at least 3 paid sick days. As Ramna says people can't afford to miss work.
1/16/2014 10:02:34 AM
mystified says:
Some say they get the flu shot every year and have never gotten the flu. It works both ways. I never get the flu shot and have never gotten sick.

The brainwashing continues. As for those refuting chbakers comment about getting sick because of getting the flu shot, how come we read about it on other news outlets.
Tbnewswatch isn't the gospel.
1/16/2014 9:52:26 AM
Winger says:
I don't get the flu shot because I want to fight it off myself. It makes me even stronger (if that's possible?)

Flu shots are for the weak and the soon to be weaker.
1/16/2014 1:41:51 PM
NearCanuck says:
Not quite how the immune system works. Your immune system will be more robust either way. With the 'fight it off myself' approach, your immune system will have a plethora of antigens from that strain of influenza that it can recognize and ramp up a response for next time - at a cost of 4-6 days of having the flu (not that 24hr thing people mistake for the flu), plus possible secondary infections, and you will be shedding virus near those around you over an 8-10 day period.

With the flu shot, your immune system will have a plethora of antigens from three strains of influenza that it can recognize and ramp up a response for the first time you get infected - after 2 weeks for your system to make all the new parts it needs, possible soreness at the injection site, and possibly a few days of malaise or mild flu-like symptoms, and a uncommon chance of reaction to the vaccine itself.

Flu shots are definitely for the weak, but they are also for most everyone else.
1/20/2014 11:41:14 AM
zeppelin says:
Lucky you, not many other people can say the same, especially not the 5 who died. Normal healthy people such as yourself are at risk of dying with H1N1, that is why this is such a big deal,.

It is not "brainwashing" it is scientifically proven that you are better off getting a flu shot. Any serious reactions are caused by egg allergies and rare illnesses that you would have had already, and you are warned of this.
You cannot get the flu from the flu shot! It does however take a week to kick in, so all these cases of people saying "the flu shot got me sick" caught the flu before their bodies had time to build up antibodies after getting the shot, it's not rocket science, also what about colds, you can still get those maybe they have a bad cold?
You would be crazy not to get a flu shot with so many people in this city who have it.
1/16/2014 2:07:28 PM
tsb says:
You get "sick" when you get vaccinated because, upon seeing the dead flu bugs, your body starts fighting it, and your body fights colds and viruses with increase temperatures and other uncomfortable symptoms. It doesn't last long, and for many people it doesn't even happen. Just get the flu shot on the weekend or whenever yours days off are. I just lost two days due to a cold, but at least I won't get the flu. I know people who have lost a week of productivity because of it. Can you afford that?

Just get the flu shot!
1/16/2014 6:48:06 AM
tbay80 says:
Some people go to work sick because if they don't work, they don't get paid, and in many circumstances, these people need money to support themselves and their families.
1/15/2014 9:54:57 PM
hughie says:
A stats Canada report in 2010 stated only 41% of Canadians over the age of 12 got the flu shot and that number keeps on going down by 5% every year. The majority of health workers don't get the flu shot . Results of Surveys and Polls across the country since the rhetoric and hysteria ratcheted up by the media and health units regarding H1N1 show that more than 70% of people still won't get the flu shot. People get informed regarding the flu shot you'll be surprised to find out what a failure it has been.
1/15/2014 8:20:13 PM
Ranma says:
Sorry but in our part time society, there are those of us who can not afford to stay home from work for being sick. Because we do not get sick days, or that off will mean no food for the week because it is my grocery budget gone due to bills. With so few jobs having benefits now because of corporate greed, things are just going to get worse.
1/15/2014 8:14:39 PM
Tbaylifer 1 says:
I am amazed at the number of healthcare workers that go to work sick. Of all people they should be staying home when sick. This isn't professional.
1/15/2014 4:43:25 PM
tiredofit says:
Sadly far too many employers still demand that their employees show up, regardless of their condition. They may not directly tell them, but they can be very intimidating when they want. Now, that's not all, however it is common.

As for the Tinfoil hat wearing folks.. The odds of having a reaction to a flu shot are far less than getting the flu, my family has been getting them for the last 20 years and we've never experienced an issue, the one year I failed to get it, I got extremely sick with the flu. Lesson learned, however it's your choice. Your taking more of a chance with half the preservatives in some of these foods we get these days, but that's the chance you take (or not).
1/15/2014 7:59:26 PM
chbaker says:
Funny, they tell you how many died of the flu,

But it's rarely mentioned how many died from the flu SHOT.
1/15/2014 3:08:56 PM
gusto says:
Because the answer is none! I'm sure your tinfoil helmet will protect you from the flu though.
1/15/2014 4:46:03 PM
zeppelin says:
Not really.
The chances of getting H1N1 way higher than having a serious reaction to a flu shot. I'll play the odds.
1/15/2014 4:53:15 PM
anvil of crom says:
...take the tinfoil hat off...
1/15/2014 5:28:57 PM
Synical says:
While a very small percentage of people have adverse reactions to the flu shot, death is not one of them. Those with egg allergies are advised not to get the shot because it will cause an adverse reaction.

Oh, and you can't get the flu from the flu shot. Believing you can, even though it happened to a friend of an uncle of a friend, shows a blatant misunderstanding of how these vaccinations are created, and only showcase your own ignorance. Flu shots contain DEAD flu cells. They can't cause the flu any more than a dead cat can create kittens.
1/15/2014 10:57:37 PM
Sandwiches1123 says:
Imagine that! Dead cats creating kittens. The army of zombie kittens would quickly take over the world I am sure.

Beware the army of zombie kittens.

As for the flu shot comment: I love that tinfoil hats are being brought into this. This reply - that the vaccine contains inactive cells is correct. Please learn more about vaccines before comenting chbaker.

1/16/2014 11:52:12 AM
Papercut says:

Really Simple.
1/15/2014 3:03:15 PM
Heinicke says:
Flu can have a incubation period from when you are infected to when you exhibit symptoms, can be up to 3-5 days. Assuming you aren't spreading or getting anything because you have no symptoms yet is foolish, the best prevention is to WASH your hands properly. If you are bust staying home when you get symptoms you aren't changing much, you were probably spreading the germs before you even knew you are getting sick.
1/16/2014 9:57:23 AM
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