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Ahead of possible transit strike, Hagi official requests exception for disabled

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A looming transit strike has the potential to risk the well-being of disabled passengers, says the executive director of Hagi Community Services.

David Shannon is calling on the city and local 966 of the Amalgamated Transit Union to make an exception in the case of disabled passengers ahead of Monday’s legal strike position date for the union.

He said many of the passengers rely on the services to get to important medical appointments, such as critical treatments and opportunities to meet with specialists.

“Their health will be jeopardized if they can’t get to these appointments,” Shannon said in an interview with CKPR News on Friday. “I worry that if there is a strike they wouldn’t be able to get there.”

Shannon added that many of the passengers have difficulty affording taxi transportation across the city and others rely on the transit service to get to their employment.

“Based on health and personal needs, there needs to be exceptions made. Persons with a disability cannot be used as a pawn should not be used as a pawn in negotiations,” he said.

The union and the city held conciliation talks on Thursday and Friday to attempt to hash out a deal. The union had been working without a contract since June 2012 and voted 99 per cent of job action in October.



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rootbear says:
So, the rest of us are pawns? This is an essential service so settle already.
1/18/2014 11:18:32 AM
fastball says:
If you're pushed to the wall, frustrated by 19 months of fruitless attempts to reach a fair and equitable settlement - and your ONLY legal recourse is to withdraw your services - I support the workers' right to withdraw ALL services.
I have empathy for those affected (I too, take the bus to work) but I am resolute in my concept of "fair is fair". While I'm not privy to the details, I don't think that the guys are asking for the moon...and it's reprehensible that the city has not shown any inclination to bargain in anything resembling good faith in over a year and a half.
Frankly, the workers have shown much more patience and tolerance for this situation than others would have.
1/18/2014 10:05:12 AM
Ranma says:
Oh look at me, I am a special interest group and I should have an exception made for me! Sorry but if one group gets special services during a strike, it is no longer a strike. It is selective service, and discrimination. Yes it sucks, but could you imagine if someone tried to pull this same "make an exception for us" if they were a religious or racial group?

1/18/2014 3:53:04 AM
glock9 says:
The striking of public transportation should be illegal, if they don't want to drive the bus im sure someone else would be willing to take their spot and wage just the way it is right now.
1/18/2014 12:35:57 AM
fastball says:
Hey, while we're being ridiculous - why not bring truckloads of foreign refugees in and pay them 10 dollars a day? That's probably FAR more than they ever got back in whatever dirt pile they came from.
But we sorta want to ADVANCE as a society, right? Not slide into regression and stagnation - which is what brain-dead scenarios like yours would create.
1/18/2014 3:36:35 PM
TIC says:
How about the passengers who rely on the bus to get to their jobs to put food on the table for their families and children? Or how about the ones who have spent thousands for their tuition's to get an education to get a decent job? What about the well being of these people, do they matter less?
1/17/2014 10:10:41 PM
mutechirp says:
Would the strike stop Hagi from operating also, or does this only apply to the regular public transit buses?
1/17/2014 10:02:35 PM
laurie says:
I'm sure there are a lot of abled bodied people who rely on the buses just as disabled who also can't afford taxi's.

If your in a union and there is a strike why should only part of the union be an exception?

Its going to effect a lot of people who also need to go to work and school.
1/17/2014 9:38:03 PM
whatelseisnew says:
I FULLY stand behind Local 966 on their road to what is fair. In saying that as a caring citizen of this town I would like to offer my services to the handicapped and give rides to those that have legitimate doctor appointments. I'm not sure how to give my contact information so if the moderator could possibly post a e-mail address or phone number I'd be happy to get in contact.

Again...labour disputes are never pretty but for the corporation of Thunder Bay to ignore a collective agreement the way they have been doing is 100% unacceptable. People have to stop blaming the unions and start looking at the managers because they are the ones making the public go without!
1/17/2014 7:28:06 PM
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