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Boshcoff fires back at Hobbs

By Leith Dunick, tbnewswatch.com

Former Thunder Bay mayor Ken Boshcoff says current Mayor Keith Hobbs is way off base with statements made to launch his re-election campaign.

Boshcoff, who has yet to publicly decide his plans for the Oct. 27 municipal election, issued a strongly worded email Tuesday morning decrying Hobbs’ claims of working hard, “probably harder than any mayor in history.”

Hobbs made the statement Monday to media at city hall, while officially filing his nomination papers.

“For Keith Hobbs to state that he is the hardest-working mayor in the history of Thunder Bay is insulting and offensive to those who have served in that role and to their family and friends,” said Boshcoff, adding he started getting calls about Hobb’s wording on Tuesday morning.

“To be so arrogant as to demean the efforts of previous leaders is a very sad situation indeed for Mr. Hobbs.”

Boshcoff served two terms as mayor, from 1997 to 2003. He then served two terms as a Liberal MP for Thunder Bay-Rainy River before losing the seat to the NDP's John Rafferty. Boshcoff returned to council in 2010 as an at-large representative. 

Hobbs later apologized, saying he was just trying to get across that he's a hard-working mayor and did not mean to insult anyone. 

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unknowncronik says:

1st event at the new events centre

.....Hobbs vs Boshcoff.....

Rob Ford gets to fight the winner.
1/23/2014 10:27:26 AM
Jack Frost says:
Looks like the gloves are officially off now, it should be kinda interesting to watch these two ludicrous ageing dinosaur Gladiators
battle for for "King of the Outhouse Throne"

Some of the colourful comments are actually better and more entertaining than the story...

LOL !!
1/22/2014 7:29:53 PM
olive garden says:
Let the people decide on election day who will be the next working hard mayor of our great city of Thunder Bay.

1/22/2014 1:44:43 PM
Molly says:
So do we blame the guy who has been in there for one term or the guys who have been there for over 30 yrs?

Thunder Bay did not start this decline 2.5 years ago! I think the blame my lay with those who have made careers out of Public Office
1/22/2014 1:35:29 PM
udecide says:
Once again Welfare Bay will take some heat off Toronto.....and our local news crew continue to spread the word EMBARRASSING....I am not a huge Hobbs supporter butgiven the choices we have, he would be the best so far PLEASE Ken B, go find a paper route
1/22/2014 9:10:41 AM
Eastender says:
Thunder bay had no choice really when it came to establishing a casino here. People were heading to grand portage in droves, and leaving their money by the millions in the USA. Better the money stay in Ontario where it could at least benefit Ontarians. Perhaps we could have negotiated more, but at least some of the money stays right here in the city
1/24/2014 4:04:32 PM
Curious says:
Since the truth is not allowed to be told here, all i will say is Ken Boshkoff will do and say anything to get the job as mayor, but if anyone messed up bad it was Ken Boshkoff. The wonderful casino that is literally destroying many folks lives was supposed to bring 18 bus loads of people every day - not 1 has ever arrived. Also, he did such a lousy job of bargaining for money from the casino profits was an insult to this community yet he thought he was a hero. You don't give a damn about the people of this city and you have made it very clear. Get a real job.
1/22/2014 8:37:45 AM
The Badger Mountain Hermit says:
Anyone remember Laskin and the downtown P.A. land sales controversy?
1/22/2014 6:22:16 AM
Who-cares says:
You have my vote Ken.
1/21/2014 10:03:05 PM
Rbosch says:
Mayor Hobbs did make apologies in the evening news. I sometimes find his exhuberance gets his speaking going sometimes before he has thought it out, which prett well seems to be so on this occasion. I have found him to be a strong supporter of our city and its endeavours, but he definitely calls a spade a spade, even though it might be a club sometimes.
1/21/2014 9:09:45 PM
tudor says:
conker would like us to believe that it was the Mayor who has made this increase in wealth possible. You are kidding I hope.

As often happens the point of Ken's comments have been set aside.

in one comment our Mayor harpooned every Mayor before him. Who didn't respect and admire Saul Laskin, who had to bring two cities and Neebing and McIntyre into one. Yet Hobbs states he worked harder than all of them.

If Hobbs said I have been working hard, sometimes up to a 100 hours in a week and I am trying my best then fine. He didn't.

He said harder than anyone.

Boshcoff's criticism is appropriate and Hobbs should apologize. For those who wish to defend Hobbs, you are either naive or not a Ken supporter which I am not.

Hobbs needs to apologize to these people and soon.

They are entitled to some level of respect for the position they once held, even if Hobbs is not smart enough to get it.
1/21/2014 6:16:13 PM
conker2012 says:
If people want to point at what hobbs had done over the last three years..... look at the residential tax rate. While kenny and Lynn were in office the average tax rate increase was 2.52%, Since Hobbs has taken office the tax rate has dropped 1.29% on average per year.

Your tax bill has increased as a result of increased property values. If you look at the average selling price difference before hobbs took office to what it is today there is a 33% change. Meaning the wealth of the people of thunder bay has increased by $2.1billion in terms of equity.

Why are you complaining?
1/21/2014 3:53:48 PM
Eastender says:
Your logic is sheer idiocy. Just because the value of your house goes up, does not make you more affluent. In fact it makes you poorer, since now you pay more taxes, and your net value actually goes down. Or you could sell your house, but then where would you live?
1/21/2014 10:49:35 PM
big joe mufferaw says:
I miss having Ken as our mayor. He gave the city some class and he attended to the needs of the citizens. He has the common touch without the brashness of some of our other mayors. I hope he plans to replace Hobbs.
1/21/2014 3:42:42 PM
keiths31 says:
So...what is supposed to say?

"I am a hard working mayor...but others may have worked harder than me, but I may have worked harder than others. So...yeah."

He is campaigning! Or course he is going to say something like that. Relax people. And you too Ken. *sigh*
1/21/2014 2:17:40 PM
ThunderBayFullOfCrime says:
We need some new fresh faces who are in tune with the people and the city. Clear out all the "old boys club" and make substantial changes to reflect the taxpayers needs, not wants. Council MUST GO! I sure don't want Hobbs back, I just want whats best for everyone! Lower taxes, allocate monies into roads & infrastructure, no pet projects, housing, food in the food bank, comprehensive plan for crime prevention and scrap the multiplex and build a twin hospital.
1/21/2014 11:39:32 AM
advocate says:
At this point, I would vote Hobbs over Boschoff.

But it was an idiotic comment for Hobbs to make. Hobbs made many promises and has lived up to very few. Most of that is just the nature of the job and I understand that. But if he is working 100 hours a week and not makimg change, then I am not sure what he is doing.

In the past few years, what has been accomplished? The tax and crime situation has not changed. The Marina and reduction improved finances were all continuation from the previous council. The Events Centre started from the previous Council.

He lobbied hard for the Youth Centre that is exclusive versus the others that are inclusive. In addition, that particular Youth Centre should have been funded federally.

So what exactly has been done?
1/21/2014 11:15:38 AM
GregT says:
He said he was ONE of the hardest working mayors in history, not THE hardest working.

1/21/2014 11:12:40 AM
Swirly-Q says:
No, he said he was probably THE hardest working, not ONE of the hardest working. Read the quote.

1/21/2014 1:24:04 PM
The Badger Mountain Hermit says:
Kenny "Good News" Boshcoff...when Mayor, all the flip-flopping floor-crosser ever wanted to hear or deal with, was GOOD NEWS.
1/21/2014 10:26:06 AM
longtimer says:
100 hours a week? Time management and respect for time served by others doesn't seem to be Hobbs strength. Good on you Boshcoff for advising another council member that his own back-slapping gives the perception of slapping others in the face.
1/21/2014 10:22:05 AM
Molly says:
I am totally against these career politicians .
Kenny has been at the public trough for what appears to be forever.

As far as the blurred political party backgrounds ,was it not Kenny that ran for both the Conservatives and Liberals.

Time for term limits for Politicians. Boshcoff ,Angus,etc; have all grown grey while in office. What has it been 30-35 years each
1/21/2014 9:52:02 AM
arjay says:
Boshcoff tried the Mayor's chair once!! no one (or very few), councilors, would even discuss city business with Him! it was a bleak era for our City! "AND" He was at one time a rabid Conservative! kinda wishy washie, I think!
1/21/2014 9:49:53 AM
S Duncan says:
Given the choice of Hobbs vs Boschoff, Id take Kenny over Hobbs in a heartbeat.

I would hate to vote for a liberal like Boschoff but Hobbs is an extreme liberal who called himself conservative just to get elected.

Ken has a great point that Hobbs is just taking cheap shots at all previous mayors.

Politics already has way too many narcissists and we have more than our share of them on council.

If Hobbs is working 100 hours per week that just shows you whats wrong with him. The job of Mayor of Thunder Bay should not require that much effort. If hes really working that many hours (physical impossibility) then he is sticking his nose into places it shouldn't be.

his catering to everybody but the average taxpayer is the exact reason he needs to go.

Boschoff has my vote for mayor providing he gets spending back under control and starts focusing on the duties a mayor should be rather than all the things they shouldn't be.

bye bye Keith. just go away quietly.
1/21/2014 9:15:54 AM
maggie says:
go for it Ken you have my vote maybe then someone will be there for all the people and not just harp on one certain subject
1/21/2014 9:15:50 AM
Baor says:
Perhaps if Boschoff actually had a real job for once he would have my sympathies. Truth must hurt eh Kenneth.
1/21/2014 9:09:59 AM
minstrel says:
he has never had a real job. ever.
1/21/2014 8:38:44 PM
joey joe joe jr. shabadoo says:
...he mayor may not be the hardest working mayor...I mean some have issues trying to do such an easy task that may take another 1/2 the time to complete, so maybe Hobbs, in his own mind, believes what he is saying because certain tasks are a lot harder for him to grasp & comprehend & complete than others, hence his statement.
1/21/2014 9:08:58 AM
mystified says:
Poor Kenny. If he had done such a great job why isn't he still mayor.

Kenny loves getting paid from the people for doing nothing.
1/21/2014 9:06:26 AM
Swirly-Q says:
"Poor Kenny. If he had done such a great job why isn't he still mayor."

And with that you complete miss the point of the story and resort to politcal games.

This isn't about who did a better job as mayor. It is about Mayor Hobbs insulting those that came before by saying that he has worked harder than them all. I have no doubt that he has worked hard but to somehow quantify the hard work of all previous mayors and then to rank himself as the hardest worker is beyond comprehension.
1/21/2014 11:18:29 AM
donnybrook says:
Sometimes the truth hurts.
1/21/2014 5:39:02 PM
rob20 says:
It takes a lot of effort to say you're doing one thing and then completely reverse course 180 and do the opposite so maybe he is the hardest working mayor.
1/21/2014 8:59:21 AM
Kam River says:
He is not a leader
His statements saying he is the hardest working mayor, just shows he is not fit for the job.
He promised to fight crime and get spending under control.
People are more fearful today than 3 years ago and Admin spending is way out of control.
He is just admin yes man when it comes to spending
But he does not care he has a city gold Plated Pension
1/21/2014 8:57:50 AM
i76 says:
Sorry Kenny but I agree with Mr Mayor
1/21/2014 8:56:39 AM
Eastender says:
Kenny, you put that multiplex on the back burner for the next four years, and your a shoo in for mayor. Who's in charge, the whiney children who want their toys, or the adults who have to pay for them?
1/22/2014 9:19:35 AM
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