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Council by Tweets: Waste management debate unfolds a hashtag at a time

By tbnewswatch.com

How the city deals with its waste and what it costs could look a lot different under a proposed 20-year plan.

Here is how some of the discussion unfolded at Monday evening's council meeting as tweeted by tbnewswatch.com council reporter Jamie Smith, and Thunder Bay Television reporter Dennis Ward.


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ou812 says:
I think its time for the city to force the recycling contractor to take ALL recyclable products!
2/4/2014 9:40:27 PM
Tiredofit says:
Ban on cardboard eh! Do they not realize that not all cardboard can be recycled. I've had bags tagged because cardboard had a shiny finish.
2/4/2014 6:23:49 PM
ring of fire dude says:
One of the biggest wastes is reading these twitter whatchmacallits !
2/4/2014 3:29:41 PM
Synical says:
Oh? Who held you down and forced you to read this page?
2/4/2014 6:40:36 PM
S Duncan says:
If Mayor Hobbs finds Ft William Rd "ugly" perhaps he should buy up all the land and do what he wants with it.

Using his own money of course.
2/4/2014 2:18:51 PM
fastball says:
The mayor said that FWRoad is ugly - and it does look a mess most of the time. In the summertime, the grass and weeds are high, there are those stupid billboards everywhere, and less-than-appealing views to the right and left.
Last time I checked, however - that was merely an personal opinion put forth. What's that got to do with "buying it up"?
Bit of a non sequitur there, Captain Crankypants.
2/4/2014 6:56:26 PM
S Duncan says:
Sounds like you need to chip in so you can form the "lob ball and hobbs" friends of Ft. William Rd. foundation.

Crankypants? Im not the one saying the city is ugly. Why are all you negative people always trying to change things to suit yourselves?

Why not embrace whats there? Or, go cut the grass, buy the land from the railroads (that's where CN and CPR lines cross eachother) and beautify that?

In my opinion instead of RE-developing Marina park for the 10th time, we could have left it how it was and expanded the beautification approach, if done anything at all.

Go out to the break wall and look at the city. You'll realize that focusing on the park is like looking at 2% of the whole picture.

Those billboards pay fees and taxes I believe?

If you don't like those less than appealing views then take a different street. Do you want to drive through the land of magic and make-believe all the time? or just on your way to a hockey rink?
2/5/2014 9:45:39 AM
fastball says:
To repeat - just in case the sound of your own voice drowned out everything else - why did you find it necessary to make snide remarks when the Mayor merely offered an opinion about the state of the FWR area?
He didn't say to DO anything...merely that the place is a bit of an eyesore at the best of times.
And anyone that's had the mind-numbing pleasure of sifting through your similarily-veined opinions here will certainly find the Crankypants adjective accurate.
2/5/2014 1:49:01 PM
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