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CLE board not changing controversial bar policy

By tbnewswatch.com

The open bar  policy for Canadian Lakehead Exhibition board members will remain unchanged.

That policy has been a source of controversy since former board member Linda Gambee raised concerns last year over possible liability implications.

The debate eventually led to Gambee's dismissal from the organization . 

At the CLE's Annual General Meeting last month, concerns from the membership led to a commitment to review the policy. Now board Chair Danny Mosa says a decision has been reached to leave the policy unchanged. 

While he declined to be interviewed on camera, Mosa says members only access the bar for a social drink at the conclusion of their meetings and there has never been any abuse of the privilege . 

He also says all board members are fully aware of potential liability implications and have always acted responsibly . 

Mosa  says they have also been assured by their insurer that they have sufficient coverage should any liability issues arise.

(Thunder Bay Television)

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mcnews says:
City Police should set up a ride check outside of the CLE on the nights of the board meetings. That will put some of this to rest. Interested to see who's names start showing up in Police press releases.
2/6/2014 12:22:20 AM
glass half full says:
102 years ago there were a lot of liberties that we all had that are no longer allowed. Not a strong argument.

lets look at recent history

Talking an a phone and driving - not allowed with good reason

Smoking in public - not allowed - with good reason

The list goes on and on.

This organization raises money from the community and the money should be spent on the community not on free booze.

2/5/2014 9:03:26 PM
Mind-your-own says:
Who is that naive to think the CLE is taxpayers money. It's a privately run organization that raises money from the fair and renting out facilities. The pot stirrers should make sure their own house is order before they point fingers. Couple of old codgers having a beer from funds within their control. Don't like it.? Run for the board and change it yourself. Otherwise mind your own and get your facts straight. Don't believe what one wing nut and the media print. The bar has been around for 102 years. Get over it people. Next story,,,,,,
2/5/2014 5:41:52 PM
teetotaler says:
why am I supplying free booze to these people?
2/5/2014 1:00:08 PM
jonthunder says:
Should a benefit such as free alcohol/booze in such a situation not be a taxable benefit? City Councillors on this board should be removed by City Council; of does Council support the drinking of free booze after meetings. Can they not meet without drinking let alone drinking free booze as other citizens expense?
2/5/2014 10:58:57 AM
localdog says:
Boy, its a good thing there are no real crises going on out there in the world, we can focus all of our attention to this very important matter!
2/5/2014 1:14:53 AM
SomeGuy says:
Who cares.
2/4/2014 11:48:59 PM
ou812 says:
good for them! way to stick to your guns!
2/4/2014 9:36:40 PM
progress now says:
Why put your thumb in the eye of the community?

We understand it to be a 24/7 bar. If true, I find it difficult to justify as a non-profit.

The key here is 24/7.
2/5/2014 12:03:25 AM
minstrel says:
well, obviously it is non-profit if they are giving it away! these board members volunteer their time, at least they can have a free drink. do you have the same problem with free coffee or is this just you expressing personal morals issues?
2/5/2014 2:50:51 PM
caesarjbasquitti says:
The volunteers to attend a licensed bar and have the tab picked up by the organization; its called accountability.

2/4/2014 9:08:09 PM
whatelseisnew says:
So the CLE board has an open bar...WHO CARES! What I want to know is what's being served up at Town Hall. With all the crack-pot ideas and constant huge amounts of tax money being thrown into these poor decisions and assessments that go nowhere is what makes me suspicious of these people in power. I would almost be happy to hear if they were under the influence when they pass the things they do....at least they would have an excuse for acting as stupid as they do!
2/4/2014 7:20:35 PM
jonthunder says:
The Board and the CLE should either be changed or removed. End of story.
2/4/2014 7:12:26 PM
arjay says:
if my taxes, are paying for their FREE BOOZE, 24/7,then , I want Kenny to at least invite me once in awhile!!! an investigation (audit) may be in order! please.
2/4/2014 7:07:57 PM
sky high says:
Kudos to the CLE board for not caving into cane shakers and stuffy whiners
2/4/2014 6:43:40 PM
glass half full says:
I always thought it was illegal to GIVE booze away for free in an establishment? Is the CLE not a public establishment?

Out of curiosity, what other groups have an open bar policy or privilege? Who pays for this free service? Is the booze paid for from donations and fundraisers? Does city council have an open bar after the Monday meetings?

At any rate my opinion for what it is worth is, if you want a drink go home or to a local pub after a meeting and have it. The meetings are not a venue for drinking any amount of booze.

Having said this I am going to sit back drink a few "pops" (at home), respond to the stupidity of some people on here. While doing this I will practice my spelling and grammar as I get drunk.


2/4/2014 6:37:32 PM
Tiredofit says:
Simply place a cruiser out side on meeting night. Easy picking!
2/4/2014 6:16:10 PM
TBDR says:
2/4/2014 6:00:01 PM
loring says:
they should have their agriculture status removed immediately and board disbanded and all asssets and land taken back by tbcc.
2/4/2014 4:44:51 PM
progress now says:
Everyone can interpret this the way they want, but I think the CLE has misjudged this one - badly.

2/4/2014 3:17:02 PM
betterbob says:
Interesting that your article says the policy is "not changing" while another local media outlet claims "Changes for CLE Bar" and quotes Mosa as saying that they will no longer have access to the bar unless they sign out a key.

Which is it?
2/4/2014 3:07:57 PM
Leith Dunick says:
Our competitor was wrong, and the CLE has sent out a release specifically referring to their error. The policy hasn't changed, though they have changed the lock on the liquor cabinet because a "previous member of the CLE had lost their key."

Our competitor has since pulled their version of the story from their website.
2/4/2014 4:42:37 PM
AndersonSilvasLeg says:
I believe I heard on the Giant 9 am news this morning that they were closing the bar?
2/5/2014 12:29:18 PM
S Duncan says:
The whole "open bar" thing at a place like that seems ridiculous to me.

Why should there be a bar there, let alone an open one?
2/4/2014 2:29:29 PM
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