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Tbaytel names new chief financial officer

Michael Coffey, Tbaytel
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Michael Coffey, Tbaytel's new chief financial officer.
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Tbaytel has announced the appointment of its new chief financial officer.

The telecommunications company officially announced that Michael Coffey was the new CFO as of Jan. 27. Coffey will be leading the company’s financial and accounting divisions, a responsibility previously held by Tbaytel president and CEO Dan Topatigh.

“Michael’s demonstrated ability to lead a number of companies through periods of organizational expansion and financial growth has already proven to be an asset in the initial weeks since he joined Tbaytel’s executive team,” Topatigh is quoted as saying in a Tbaytel news release issued Monday.

“He has extensive experience at the senior management level across a variety of industries and I look forward to working with Michael to continue delivering on Tbaytel’s commitment to provide our customers with the very best in telecommunication solutions.”

Before joining Tbaytel, Coffey, native to Thunder Bay, held the position of controller for GRK Fasteners. He was also controller and vice-president of administration at DST Group Inc., and director of finance for The Chronicle Journal.

Before entering the publishing and engineering sectors, Coffey worked in the automotive industry and worked as a controller with Dieco Technologies Inc. in Brampton, Ont.

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The Badger Mountain Hermit says:
I'd like to see a staffing and wages comparison between Shaw and Tbaytel...odd how the City won't publish Shaw's employee numbers, isn't it? Doesn't take a genius to figure out why...
2/11/2014 10:50:17 AM
RelaxinginMurillo says:
I read somewhere that Tbaytel has a little over 400 people. Wiki shows Shaw at 12,500 people. Mind you, thats Ontario to BC. Hard to compare. And that doesnt include all the contractors working for both companies.
As for wages, Id say they all make a living wage.. likely less than say, an electrician..
2/11/2014 6:29:44 PM
RelaxinginMurillo says:
There's always gonna be people who bash the local thing. The "grass is greener over there" and "the fish are on the other side of the lake" people.
I don't recall a dropped call or data problem since mid summer.. it's been good. Landline data and voice are quite fine.
With all the outside money and muscle that Shaw and Bell have, they can make some gains against Tbaytel, while Tbaytel's hands are sort of tied for funding while still trying to pay a decent dividend to the city. Kudos to Tbaytel for rolling out many new cell sites as well as bringing broadband and tv closer to the homes, and at the same time introducing fibre to the home (aka, the future) into Thunder Bay.
2/10/2014 11:20:44 PM
tbay1983 says:
Dan if you had any clue what you're talking about you'd know that TBayTel is actually the one gaining serious ground on Shaw cables tv subscribers.
2/10/2014 10:28:05 PM
Ranma says:
Sorry but we NEED Tbaytel. Unless you folks out there want your taxes to jump to cover the 25 million PER YEAR that the city will lose in revenue. Oh wait, what's that..you now realize how insane your position is on selling Tbaytel?

Tbaytel needs to get their act together. They need to realize that they have to upgrade their infrastructure quickly and with modern or cutting edge products. The fact that most of the DSL exchanges in town are extremely over capacity and that tbaytel fibre is only available in a few select areas, where as Shaw 100mbit is available almost everywhere in the city limits, is a big problem. As for their cellular service, still too congested to be reliable. LTE upgrades have to happen yesterday. I swapped to Bell because I was sick of the dropped calls, the lack of data service and the price.
2/10/2014 8:03:11 PM
slabs says:
The city is not in the telephone business, it is INVESTED in the telephone business. As an industry, it's a good place to have an investment. While it would bring a short term influx of cash, selling would destroy hundreds of well paying skilled jobs and send many young professionals, self included,looking for jobs in other cities. That's a huge chunk of your present and future tax base gone.
2/10/2014 6:03:26 PM
napoleon says:
Do you work for Bell or Shaw? I switched to tbaytel tv and received free HD receivers with more stations (selection & HD) for less money.
Competition is good for the customer. Wait and see what your bills will be like if Bell or Shaw was the only provider in the City.
2/10/2014 3:34:02 PM
Dan dan says:
The reason why you received the gifts and discount is because Tbaytel services are terrible and they are losing serious ground to Shaw Cable. They are forced to give deep discounts just to stay alive.

In any case, the word from higher circles is that a sale of Tbaytel is all but consummated. Look for an announcement soon.
2/10/2014 7:45:25 PM
educator says:
Higher circles? Have you moved on from Tim Horton's to one of the fancier coffee shops.

I'm pretty sure the brain trust at tbaytel isn't hanging out with the unemployed and disenfranchised of our society drinking coffee and stuffing their faces with crullers.

Plus, I hardly doubt they would have signed new 4 years agreements with both of their unions if they knew a sale was in the works.
2/10/2014 9:52:51 PM
truthbtold says:
LOL. You speak like you have a clue. Too bad you don't . Tbaytel TV rocks and Shaw is running scared. Ask anyone who has TBaytel TV and they'll tell you - best prices and best service.
2/10/2014 10:45:01 PM
sd says:
His first job should be to partner with the new events center for naming rights. A beautiful new arena in downtown PA with a giant TbayTel advertisement. TBayTel Arena sounds awesome and will be AMAZING in downtown PA
2/10/2014 3:08:42 PM
musicferret says:
I don't envy his job.

Tbaytel is in big trouble. As people upgrade their phones, they now have a variety of options they did not have before, often at prices a fraction of what tbaytel charges.

Coverage used to be their big plus, but Bell has moved aggressively to build towers and my wife and I no longer notice a difference between our coverage (me tbaytel, her bell)

It is an unfortunate time when we will see a large contraction in the dividend paid to the city due to increased competition. I'm actually hopeful that his main job is to get the enterprise in shape to be sold off. We should get whatever value out of it we can now.
2/10/2014 12:16:53 PM
tiredofit says:
Totally agree, the city should not be in the Telephone business nor the Hydro. They need to concentrate on what their priority should be, the infrastructure of the city. Sell it while the selling is good and it's worth something. They have lost more and more business to competition, many of whom offer better bang for the buck (when I compare what I get from Shaw vs TBayTel, not only in product, but in service and support, it's money well spent).

Now, all the preachers can say, well you need to support the city owned business, it's costing us more etc.. if we don't. I call BULLCRAP on that one. The other companies offer quality jobs and wages in this city.

Oh, but TBayTel supports so much... sure, they do, so do the others, not on as big a scale, but such is life. Sell the thing, take the money, build your events centre, lower my taxes etc.. (like that will happen! hah!).

the problem is, TBayTel lost and loses clients because of one thing... poor service!
2/10/2014 2:02:41 PM
musicferret says:
Or better yet, sell now while it still has value and hasn't been obliterated by competition, and use that money to pay for things we actually need.

Cleaning up bed bugs comes to mind, as does fixing our awful roads.

Events centre!? That should be the last thing we are thinking about right now.
2/10/2014 3:28:57 PM
unheard says:
is not providing power and communications part of an infrastructure
privatisation is bad news when coming to necessities
next u will recommend we privatize our water to save you money
2/10/2014 8:57:48 PM
bluejaysfan says:
You do realize that Tbaytel and Thunder Bay Hydro generate net positive revenues for the City of Thunder Bay and provide hundreds of well paying jobs. These employees re-invest their earnings into the community by living here as well...

Selling either company at this time would be short sighted. If both companies failed to provide competitive and good services and failed to generate profits then we'll talk.
2/11/2014 1:51:17 PM
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