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Sunday May 24 2015
12:59 AM EDT
2014-02-14 at 10:52

Chippewa Wildlife Exhibit open for special winter weekend viewing


The Chippewa Park Wildlife Exhibit will be open this weekend for a special wintertime viewing.

While not traditionally open during the winter months, some park officials believe the animals in the wildlife exhibit look their best in their winter coats.

To give the public a chance to see those winter coats for themselves, the Wildlife Exhibit will be open this Saturday Feb. 15, and Sunday, Feb. 16 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Friends of Chippewa Park volunteers will be on hand in the A-frame with free hot chocolate and coffee to help visitors warm up.

Admission to the weekend event is free, but donations are welcome and appreciated.

The winter viewing is weather permitting.

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skycase says:
I seen the tail end of this on Shaw tv but I didn't know what weekend. After having a hard time to find the phone number nobody picked it up. No info on the phone I couldn't find anything on the internet about this. How many people are going to go all the way out there if you're not sure they are open! This town is so bad for this! "They" like to put ads for things that are already done!!! I shake my head!!!
2/16/2014 6:44:36 PM
DustInTheWind says:
Actually Moonpie...the results of the necropsy were reported on months ago. A simple search on google will bring it up for you. But for some reason I feel I am wasting my breath educating you anyways. People will believe what they want to believe. Personally, I would be more concerned about health care at this point rather than continue you to facilitate that the animals at Chippewa are being starved. IMHO
2/15/2014 10:12:22 PM
hadenough says:
The animals have to be maintained year round and the zoo is staffed anyway, why is it not open year round?
2/15/2014 5:22:20 PM
Stephen says:
Come and see the animal jail!
2/15/2014 4:06:24 PM
damanisback says:
My neighbour in current river has 2 dogs, a cat, budgies, a hamster and a fish tank .
b y o b & d d
donations accepted as well. lol
2/14/2014 7:20:06 PM
rootbear says:
and well fed might I add.....
2/15/2014 9:11:23 AM
S Duncan says:
those aren't pets, that's a food chain!

If times get tough, they'll all have a great last meal.
2/15/2014 9:55:31 PM
DustInTheWind says:
The moose at Chippewa was well fed. The necropsy determined that the moose died of liver failure not starvation.

2/14/2014 6:41:57 PM
moonpie says:
That was speculation, have you been privy to a necropsy report the rest of us haven't seen? If so, please post a link to it. If not, the moose may have starved to death.
2/15/2014 12:11:57 PM
The Cougar says:
I just hope the animals are well fed this time.
2/14/2014 2:18:38 PM
joey joe joe jr. shabadoo says:
best news on TBnewswatch in a while.....

hope to see many of you there!
2/14/2014 1:54:47 PM
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