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Scope of Marathon Stillwater project to be re-evaluated

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The scope of the platinum metals group mine in Marathon looks to be under review.

Stillwater Canada suspended the Panel Review Team consulatations that were scheduled to begin on Thursday in Marathon as well as surrounding First Nations.

The decision was made to process questions that would have arisen over the company's re-evaluation of the size of the project, which under the current proposal would create 350 full-time jobs in the Marathon area.

Marathon mayor Rick Dumas said the community would still meet with the company in March while Stillwater president Clark Gilbert stressed that the site is still viewed as an asset to stakeholders.

(Thunder Bay Television)

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pc says:
speaking to the mayor I would say hope for the best but start working on other things or this town is dead in 10 years. There is nothing to keep the young people around.
2/17/2014 4:51:24 PM
moi says:
And to the mayor I would say...

"Hope for the best and expect the worse".

2/17/2014 10:19:23 AM
pc says:
with the David Bell mine closing in May a new mine would certainly be welcomed. The Williams mine has maybe another 4 years.
Don't really care who opens one. This area needs jobs or it will lose a lot of good people.
Time for the liberal government to start making Ontario job friendly again.
2/17/2014 7:23:30 AM
Arch Stanton says:
"the site is still viewed as an asset to stakeholders."

Of course it is - esp if they ever want to sell it(!)
2/16/2014 8:40:36 PM
ring of fire dude says:
"the site is still viewed as an asset to stakeholders." Meaning some groups think that there's free money to be had even though the mine isn't operating yet .
2/17/2014 8:27:42 AM
brooky says:
There are tens, sometimes hundreds of millions of dollars that can be made in mining before a shovel hits the ground. You're missing the boat if you think otherwise. Wanna compare portfolies?
2/18/2014 11:32:58 PM
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