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Water main break

Water runs down a Park Avenue sidewalk after a Monday morning water main break.
Matt Vis, tbnewswatch.com
Water runs down a Park Avenue sidewalk after a Monday morning water main break.
By Matt Vis, tbnewswatch.com

An early morning water main break is dampening the Family Day spirit.

Part of the north downtown core was shut down as the break is wreaking havoc on the holiday Monday, with businesses and roads closed.

A city official in the infrastructure department said the break occurred at approximately 7:30 a.m. and sent water flowing down Park Avenue.

He added that the entire area from Park to Red River Road and Court Street to Cumberland Street was affected.

The OLG Casino was among those businesses temporarily closed, and has since reopened. The apartment complex on the corner of Park and Cumberland is said to have sustained significant water damage.

The official said at noon that crews had almost completed their work.

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Thundereye says:
Common cents says:

Reply to this comment.

Yes keep trying to patch downtown areas....

The Events center does not belong in any downtown area,,,,
Common Cents, you need common cents!
Winnipeg Arena downtown, Skydome downtown, Essar centre SSM downtown, Keystone centre Brandon downtown, Regina stadium/Arena downtown.See a pattern yet???
2/19/2014 8:04:44 PM
albertallan says:
Nice catch. You really got a solid grip on the points of the story and the discussion following.
2/18/2014 9:30:12 PM
The Beaver..... says:
S Duncan
By the way, you're not paying for other kids to go to school, you're paying for your schooling. Consider your public education a glorified student loan. When you grow up and start paying taxes you pay for your schooling.
S Duncan would that also apply to those that got their education In Europe or in India or wherever and should we give them reduced Tax rates. Please Tell
2/18/2014 7:52:17 PM
Pandora says:
A PLEBISCITE on the Ballot this coming election, is NOT premature Mr HOBBS, MR COMMISSO !!! Ironic, a pipe broke in the 'BUSINESS COMMUNITY'. I hope the public realize what it took for the Chamber of Commerce to step up and call the City on its SPENDING of OUR hard earned $$$.
How does the Chamber feel about a plebiscite?
If there is an ounce of Democracy left here, we the tax paying citizens of this community should not have to stand up and demand this.
IF Mr Hobbs had any idea of how the public felt he would stand up and a say we need a plebiscite on the not to distant election.
2/18/2014 11:03:26 AM
fastball says:
Way to stay on topic, buddy.
That story was 10 days ago.
2/18/2014 1:04:02 PM
mystified says:
Small minded people living in this city. The article is on water main breaks and the one individual who stays up all night clicking on their own agree button is trolling the event centre again.

I commented because another self appointed expert on tbnewswatch commenting started steering this in the wrong direction right from the start.

Grow up, you are starting to sound like a little kid who isn't getting their own way so you are going to whine until the end of time.
You know who you are.
2/18/2014 9:10:50 AM
moi says:
slightly off topic mystified, however...
that's why some of us have suggested that tbnewswatch should do as other news organizations currently do--which is the
"one vote only per poster".
And,lol...yep,we all know which posters will stay on here for hours,hitting the refresh button over and over again till as if by magic they've got 300+ "agrees" to their comments.
Wow, must take an awful lot of energy to hit the refresh button 100's of times over to make yourself feel better.Logic tells me,in those cases somebody's got either tons of free time on their hands,or..they're just a bully looking for attention. To them I would say, "sucks to be you".
2/19/2014 9:26:38 AM
mystified says:
Absolutely. I agree 100%.

I find it useless to try and carry on a debate on this site because right off the get go the derogatory name calling starts and then things go South. There is alway the users who have to throw a 'water front or events centre' comment into a story that is a million miles off topic.

I do find some of the babbling entertaining at times. Of the 7 billion nerves in the human body, some of the users present\past have stepped on everyone of them.
2/19/2014 2:28:48 PM
Ozone says:
Fix what we pay taxes or first before you build more money losing infrastructure!
2/18/2014 7:19:11 AM
n00n says:
I own this building.

The water main break had little to do with the age or maintenance of the utility. It was seemingly purely environmental. The pipe that burst was only added a few years ago when an fire suppression system was added to the building infrastructure from the City side.

I would like to commend the City for being on top of the issue and treating me and our building with priority and respect. The entire crew were out there short-staffed (due to the holiday) and worked very hard to understand and rectify the issue. I fully support our City workers and the job they do.

On a completely different note; I fully support the waterfront and event center development and would/will continue to pay higher taxes to see it come to fruition. The armchair critics of this City need to stay off the computer and go for a walk in our beautiful place in the World.

@albertallan - I am always thinking about better concerts/events in the City. We deserve them.
2/17/2014 9:59:07 PM
Common cents says:
What do you pay in taxes now?????

What will your taxes be after????

Simple question

2/18/2014 6:43:20 PM
sd says:
My apologies to n00n for handling these questions.
The owner of this building pays what he pays in taxes, why is that relevant to anyone.
As n00n states clearly in their comment they fully support the development of the waterfront and welcome the future development of an events center, and would pay higher taxes to have it come to fruition.
So Common cents, it is time you get some, and notice that the answers to your questions are right there in plain site.
Simple questions
Simpler answers
2/19/2014 7:40:08 AM
n00n says:
It will go from the 12k now to about the 14-15k area. Even if we hit the 16k mark, I would be fine and still making good profit.

Simple answer - I find it VERY acceptable to have an increase in taxes if I have an increase in quality from EVERYTHING around my property.

It's called an investment instead of a lottery for a reason.
2/19/2014 10:13:53 AM
S Duncan says:
of course you like it, youre going to get insurance to pay to fix that wreck, then your property value is going up because the city is artificially pumping up the area using the tax dollars they steal from the rest of us.

you stand to gain significantly from this welfare project, of course you love it. Anybody who benefits from welfare usually is quite happy.

If the city builds a new welfare dome for you, it will be like winning the lottery, its not an investment at all.

the city is floating your boat while you just sit in it. that's the increase in quality youre looking for.

if you weren't so selfish, you might understand that for you to take more, that means others are losing more.

2/19/2014 3:53:55 PM
TBDR says:
I'm glad all the city's whiners hang out here instead of out in the real world now. The city is a much happier and positive place without you armchair experts polluting it.
2/17/2014 9:56:12 PM
progress now says:
This is what people think of when they hear money is available for infrastructure.

2/17/2014 7:41:18 PM
sd says:
@S Duncan by your logic since I do not like roads and do not drive on them and I do not llike public transportation and do not use it or any number of other city services such as a library, or recreational facilities then I should not support these services by means of taxes. That is absurd. These facilities are for the greater good of the city whether they operate at a loss or earn a profit is not the point. Its about bettering the city. And stop focusing on the annual loss rate and consider the other economic benefits that will result from this and in the greater picture will cancel out any losses.
2/17/2014 7:11:41 PM
albertallan says:
Not sure how bad we need event centre but here's what this water main break really looked like at 6:15 AM this morn.



I bet this business owner is not thinking about concerts right now.

2/17/2014 5:20:00 PM
S Duncan says:

I feel sorry for that property owner. Id say the heart of the harbour had an aoritic aneurysm.

Its caused by neglecting of your infrastructure and a degradation of the body caused by eating too many cheesburgers because you want them, but you don't need them.

Needs before wants.

2/17/2014 6:12:11 PM
fastball says:
Um...maybe check out the property owner's comments below - with the ACTUAL cause of the break...not your cutsy faux-medical analogy that was proven - like most other posts of yours - inevitably incorrect.
It was an add-on bit that failed - and like I said, probably more to do with improper installation and environmental factors than the other sensationalist visions of crumbling time bombs ticking under our streets.
2/18/2014 10:22:39 AM
S Duncan says:
On second thought, I don't feel sorry for him at all.

He stands only to win from this mess. He stands only to win from the construction of a new welfare dome.

His property will fit in well with the welfare situation we have there in the north core downtown area. Instead of fixing his own property his insurance (or the citys) will pay for his damages.

why would he complain when you give him everything he could hope for just because he bought that nice building?
2/19/2014 4:03:05 PM
ring of fire dude says:
Great video albertallan ! Thanks for sharing . That should be about it for the foundation of this building .
2/17/2014 8:46:12 PM
kaseybear says:
Ummm... pretty sure someone is driving while distracted! The first video was filmed from the drivers side of a moving vehicle!
2/18/2014 8:53:27 AM
trollol says:
Nothing puts a damper on Family Day like closing down a casino ...
2/17/2014 5:00:42 PM
codvx87 says:
Whew I just moved out of that apartment lol. 5sqft with no garbage shed
2/17/2014 3:42:04 PM
T.O.Guy says:
Watermain breaks are always going to happen , whether new or old . Being in the north its going to happen more often due to cold temperatures . These breaks happen everywhere in Ontario/ Canada . Whether we get an Events Center or not , we will always have breaks .
2/17/2014 2:57:30 PM
fastball says:
Let's figure out what the problem actually is, first.
Is it infrastructure that is "crumbling" because of it's just old, and never upgraded?
Or are those "newer" mains - poorly installed or made with inferior material?
Or is it a combination of environmental conditions and mere happenstance?
Either way, I'd be interested in seeing the City's priority list and timetable for infrastructure repairs locally.

2/17/2014 2:07:55 PM
Eastender says:
Of course the problem is crumbling infrastructure, because its old, and never upgraded.
Or newer mains poorly installed with inferior material.
Thats because money is being siphoned from infrastructure quality and maintenance, into this super dome hockey event centre thingy.
You cant do a quality job if you skimp on materials or just neglect to maintain and repair.

It does not make sense to build up a reserve fund for a highly questionable project such as the event centre/hockey arena, by neglecting the necessities of a functioning city.

Yes the environment is a contributing factor, but thats where tax money should go first, not last.

Would you skimp on the foundation for your house, so you could pad your account for a new boat?
2/19/2014 7:17:02 PM
Common cents says:
Yes keep trying to patch downtown areas....

The Events center does not belong in any downtown area,,,,

unless its because a shortage of land!!!!!
2/17/2014 2:07:13 PM
cm punk says:
Come on people.
The taxpayers of this fair town will pay for everything.
Council doesn't respect the opinions of the people that live and work here
2/17/2014 2:06:43 PM
WelfarePlayer says:
Although sewer breaks happen, I find it odd that right away couch potatoes, point fingers to a project that has yet to begin.
I do agree sewers and roads need repair before a place for Thunder Wolves to play in.
2/17/2014 1:59:04 PM
be_wiseTbay says:
Well I'm all for the event centre as it will bring jobs. I'm also all for Costo as it will bring jobs. This city needs competition. So the more jobs the better. And blaming infrastructure when in fact it's mother nature with fluctuating weather. When it's -40 for a few days then goes down to -13 for a few days then it keeps that up of course your water mains will break. I can't wait for the event centre. The we can have the trade show all under one roof. We can have conventions and concerts. Real concerts. I would rather pay taxes for event centre than have to pay for other people 's kids to go to school. Because i have to pay for education taxes. Along with everyone in this city even Young people that don't have kids.
2/17/2014 1:39:20 PM
S Duncan says:
the welfare dome does not bring jobs. it LOSES one million dollars per year just to keep operating.

it takes money forcefully from all the tax payers and redistributes it to the few that will have a "job". That's not a job, that's welfare.

By the way, youre not paying for other kids to go to school, youre paying for your schooling. Consider your public education a glorified student loan. When you grow up and start paying taxes you pay for your schooling.

Those other people's kids will be paying for their education one day too.

but I guess that's why selfish people want a new hockey rink, they only think of themselves.
2/17/2014 4:05:42 PM
fastball says:
Excuse me?
Please explain to me the reasoning (if any exists) in that statement - especially the "redistributing" part.
I enjoy an author's attempts at creative writing. Some of it, I fear, is spectacularly bad.
2/17/2014 6:44:02 PM
neebing1414 says:
how do you know for a fact it is going to lose 1million per year?? can you predict the future now???

it creates jobs by building it and running it along with the spin off jobs from the project.. so thats how it creates jobs.. which in turn creates more tax revenue
2/17/2014 8:44:44 PM
S Duncan says:
the city's own experts that slopitch keeps yammering about have already projected the yearly losses (not costs, LOSSES) at just shy of the $1million mark.

You can bet that's a conservative number that will be sure to rise like all welfare projects do in Thunder Bay.

You also have to account for the losses that the auditorium will sustain from the certain shift of welfare entertainment as well.

The added expenses of the Garden will also remain intact because we will not be getting rid of our old car. We will instead keep it and also take on the ballooning debt and certain failure of the new welfare hockey rink.

Jobs paid for by tax dollars do not help the tax revenue. How stupid does one have to be to not understand that simple reality?

Pay your wife $20 to do the dishes tonight, then tomorrow tell her to pay you $20 to do them.

As a socialist liberal you could claim you just created 2 jobs!! but the reality is you created nothing.

the net result is you just look stupid.
2/19/2014 3:48:40 PM
DDForest says:
This has been the fourth one. Also many households pipes are freezing because the frost is being pushed lower and lower every day. Some would say the snow is insulating the pipes. Where are the pipes located? Under the roads and sidewalks going into the homes which we drive and walk on everyday. What I wonder is why the city has not informed Thunder Bay there is this problem. Easy solution is to run your taps on a trickle so the water keeps running and to have a bucket of water put aside for emergency situations. Don't want to waste water then have it collect in a pail/jug to be used for the coffeepot, drinking, watering plants, etc.
2/17/2014 1:28:26 PM
S Duncan says:
The entertainment district rules!

More welfare hockey rinks! Less sewer repair!

2/17/2014 12:58:58 PM
neebing1414 says:
serious do you ever get out and look around the city? Thunder Bay has many hockey fans and has had many players go on to play in the NHL.. just because you don't like hockey or anything it seems, doesn't mean the rest of thunder bay agrees with you..

take a hike and get some fresh air for a change
2/17/2014 2:46:08 PM
S Duncan says:
it does not matter how many hockey fans, or golf fans, or shuffleboard fans we have, its not the place of municipal government to cater to "fans" of anything.

I might be the biggest hockey fan, but its not up to others to surrender their property tax because I want it to be spent on a welfare hockey rink.

Its time people grow up. If you want hockey, form a group and buy your own welfare dome with your own money. How dare you take my Grandma's money by force to pay for your welfare dreams.

So, once again, it matters not what I like or what you like, or what anybody else likes. Its up to the individual to take care of what they like, its not up to the rest of the city.

How some of you can look at yourselves in the mirror amazes me. I would be ashamed to be so selfish, greedy, and shallow. Why aren't you?
2/17/2014 3:53:00 PM
fastball says:
Drama queen much?
Yup, the city tax thugs are kicking the door in as we speak - ready to rip the gold fillings out of Granny's mouth to help pay the cost of a welfare dome. And if we're a bit short - well, do you know what a healthy kidney goes for on the black market? Is Granny healthy?
What is it....trolling or mere hyperbole?
2/17/2014 5:30:17 PM
Eastender says:
Your feeble attempt at humour would be funny if it weren't so close to the truth spinball.
2/18/2014 6:46:40 PM
S Duncan says:
What do you think happens when you cant pay your taxes?

Do you understand that the city has property for sale that has been seized for unpaid taxes?

Don't pay your taxes and lets see what happens slow pitch... you let us know when you're using the computer at the library since you wont have one in your home to use.
2/19/2014 3:41:06 PM
Common cents says:
yes we do,,,, and ask them where they think a new rink shold be built, and theyll say not downtown
2/17/2014 5:19:56 PM
musicferret says:
Tell me, what logic is there in spending over $100,000,000.00 on the events centre want when infrastructure NEEDS are years in arrears?

I see the positives of the events centre; yes, we all do, but not at the cost level proposed, and not when our infrastructure is crumbling. How many water main breaks is that in the last week? 3 major ones already?

Plebiscite on the municipal election ballot.
2/17/2014 12:45:22 PM
Tachyion says:
Since I do not post here anymore ( save this once ) I am very pleased to see my mantra being carried on with gusto......"Needs Before Wants."
2/17/2014 1:38:02 PM
mystified says:
Unless they build a heated tunnel for the water mains there are going to be breaks the same as there are yearly and have been happening since they installed running water.

I know, rained on your 'Eventual Downtown North Core Event Centre' parade.
2/17/2014 1:38:28 PM
ou812 says:
If you really want to start talking about NEEDS and WANTS in life lets look at some more

Do we really need two publicly funded school systems in Ontario?
Do we really need outdoor skating rinks for kids?
Do we really need parks in our city?
Do we really need shopping malls and restaurants?

We really don't need anything other than shelter, warmth, food,and water in life but this is the 21st century it's time for Thunder Bay to step into it and build this event centre NOW!
2/17/2014 8:51:41 PM
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