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Spray-painting vandals continue to target movie theatre parking lot

By tbnewswatch.com

Spray-painting vandals have struck more parked vehicles in Thunder Bay’s intercity area.

Officials with the Thunder Bay Police Service report that two more vehicles were spray painted in the parking lot of Silver City between 7 and 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday Feb. 19.

Police say the person, or people, responsible have been going through the vehicles and stealing valuables before spray painting it.

These two recent complaints follow four complaints of vandalized vehicles. Those four vehicles were also targeted while parked at the Silver City Theatre.

Anyone with information regarding these mischief's, please contact Thunder Bay Police Service or Thunder Bay District Crime Stoppers 623-8477 (TIPS).

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Justanothercanadian says:
If these offenders are just randomly spraying cars it's obviously to push the limits, and yes it would make them hard to catch at this moment. But don't you think they will soon bore of this, and move on to more daring things like when the parking lot is less full or smaller parking lots. One way or another they will get caught and them believing they never will get caught is exactly what will lead to there arrest
2/22/2014 10:17:11 AM
anvil of crom says:
Think how easy it is to hold a can and spray, its pretty hard to catch people.
One can hold a can of spray paint in your sleeve if the jacket sleeve is loose enough and hold it horizontal and spray randomly away at waist level. All while walking between cars 4 feet apart, the cars your spraying blocks any witnesses. the lots packed and who is going to see.

tough one to catch.
2/21/2014 7:08:43 PM
orig junkyarddog says:
MistakeByTheLake say I agree .TBDR; Might I say that maybe you know very little about what policing ,Since it was a targeted again .I don't Tim Horton's or Robin's victimized by crime . So please don't jump on someone for pointing out the obvious .Thank You we all need to nicer to each other don't you agree ;)
2/21/2014 2:03:17 PM
Looch says:
I agree with mutechirp's comments. Find a solution or loose patrons. Once the vandals are caught; stick it to them good without them using help from the Young Offender's Act!; if they are of age. Disgrace them, like they disgraced the victim's vehicles!
2/21/2014 11:46:26 AM
glass half full says:
Has it been announced that kids are doing this?

Stop speculating.

It is disturbing that the kids are the first ones blamed.

When the idiots are caught and if it gets reported to the media, than point fingers.

It never shocks me at the lack of consideration some of you have towards the youth in this city.

2/21/2014 11:26:57 AM
unheard says:
make the parents accountable
2/21/2014 8:05:59 AM
j_northey says:
The problem is these vandals could easily do it even with people going in and out. Would you have a clue if it is someone breaking in or just having trouble getting into their own car? The spray paint would be hard to see unless you were close by, especially if they had one blocking other passerby's view of the person doing it.

I go there often with my kids to see movies and wish there was a simple solution. The best way to catch these people is for someone who knows them to turn them in as most mischief makers love to brag about it.
2/21/2014 7:08:35 AM
livewire says:
Should have a hired security with a vehicle to patrol. Silver City rakes in enough money from their over priced admission to hire their own patrol!
2/20/2014 7:40:04 PM
Renegade120860 says:
Unfortunately, the cost of security cameras might cause the CLE board to be unable to restock their in-house bar!

Welcome to "Toondar Bay"!!!
2/20/2014 6:03:36 PM
musicferret says:
Netflix. Problem solved.
2/20/2014 5:39:57 PM
favpal says:
Silvercity only has cameras that cover to the end of the steps only known to me as my husbands truck was broken into over a year ago and have invested in netflix best 8 bucks a month ever
2/20/2014 4:25:23 PM
Reignmaker says:
The CLE owns the property. They used to have a guard around. Least they should put up some cameras.
2/20/2014 1:09:32 PM
jonthunder says:
Netflix is $8 a month and no such worries. Netflix and like sites will soon put this cinema/car painting business out of its misery.
2/20/2014 1:01:39 PM
CLETE says:
Why is it Silver City does not have security out there. What they charge maybe they should have someone walking around. Stay away till they have security walking around!!
2/20/2014 12:39:08 PM
MistakeByTheLake says:
So the Police and Silver City know this happened and it happens again the very next night?

how late are cars there? There couldn't have been one cruiser there to try and catch these losers?

The City, Police and businesses don't care what happens to your property,all they care about is that you pay your taxes and shut your mouth.
2/20/2014 12:36:45 PM
TBDR says:
... thus proving you know nothing about policing.
2/20/2014 3:40:42 PM
jimmyboy says:
And so can we all consider you "TBDR" to be our resident EXPERT on policing here in the city..??

Seems like you are on top of every topic that is published here....I am amused at best...!!!
2/21/2014 12:41:14 PM
gravitysdepth says:
I agree in a sense, however... That would mean having a cruiser by every mac's convenience store as well. Surely we can't have 8 - 10 cruisers just parked in one spot overnight. If they did I am sure we would pay for it.

Just because an incident happens once doesn't mean a cruiser should be camped outside the next day - If such were the case I imagine we would have no officers parked watching for speeders... On second thought, I agree :D
2/21/2014 2:30:41 AM
jimmyboy says:
The police do have un-marked cars...vans....trucks...etc...this would be the perfect scenario to use one here...:)
2/21/2014 10:02:39 PM
Kidknapp says:
Nevermind spray painting "moron" on their forehead. TATTOO "thief and vandal" on their forehead!
2/20/2014 12:12:32 PM
dockboy says:
When they catch the culprits they should spray paint MORON on their foreheads.
2/20/2014 11:17:34 AM
tbay99 says:
I hope someone catches these pathetic lowlifes and gives them "justice" if you know what I mean because we know our courts definitely will not!
2/20/2014 10:45:34 AM
zeppelin says:
That's pretty cocky doing it two nights in a row. Doesn't the parking lot have cameras? Should there maybe be someone watching tonight?
2/20/2014 10:45:30 AM
mutechirp says:
Well, I know where I won't be going any time soon.

This parking lot is way too easy a target - if it's not break ins, it's vandalism, what's next? Since most of the movies start and end at similar times, there are periods where there are very few people in the parking lot. Knowing that, why wouldn't they step up security during those times?
2/20/2014 10:43:59 AM
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