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2014-02-20 at 2:33PM

No market interest in old north core theatre

By tbnewswatch.com

There was not a lot of interest on the open market for an old theatre in the downtown north core. 

The city put the Lyceum Theatre up for sale in a tax sale, but didn't receive a single bid. That was a bit surprising to city councillor Larry Hebert, who believed there would be significant interest in the building.

The century-old landmark has fallen into major disrepair over the years. At one point last year, the city's building inspector declared it structurally unsafe and a number of orders were issued to fix it up. 

But the building was further assessed and determined it wasn't falling apart as quickly as once believed. 

The city took control of the Lyceum after the owner failed to pay more than $95,000 in back taxes. 

Hebert believes the $150,000 the city is asking for the building may have scared some people off.

The city has decided to do temporary repairs to the building including fixing the roof.  However, that work has still not happened. 

(Thunder Bay Television)


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