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City police celebrate gold medal victory with RIDE checks

By tbnewswatch.com

The city’s police force has decided to celebrate Canada’s double gold Thursday.

The Thunder Bay Police Service issued a media release shortly after Canada’s women’s hockey team came from a 2-0 deficit to beat their U.S. counterparts in overtime. That news release announced that the local police service would be “conducting RIDE programs” Thursday night.

“Thunder Bay is certainly a hockey city,” the release states, “and it would be entirely reasonable to expect that there will be some celebrations tonight with today’s gold medal victory.”

Police are using the gold medal performances to remind residents to be responsible and appoint a designated driver if celebrations will include alcohol.

“If you’ve been drinking, please consider crashing for the night on a friend’s couch rather than driving and crashing into someone elses,” the news release concludes.

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animiki says:
The point of RIDE is to act as a deterrent. RIDE is successful if the number of people drinking and driving is reduced because they make the smart choice to not drink, drive and risk getting caught. Doing "secret" or "surprise" RIDE stuff would be much less effective--it would only catch those people who are actually drinking and driving, which means they're already on the road, which is too late.

As for dealing with "real" crimes--drinking and driving is very much a real crime. People die, property is destroyed, lives are ruined. If it's a choice between keeping the roads safe for the motoring public, and stopping some spray-painting vandals...well, that's a no-brainer, isn't it? (and that's assuming it's actually a "choice", and the police aren't capable of doing both. Or maybe the answer to the spray-paint vandals isn't police at all, but security personnel hired by Silver City and surrounding businesses, and some security cameras, and other measures).
2/21/2014 9:45:47 AM
Dan Dan says:
The problem is, only the smallest fraction of traffic problems are committed by impaired drivers - but they get the most attention. We're vastly more at risk from sober speeders than we are from impaired drivers.
2/25/2014 1:52:22 PM
nowhereman says:
announcing ride checks might stop a few drunk drivers, which i agree is a victory. But the ppl who do it all the time know where the cops set up ride programs and just avoid them. Police need to be less predictable to catch more people.
2/21/2014 9:24:27 AM
Mastermind says:
Who authorized that media release? Dumb.
2/20/2014 7:35:25 PM
Ranma says:
Yes as if people are going to be dumb enough to go out drinking when a snow storm is heading our way. You know what, how about you also announce what corners you are going to have your RIDE checks at?

If you do these things, you do not announce it, because people will now know to be on the look out to avoid you.
2/20/2014 5:27:56 PM
Ozone says:
Don't announce it. Just do it.

But more importantly why not get out there and del with the street drunks, druggies and robberies!! Focus on the real crime and not these silly announcements of ride programs.
2/20/2014 4:28:26 PM
Decide says:
The RIDE programs are funded by outside agencies, and those funds are expected to be used for that purpose only. If they aren't announced, the police would get attacked for that as well.
Maybe lobby the government to give retailers more power to refuse people service and not worry about being sued or violating someone's "human right" to buy alcohol.
Maybe lobby to get firefighters out during downtime to patrol and pick up those drunks. Doing that certainly can't be more dangerous then fighting fires, right? That would also take care of paying people big bucks to sleep rather then work.
2/20/2014 5:27:34 PM
Blister-foot says:
Who are these outside agencies?
I could not find this info online, and find it hard to believe.
I don't drink and drive, but have been asked for consent to be searched on many occasions at these stops, and even asked for ID, while I was a passenger.
I see it as a violation of Section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Maybe if our transit ran past midnight, or our taxis were more affordable & easier to get, people would not feel the need to drive drunk.

2/21/2014 4:41:03 PM
mystified says:
They just do it. I was stopped Monday evening in a location you had no choice but moving forward in the funnel.
No problem as I don't drink and drive.
Two officers doing the Ride enforcement out of the rest on duty isn't going to put a dent in all the other social plagues you warn us about.
I'm glad they share this information. I makes people more responsible knowing that the police are out there specifically looking for one thing. Impared drivers.
I think people think twice before getting behind the wheel now that the penalties start at .02 A\B level.
2/20/2014 6:41:42 PM
realist says:
Why is announcing a ride check a bad idea?

If announcing a ride check keeps one inebriated person off the road, I'd classify that as a victory.
2/20/2014 10:42:06 PM
ou812 says:
yeah the vandals at the movie theatre for instance. 2 times! com'n man.
2/20/2014 10:47:14 PM
Lala04 says:
last time I checked, drunk driving was a real crime!
2/21/2014 8:14:08 AM
unionbay880 says:
Ozone, you make it sound like every cop in the city was at this ride check. Just because it isn't on the news doesn't mean it's not being worked on. I'm sure there are plenty of drunks and druggies charged every day they just don't post them all on this site. I also find it odd that you say the police should be out dealing with street drunks which you refer to as "real crimes" do you believe street drunks are "real crimes" but drunk driving is not?
2/21/2014 4:13:32 PM
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