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Former PC candidate says she was booted from party for speaking the truth

Tamara Johnson says she did not resign from the Ontario Progressive Conservative party, but instead was thrown out Saturday for speaking her mind about advantages she says Aboriginal businesses get in the province.
Tamara Johnson says she did not resign from the Ontario Progressive Conservative party, but instead was thrown out Saturday for speaking her mind about advantages she says Aboriginal businesses get in the province.
By Leith Dunick, tbnewswatch.com

Tamara Johnson continues to insist she’s done nothing wrong.

The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario begs to differ.

On Sunday the Conservative nominees in Thunder Bay-Superior North was booted off the ballot by party officials, reacting to comments Johnson made earlier this month that suggested Aboriginal businesses on Fort William First Nation and across the province enjoyed a business advantage.

“No truly civilized society and no truly democratic society can exists where its laws are not enforced equally,” Johnson shared in a carefully worded letter to Dougall Media.

“No one should have to state such an obvious and elementary principle. But in today’s Ontario I did. That I should then be criticized, vilified and thrown out of the Ontario Progressive Party is simply incomprehensible.” 

Johnson said at no time after being specifically asked to run for the party did anyone from the Conservatives say she couldn’t speak the truth.

She added she was caught by surprise by the party’s decision.

When she made the remarks the Conservatives remained silent when asked for comment about Johnson’s views, which she posted to her Facebook page, defended and later removed, saying it was starting an argument with a local news site.

“Last Friday I went to Toronto to attend candidates school. The PC party of Ontario allowed me to believe I was the candidate until 5 p.m. on Saturday, when two party officials met with me and threw me out,” Johnson said.

The local entrepreneur said the party on Sunday issued a statement attributing her name to comments , but she denied stating she had resigned as a candidate in Thunder Bay-Superior North

Johnson called party officials’ behaviour callous and insensitive.

“I did not resign. They threw me out for speaking the truth and the cowards in Toronto are playing some form of politics to save face. They should stand up and be honest,” she said.

“And it gets worse. After they asked me to resign and I refused, they told me they would find other ways to assist the party.

Can you believe it? They tried to reward me to lie to you folks. They have no concept or understanding of the meaning of the words honesty, integrity or ethics.”

On Monday the Conservatives sent out a release, attributing the following statements to Johnson: 

“As of this time, I am no longer the candidate for the Ontario PC Party in the riding of Thunder Bay-Superior North. “I support the aims and objectives of the Ontario PC Party as well as our leader Tim Hudak’s plan and vision for a better Ontario. I wish Tim Hudak and all the Ontario PC Party candidates the greatest success in the upcoming election.”

Johnson flatly denies making the statements. 

Johnson went on thank her supporters, including an editorial in the local daily newspaper that she believes vindicates her position.

Johnson was nominated last April. The Ontario PC party website has already removed Johnson's name from its candidate's list. Conservative officials refused comment, other than saying "it's an internal matter," and "the situation speaks for itself." 

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The Badger Mountain Hermit says:
Who has ordered the local Cop Shop to lay off Reserve businesses selling shmokes to non-Rezz people...and where is the enforcement of law here...
2/27/2014 7:10:47 AM
TIC says:
@Desstarre1 - Loved this part:
"Authorized Retailers
Selling Cigarettes

On-reserve retailers (who have been authorized by the minister to buy allocation cigarettes) must sell allocation cigarettes to First Nations individuals only. First Nations individuals must buy allocation cigarettes on reserve and only for their exclusive use. It is illegal to sell allocation cigarettes to non-First Nations individuals."
2/25/2014 10:32:57 PM
Tiredofit says:
While I don't agree with her statement, the problem we have is this is typical of both the Provinvical and Federal PC party, if your want to state your opinion, they'll give it to you. Then again,most parties are like that. These people should be allowed to speak their minds and then the public can decide at election time. We don't need a House of Commons full of YES MEN/WOMEN who simple agree and stomp on desks like a bunch of wild monkeys.
2/25/2014 4:16:33 PM
Ears says:
Good for Tamara for standing up like all the humans should do. Everyone is afraid to speak about the real issues we encounter each day. It should be equal rights across the board folks and that's what this lady is telling the government. But our government is afraid. As a small business owner I am the first to state our government takes advantage of us and are considered a big bully to us tax paying individuals. Go get them Tamara. We are with you.
2/24/2014 11:17:02 PM
Cocogroan says:
We are not all with her. Not by a long shot!!!
2/25/2014 8:28:33 PM
outofgas says:
So,, if I wish to buy gas, I have to have a status card and band number. Otherwise, is it illegal for me to do it? Just a question.
2/24/2014 11:09:11 PM
Desstarre1 says:
Information in respect to Fuel/gas taxation for Aboriginals

2/24/2014 5:21:33 PM
Desstarre1 says:
2/24/2014 5:18:38 PM
JimboTbay says:
interesting how people are always clamouring for politicians to speak the truth... then when one does speak the truth, however uncomfortable it may be, she is immediately muzzled by the good ol` tried-and-true method of playing the racist card... and since her comments were in no way racist and pointed out nothing but a blindingly obvious fact, the only ones who should be considered racist in any way.. are the ones who keep playing the racist card in the first place.

we want you to speak the truth, but be careful, because if you do speak the truth and we find it offensive, we'll use the truth that you spoke against you in order to stop you from speaking the truth.

hypothetical situation: Thunder Bay splits back into 2 cities. Merchants and store owners in Port Arthur set prices for gas and smokes that are significantly lower than in Fort William, whose residents then declare, and rightly so, that this is an unfair business advantage. Absolutely NO ONE in Fort William would be called a racist for pointing that out.... but let someone point out that that exact same situation presently exists between the City of Thunder Bay and FWFN, then they are immediately branded as a Racist and told to shut up... mindboggling.
2/24/2014 5:15:13 PM
Jonthunder says:
To buy things on reserve i.e. cigarettes you have to be a Status Indian with a Status Indian Card and Band Number. Same thing in Thunder Bay, if you want to buy merchandise tax free you must show a Status Indian Card and Band number to do so, and if you want to buy something like a car you must show the same identification and have it delivered on reserve. Too bad this candidate did not check the facts first.
2/24/2014 4:24:23 PM
S Duncan says:
Too bad you didn't include all the facts instead of just mentioning those particular taxes.

The costs of running a business in Ontario and one on a reserve are completely different. From fire inspections/requirements to property tax, business taxes, weights and measures acts to simple by laws that cost businesses money off the reserve but do not apply on it.

If you want to make comparisons at least "educate yourself" or stop omitting the whole truth just to further your agenda.

The half truths told are not only damaging to the discussion, they do a great disservice to those who believe everything they read.

Too bad you didn't check all the facts first.
2/24/2014 6:12:14 PM
pc says:
Too bad the law is not upheld. I have seen natives in stores get the no tax without showing a status card. Some just say the number and who knows if it is theirs or not.
I have seen non-natives buy things on the reserve without showing a status card.
With the price of cigarettes I certainly don't blame them.

Tamara showed very bad judgement when she made that statement and I am glad she is gone.
I want a person in government who will engage their brain before they open their mouth and unfortunately she is not that person.
She may be right but when you alienate an entire ethnic group that is just not the right way to get your name known in the riding.
In Toronto that might have passed but if she said the same thing about Chinese or Gays in Toronto she would have been turfed. Different area different problems, different population.
I hope she learns from her mistake.
2/25/2014 10:09:55 AM
Cocogroan says:
How do you know that these persons you so called witnessed were "non-natives"?? It isn't illegal to buy things on reservations. So what business of it is yours a person's race? What did you do about it when you saw these things happening and why?
You are a smoker, do you buy cigs on reserve or pay full tax price in regular stores? Does it make you spiteful if you do? Hmm.

People like you hate anyone who doesn't share left wing views but guess what, not everyone views life through money obsessed glasses. There's more to life and quality of living that money or being concerned with what other people think. Maybe living in a tiny town you forget there's a whole other world out there with other people living different lives.

2/25/2014 8:40:46 PM
EJ says:
So what are facts?
Why is there a 15 cent/litre difference?
I thought the posted price at FWFN includes all the same prov and fed taxes as in town and the gas comes from the same wholesale supplier.
2/24/2014 3:41:09 PM
outofgas says:
It used to be, that you had to be a reserve person to by products and gas taxfree. What has changed, and why can anybody buy gas taxfree. I wish every store would open on FWFN and I could buy everything taxfree.
2/24/2014 3:25:24 PM
ou812 says:
She speaks the truth unfortunately when your in politics you can't have any opinions that are not politically correct. When you state your opinion you are called a racist, sexist, homophobe, etc.

I wish the conservatives would have kept her though, It would have ensured a victory for the liberals or NDP in Thunder Bay and helped kept that union destroyer Hudack out of power
2/24/2014 3:13:00 PM
skoday says:
'unfair advantage' who says life is fair? Every Aboriginal person in Thunder Bay knows disadvantage.
2/24/2014 2:03:13 PM
fastball says:
Just because you CAN say something - doesn't mean you SHOULD. People keep mixing up the right to say what you want with assuming the responsibility for what you said.
I can say my boss is the national poster child for idiocy (apparently I have the right to speak my mind) - but should I? Is it smart? Depends on whether you like a pay cheque, I guess.
Like it or not - there's a few socio-political hot-buttons out there. And politicians, being the wily animals they are - aren't really interested in getting dragged into no-win political quicksand. Getting into these debates will lose you more votes than it will gain...and politicians know that once you lose the allegiance of a voter, it takes a long, long time (if ever) to get it back...hence, adios Tamara.

Election campaigns, as Kim Campbell once said, are a terrible time to talk about the issues.
2/24/2014 2:00:56 PM
YellowSnow13 says:
I guess the laws should be upheld then. The police should be checking EVERY vehicle coming off the reserve and going on the reserve. If they have cigs. or gased up, they are breaking the law. Those products are to be used on the reserve only. Lets see how far that goes! Hey, it's the agreement with FN's.
2/24/2014 1:06:43 PM
pc says:
Now if Hudak had said "no problem, keep on as you have begun." How many calls would there have been that the conservatives are racist and not fit for votes.
Not only from this riding but from the NDP and Libs on all levels.
Now he has confirmed my belief that the cons. are not all racist he gets calls that he is flip flopping, changing the rules.

And for the man who said she probably is being paid and will keep her pension boy I wish I had that right. She is a member of the party and if that is all it takes to get a pension I guess I qualify.
Engage brain before opening mouth.
2/24/2014 12:35:09 PM
dockboy says:
Well, at least she's not a hypocrite, like most politicians.
2/24/2014 12:12:14 PM
countryboy123 says:
PLEASE go to Hudak's website and let him know how you feel about this decision. That is the best way to see her reinstated.
I told him they would not be getting my vote if they don't change their mind. Your vote is the only thing that matters to them! The website is timhudakmpp.com
2/24/2014 11:46:23 AM
NowayJose says:
Thank you countryboy123. I sent a very direct and stern letter to Tim and cc'd Stephen Harper (not that it matters). I will no longer vote for any PC party whether it be provincial or Federal. As a side note, my money will never be invested in Canada – too much hypocrisy!
2/24/2014 3:13:45 PM
Rubenicky says:
I did the same, thanking the party for showing backbone and booting a racist from their ranks and letting them know they just got my vote for it.

Her fb page comments were nasty and blatant and esl sosinceher gift shop is in a fn run hotel. Perhaps we should boycott her until she opens her eye es to the extreme prejudice fn people experience each and every day!

The treaty was signed so stop crying bc you have a place to live because of that treaty.
2/25/2014 7:48:53 AM
moi says:
thanks countryboy. I will let them know that the PC's will NOT be getting my vote (now or ever).
2/24/2014 6:09:12 PM
S Duncan says:
I'm still waiting for all the Tamara haters to tell us how she is wrong for stating that FWFN have an unfair business advantage over businesses within the city.

You can cry and name call all you want (including the editorial and its author here) but you cannot deny the reality of her comments.

Tell us all how her statements were factually incorrect. Tell us how those facts make her a racist when it in fact the law that permits special legal privledges to one group over another.

The fact is provincial taxation hurts businesses financially. It hurts all of our bottom line because business passes those costs down to their customer. That customer pays more because the business pays more.

If a business is not forced to pay those taxes then they can sell at a lower price and still maintain a healthy profit margin. In fact the profit margins on FWFN are significantly higher because they are actually gouging you. All with the support of the liberals, ndp, the media, and now the pcs
2/24/2014 11:44:35 AM
TIC says:
Run independent and I will vote for you!! She is what is needed, someone not AFRAID to speak the truth.
2/24/2014 11:36:59 AM
The Beaver..... says:
Jimbob she said what lots of us are saying, and guess what she is right
2/24/2014 11:25:20 AM
newhere says:
Just a suggestion but wouldn't it make sense for TB Newswatch to provide a fact sheet that would educate both sides of this issue. Just what do the treaties say on the issues of: on reserve business taxation; income tax as it applies to earned income on and off reserve; how does residency on reserve impact taxation application; which levels of government have jurisdiction on taxation matters; was Ms. Johnson factually wrong or merely politically impolite?
2/24/2014 11:13:07 AM
thatsright says:
Thank you! Facts and education on treaty issues is exactly what Tamara and everyone supporting her need! Ms. Johnson did not speak facts nor did she speak ANY truth. She spoke her opinion, as a business owner (in a First Nation owned hotel, to boot). Education on treaty issues is the fundamental problem here, not her right to freedom of speech, not even the political platforms and agendas of any party in Canada. The media won't be the one to educate us on these issues, so it is up to each individual to take the initiative and research on their own. I wish the majority of people commenting on this story would do this instead of fighting it.
2/24/2014 4:03:53 PM
sborau says:
Tamara Johnson spoke her truth -- it doesn't make it the truth. She's just perpetuating more stereotypes and it's best if she doesn't have a platform to express that.
80% of Aboriginals in Ontario do not live on reserves -- they all pay income tax just like you and I do.
Yes, some Aboriginal businesses may have some advantages, but they also have disadvantages. More importantly, why must she point out a few Aboriginal businesses getting advantages when there are numerous non-Aboriginal businesses that get advantages. The Ontario Gov't gives GM and Ford hundreds of millions (of taxpayer) dollars every decade or so -- that's quite an advantage.
Pointing out the truth about a few Aboriginal businesses seems quite petty (and borderline racist) in light of the bigger picture that many more advantages are given to non-Aborignal businesses.
2/24/2014 10:55:21 AM
eagle feather says:
Tamera, you should hold your chin high... Not many, if any, would have the guts to stand up and state what some consider the "obvious" and the truth... (When gas station "owners" on the north shore, go too Nipigon reserve and to purchase gas for their own vehicles and fuel oil to heat their homes instead of their own "off reserve service station" something is wrong with the current system.) For those of us paying 1.41 per litre v.s. those who claim to have a relative, married to a first nations person living on the reserve then pay 0.85 per litre, are not only being discriminated upon, we are letting this "broken system" continually perpetuate... Tamera's concerns regarding disadvantaged off reserve service station are not race based at all, they are factual, a real issue and need to be addressed. I would support Tamara as a independent for speaking the truth in a region where everyone else is walking on eggshells afraid of offending the "political agenda" HAT'S OFF to you Tamera...
2/24/2014 10:52:27 AM
TWM says:
There are also some distinct disadvantages of on reserve businesses as well. The trust of banks to lend money; being unable to walk in and take possesion of property that belongs to the reserve is real. Being on reserve doesn't allow for easy exposure to the public as a business would enjoy somewhere in town. There is also advantages enjoyed by doing business with businesses on reserve.. as they do not pay taxes as well so long as it's done on reserve land. To address the problems of advantages of reserve businesses w/o mentioning the problems they have or the benefits of doing business with them is biased. Her view is not in keeping with the party's view and they have the right to replace her. She in turn can run as an independent for sure. I would invite people to examine rules and regulations for business to business transactions.
2/24/2014 10:34:19 AM
p.o.ed taxpayer says:
People shouldn't be blaming Native business for simply responding to supply/demand. The oil companies and their distributors/retailers would be gouging the public even more if not for the competition with the reserve. T.Bay pays unjustified higher prices for gas/fuel.
2/24/2014 12:32:43 PM
Eastender says:
Have you noticed the price of gas recently being pushed up by the local monopoly? If not for reserve gas, we would be paying even more for gas than we already are.

Get ready for summer prices, when for no reason, other than just because they can, gas prices soar to to ridiculously, unreasonable heights.

Reserve businesses may seem to have an unfair advantage, but we, the buying public are getting a break from the unfair advantage that the local gas companies have had for a long time now.
2/26/2014 9:50:39 AM
Marak says:
Hudak HAS TO GO!!!! Between his flip-flops on the Human Rights Tribunals (promising to get rid of them to then only "tweaking" them)to now flip-flopping on the "right to work" promise. And now punting a candidate for speaking her mind! The man never met a promise he wouldn't change depending on how the wind is blowing. God I miss Mike Harris... :(
2/24/2014 9:56:42 AM
bttnk says:
Whether you agree with Tamara's controversial comments or not, you cannot overlook that she is a bit of a hot head. Like it or not, politics doesn't appear ready for someone who is going to say exactly what they think. Rather, politics is more of a stage show, saying only what has been tightly scripted.
2/24/2014 9:23:36 AM
Watchmaker says:
Mr. Hudak is trying very hard to present the appearance of a centrist lean to his party. He has dropped the "Right to Work" plank from his platform (I bet it is still there in the dark shadows tho) and is shedding people who can't keep to the party sound bites. First Doug Ford and now Tamara Johnson. Wonder if Randy Hillier is getting concerned...
2/24/2014 7:54:24 AM
nvjgu says:
Id like to boot all of them. Something tells me she will still get paid and still has the pension.
2/24/2014 6:24:28 AM
DougMyers says:
Something tells me that you are even more ignorant then any of us thought.

Of all the comments here this is one of the least informed of all.
2/24/2014 12:01:54 PM
TBAY Duffer says:
I am sure there will a long line-up of new Conservative candidates who can't wait to finish 3rd in the next Provincial election.

2/23/2014 11:52:06 PM
pc says:
if they finish third it will not be for lack of commitment lack of a strategy or anything else the liberals, NDP and yes the Unions throw out about them.
They are the only party with a plan to rein in the out of control spending. They are the only party with a plan to get the province back to being a have province instead of the have not one.
They have a plan to make Ontario people proud again instead of being the laughing stock.
They will come in third again only if people like you vote for the party that everyone says is ruining our lives but what the heck we like to complain anyway.
I seem to recall an election a number of years ago after the NDP were set to ruin Ont. and they called in the saviours with the name of Conservatives. They made the tough decisions and then the Unions had their way and they were out. So now it is time to call them in again.
Maybe this time Ontario will get on track again.
Gravelle will probably get in again his name is in your face Constantly
2/24/2014 5:58:06 AM
common cents says:
You forgot to mention:

THEY ARE THE PARTY THAT MAKE THE RICH RICHER and the poor or middle class poorer!
2/24/2014 5:39:34 PM
Reignmaker says:
S Duncan, you just called the Conservatives Communist. I think we have found another word you don't know the meaning of. Conservative is the exact opposite of communism. Please keep showing ignorance though, as it is kind of funny, also sad, but funny nonetheless.
2/23/2014 11:47:23 PM
tbaycat says:
Straight from the horse’s mouth …….

“Can you believe it? They tried to reward me to lie to you folks. They have no concept or understanding of the meaning of the words honesty, integrity or ethics.”

Thank you Tamara for so perfectly summing up the Conservative party, both Federally AND Provincially !!
2/23/2014 11:17:01 PM
cachinnate says:
That statement not only sums up the Conservative pary, but the Liberal and NDP (and any other political party) as well.
2/25/2014 9:29:16 AM
lori says:
to all of my Tory friends who accuse me of being nothing but a Liberal, watch and learn.

Some of you above disgust me. Lets see,

Nazi, Communist, Weasel that can't be trusted, joke, slime balls, all comments from above, most directed at the PC's or Mr. Hudak, one I think towards TBnewswatch.

Is that the best you people have. Why is it impossible for you folk to have a discussion about issues without resorting to school yard language.

I am not a fan of Mr. Hudak but like everyone he deserves some level of respect. This grade 2 commentary is silly.

Debate the issues, I for one would welcome it.

Do I think Ms. Johnson was correct in her assessment, I am not sure. i did not follow it closely enough. But the fact that she said it does not make her wrong. Too often the message gets lost and we just shoot the messenger.

I for one would like to discuss it. If people are so convinced she is wrong, and she very well may be, demonstrate it to everyone, including her. I look forward to it
2/23/2014 10:05:23 PM
chezhank says:
@ Lori you stated....."I am not sure. i did not follow it closely enough."
If you did, you might be able to debate the issue.
If you get up to speed, you will find the comments kind.....even for the school yard!
See you in detention!
2/24/2014 7:10:53 AM
TheFloyd says:
Really? Have you checked out Tamara's Facebook page? She uses terms like "gutless pansy" to describe people. Maybe the anti-bullying language lesson should start at the top so that your Tory friends stop acting so terribly in this forum.
2/24/2014 7:48:11 AM
Fluffy says:
She was honest therefore she won't go far as a politician. To bad they kicked her out.,
2/23/2014 9:56:16 PM
thatsright says:
There's an opportunity when controversy over an opinion or belief arises; you can choose to understand why or you can choose to deny the possibility you were wrong. Ego is a horrible thing, Tamara. You got exactly what was coming to.

"People's ignorance really pisses me off. Stupidity is when you can't help it - ignorance is when you choose not to understand something." - Sarah McLachlan
2/23/2014 9:06:42 PM
Greenstoner says:
Ozone: What in the world does this have to do with Harper's federal party?
2/23/2014 8:54:04 PM
dynamiter says:
The Conservative Party has a great chance of winning this riding. With both the NDP and Liberals running strong candidates in Foulds and Gravelle all the Cons need to do is get out their votes and pick up a few disenchanted Fiberals and Bob's ur uncle they are in with 35% of the vote. So they need a credible candidate and this person is not credible if she is alienating some of the voters - no matter if she is right, wrong or somewhere in between. Good riddance.
2/23/2014 8:31:12 PM
TIC says:
"The Conservative Party has a great chance of winning this riding." I think the word you should have used was HAD, because of this I will not vote for them and I know lots of other who will not.
2/24/2014 11:38:42 AM
AreaResident says:
Truly, Tamara...think before you speak! In your future, ensure you have a PR publicist and/or advisor to consult with before you speak your mind and open a can of worms! If you don't, you will ruin any chance of any political career in this part of the country! You could have done damage-control with the proper advice only if you wanted; but it didn't seem you didn't want that, you should have just saved face! Now the public knows your name, that you have spoke your mind, and got yourself in a pickle, Tamara Johnson! I really do wish you all the luck if it's on your side!
2/23/2014 7:37:25 PM
Kam River says:
Tamara, you spoke the truth, Hudak does not want to hear the truth.
Being honest and treating everyone with respect is not what the 3 Ontario Parties want.
I for one am very proud that you told it like it is,
Hudak, got rid of you because he was afraid to have a women member who told it like it is.
This scared the party bosses.
2/23/2014 7:32:29 PM
stonecutter says:
kicking her out was the right move. I hope the PC's can find a better candidate.

I wonder who she will vote for now?
2/23/2014 7:00:22 PM
common cents says:
Kicking out "Mr Right to work of less Hudak"
might give the PC's some chance.

But with Hudak at the helm of this party
"we the workers"... hope not!
2/23/2014 8:07:44 PM
Meta says:
Yeah where can we find a king amoung men to run for this now open spot. You tell me stonecutter.
2/23/2014 8:42:45 PM
GSP says:
The conservatives and their candidates are such a joke they should see if they can do a show at the next commedy night at the Finlandia Club. Tim Hudak is a little weasel that can't be trusted.
2/23/2014 6:46:40 PM
Gord says:
She keeps saying she is speaking "the truth" - there is a big difference between "uneducated simplistic opinion" and "truth".
2/23/2014 6:16:25 PM
S Duncan says:
Tamara spoke the truth. just because you cannot accept it doesn't make it a lie, in fact it just proves you are uneducated.

Anybody who runs a business knows exactly what she said is 100% true.
2/23/2014 6:29:21 PM
jasper says:
there is a great number of us that feel ignoring the advantages given to first nation businesses is an "uneducated simplistic opinion". allowing these businesses to sell the same product at a discounted rate is an unfair advantage, plain and simple. that gord is the truth.
2/23/2014 6:58:14 PM
Curious says:
How can you say she is not speaking the truth - no matter who you are bottom line if you can sell something cheaper than your neighbour who is not allowed to set their own prices - then yes you have an advantage to make more than your neighbour. Don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out. I am tired of the truth never being allowed to be told.
2/24/2014 8:40:04 AM
Curious says:
Sorry to see you go Tamara; we really need a politician that speaks for the taxpayers. Maybe you should start your own party. I am sure you will have a lot of backing.
2/23/2014 6:07:53 PM
tsb says:
She will find a lot of backing, but it won't be enough to win. Had she continued, the moderate majority of PC supports in TBSN would have voted Liberal to save their party the embarrassment of Tamara Johnson being their representative.

The PC associations in Thunder Bay have a serious issue when it comes to choosing candidates. Tamara Johnson is too ignorant of federal/provincial laws, Fred Gilbert was the highest paid civil servant until he ran a campaign of hypocracy, Moe Comuzzi was one surgery away from becoming her uncle, Scott Hobbs was more Liberal than Michael Gravelle, Rabecca Johnson was more Liberal than Bill Mauro, Anthony LeBlanc was simply out-of-touch (and a lot of you who oppose the multiplex but vote Conservative: Guess who planted the multiplex seed in council's head in the first place?) Neither of our ridings have run a decent PC candidate since 2003. The brand is simply in trouble here. Tamara Johnson wasn't helping at all.
2/23/2014 7:16:40 PM
moi says:
I too am sorry to see her go,Curious.

She spoke her mind,(and imo, the truth) and for that--she got booted from the PC's?

PC's won't be getting my vote, now or ever.
2/24/2014 9:12:16 AM
tsb says:
The PC Party is in it, to win it.

Tamara Johnson just wants a spotlight to make a fool of herself in.

She became a liability, so Tim canned her, and rightfully so. He can't become our next premier with Sarah Palin-esque baggage like this.

Tamara can run as an independent, hell, she might even get more votes that way than she would otherwise, it doesn't change the fact that there is no way this woman will be elected to represent TBSN.
2/23/2014 5:48:12 PM
S Duncan says:
this media hack job and the pcs idiotic decision will have cost the party more votes than it would have received in quite awhile.

Tamara has shone the light on a lot of cockroaches, some right on this site.

Thanks Tamara, you have shown us that only in uncertain times can the truth be so dangerous.

The communists protect eachother.
2/23/2014 6:00:34 PM
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East Infection says:
now the media will pretend to be fair and objective in their story writing because they already got what they wished for. That wish was to hurt the Conservatives any way they can.

hey, we can see right through you slimeballs!
2/23/2014 7:04:58 PM
tsb says:
Their wish was to hurt the conservatives, was it?


By sharing their opinions?

Why should the party lead us if they, themselves, feel incapable of expressing their opinions out loud? How can they be considered leadership material when they get upset and feel attacked when a news site publishes their opinions for all to see?

The fact that Tamara offered to delete any emails of support she received (something the Liberals are in huge trouble for doing as it related to the gas plant fiasco) shows just how unprepared she is for public life.
2/23/2014 9:42:47 PM
tbaycat says:
East Infection…… Does this sound like the local media was OUT to GET Tamara?

From her Facebook page commenting on the Chronicle Journal editorial of Friday, February 14, 2014:

“OUR EDITOR carefully and thoroughly laid out both sides of this issue and, to myself at least, concluded my words constituted what might be best described as " fair comment."

“OUR EDITORS judicious involvement affectively put this controversy to bed.”

“When OUR EDITOR weighs in on a given issue that sort of decides that issue. Notice no one is talking about it now? It's over”

I think the repeated phrase “OUR EDITOR “ confirms what we all know. The editor of the Chronicle Journal is a Conservative party supporter who will always make sure that no reporting that comes out of that paper would ever seriously effect the Conservative party or any of their candidates.
2/24/2014 12:52:52 AM
S Duncan says:
The Chronicle is the only one who quietly agreed with the factual basis of her comments.

The other media hacks piled on and started name calling and character assassination attempts, look no further than the double standard racism and labelling in the latest left wing editorial here on this site.

Like sharks they honed in on the drop of blood being ever so quick to attack Conservatives in this region. The pc party quickly abandoned their calf because the sharks were taking bites out of it.

The left wing cries relentlessly about Conservative attack ads every chance they get but in so many sad cases across this country the left wing gets countless free ads attacking conservatives by their supporters that poorly hide behind the disguise of "media".

Its why Harper ignores most of the media. They try to needle him every chance they get but hes much smarter, he avoids them and lets his actions do the talking.

The left wingers/communists are running rampant. Tamara proved it.
2/24/2014 11:57:58 AM
conker2012 says:
Wow you are gullible!

If you look into Harper's track record at the FACTS you will see that he surrounds himself with criminals, frauds, those who wish to line their own pockets, and crackheads.

Here are some FACTS for you

Harper turned an annual surplus of $16 Billion into deficits in the range of $30-$60 Billion annually by giving tax breaks to the rich while cutting services to those who need them. http://www.budget.gc.ca/pdfarch/index-eng.html

Harper avoids the media and ignores it because he figures that the less attention it gets the less people will notice it.

You may be right that left wingers run rampant and they do protect eachother, but I would rather have a communist looking out for me than have a Fascist Conservative waiting to stab me in the back.
2/24/2014 2:25:45 PM
tsb says:
No, you don't understand: The reason Tim Hudak came to this decision is because local PC members told her she was the wrong choice! In your circle of friends and acquaintances, Tamara Johnson might seem like the ideal candidate, but to most potential voters and to the local PC base (the actual base, not the fringe of crazies like you that have no choice but PC) Tamara became toxic with her comments and put the party at risk of losing.

Besides, the disparity she was complaining about is a Federal law, not provincial. As MPP, what exactly was she supposed to do? Stand up in Toronto and complain about what Ottawa's doing? She can do that just as easily without being paid $150,000 taxpayer dollars!
2/23/2014 7:09:26 PM
mystified says:
I thought the day would never come but I have to say I agree with this one comment you made.

I too thank Tamara for speak out and speaking her mind. Why everyone has to walk as if they are on thin ice or broken glass when it comes to telling the truth about what our government doesn't want us to know or ask questions about is sick.

Good Job Scotty
2/23/2014 7:15:02 PM
Finnley says:
She came across as a racist. Her views seem pretty racist to me. The conservatives need votes and don't want her reputation. Both parties acted slimy in this if you ask me and you can't deny it.
2/23/2014 8:57:12 PM
Curious says:
When did speaking the truth become racist? Shows the mentality of some people.
2/24/2014 8:45:42 AM
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S Duncan says:
If you see racism in her comments, its you who who is the racist.

She brought up the mere reality that there are certain conditions that favour business on FWFN over those within the city.

there are many.

If that's racist, then their is racial preferences.

You seem to celebrate them by blaming a person that has merely pointed out that those differences exist.

There is a difference between racist, and racial. If one group identifys by race, then by default all discussion pertaining to that group will be racial.

if you choose racial conditions for your foundation of debate, then by default everything will be racial.

This is nothing more than cowardly behaviour by those attacking Tamara. Look no further than the editorial here for confirmation of that. They are injecting race into a discussion that had none.

The biggest racist is the first one to claim it, until that its supposed to be a discussion of facts. The editor here is blatantly racist.
2/24/2014 9:20:30 AM
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Marcusgirl says:
Idiotic and ridiculous comparison, just like anyone who disagrees is a "Tamara hater".
Your other posts paint you with a racist brush and reading through Ms. Johnson's Facebook posts shows exactly the same thing. Think young people will stand for a racist? No. Sugar coat it however you want but we all know what she meant and her deletion of agreeing emails just shoots the point home.
Glad the PC party booted her out, and I also wrote to Hudak thanking him for the party's stance. She can run as an independent but unlike this forum where anyone can post under as many different names as they want, each voter can only vote once and she will get a few hundred votes at BEST.
First Nations businesses face just as many problems in the other direction that makes it unfair for them as business owners. If "townie" busineses can't keep up stop blaming the businesses on FWFN. Grow up and stop whining and work to make your business better and more attractive to patrons.
2/24/2014 8:00:44 PM
moi says:
In your opinion,she "came across as a racist".

In my opinion...she didn't come across as a racist. She spoke her mind, and was informed that her presence was no longer welcome with the PC's.

PC's will not be getting my vote--they have now "come across" as pandering to special interest groups, by silencing ms. Johnson's viewpoints. PC's are the slimy ones,and I won't reward them with my voice (vote) at the polls.
2/24/2014 9:26:25 AM
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fairlane says:
I'm really getting tired of people playing the racist card on issues that are not racist. This about business, not race!
It's no wonder why the divide grows instead of narrows. Instead of intelligently discussing the issue people throw in a racist comment then discussion ends. Why? because things like these happen.
Without this free speech and the ability to question gives one side an eternal unfair advantage to squash opposing views before they get to the table.
Racism does need to stop. But so does the bullying.
2/24/2014 5:24:29 PM
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realist says:
"S Duncan" is now replying to his own posts as "East Infection." That's nothing new though as he's down this several times previously under numerous other names.

I suggest seeking some professional help in dealing with your many issues.
2/23/2014 10:36:16 PM
tbaycat says:
Actually S Duncan, the cockroaches (IE racists) would have started coming out in DROVES if Tamara had been allowed to keep spewing out her uninformed and biased views. Take this message from her own Facebook page:

“I want to thank all of you who are telephoning and texting me to express your support. Rather than publicly posting on my Facebook page believe me no one understands better than I why some of you prefer a private method of passing your encouragement. Unfortunately, however, the calls and messages are such that its sometimes awkward to say thank you and I want to say thank you. Please use my email address at t.wardjohnson@live.ca. I promise to read and immediately delete each and everyone of them.”

I see this as Tamara encouraging people to share their hateful, racist comments in a nice, safe, environment.

“I promise to read and immediately delete each and everyone of them.” I think this last sentence says it all about cockroaches..
2/23/2014 11:05:07 PM
tbaycat says:
Actually S Duncan, the cockroaches (IE racists) would have started coming out in DROVES if Tamara had been allowed to keep spewing out her uninformed and biased views. Take this message from her own Facebook page:

“I want to thank all of you who are telephoning and texting me to express your support. Rather than publicly posting on my Facebook page believe me no one understands better than I why some of you prefer a private method of passing your encouragement. Unfortunately, however, the calls and messages are such that its sometimes awkward to say thank you and I want to say thank you. Please use my email address at t.wardjohnson@live.ca. I promise to read and immediately delete each and everyone of them.”

I see this as Tamara encouraging people to share their hateful, racist comments in a nice, safe, environment.

“I promise to read and immediately delete each and everyone of them.” I think this last sentence says it all about cockroaches..
2/23/2014 11:13:59 PM
SomeGuy says:
Scott, If the Conservative party is too left for you and I think it is since you called them "Communists", what party is too the right enough for you?
2/24/2014 8:23:05 AM
chezhank says:
Tamara Johnson run as an independant!
You do not need "whodatt" of the Nazi or Communist party of Ontario,behind you.
They have put a nail in their own coffin!
2/23/2014 5:29:38 PM
jimbob100 says:
Johnson called party officials’ behaviour callous and insensitive....Look who's callng the kettle black!!!! That's exactly what you did to all the businesses and people across the bridge....Goodbye and never come back!
2/23/2014 5:28:55 PM
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Decide says:
So making a comment about your belief in an unfair business practice makes you callous and unfair? You are ridiculous, and I sit here trying to formulate a proper response that would still get posted.
I guess it is better to remain muzzled in this modern day of freedom of speech. I guess it would be fair to make that statement if you were referring to businesses elsewhere, not owned by natives. What a double standard.
She said nothing wrong. Nothing. I liked to think of myself as somewhat of a conservative, but I would follow her as an independent if she ran. She makes a statement that is perfectly okay, stands behind it, got turfed for it, and still stands behind it. That shows a type of intestinal fortitude that isn't seen anymore, and she will have my vote.
YOU should be ashamed of yourself for trying to pull a too often used card outta your pocket to silence her or force her to abandon her belief. Goodbye to you as well and never come back jimbob.
2/23/2014 5:54:45 PM
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Ozone says:
Good for you Tamara. Harpers party can't handle the truth. As a long time conservative, my last vote for this controlling joke is done. The public can't stand when the truth is put forward.

You stated the facts and were labelled by the weak!
2/23/2014 6:34:03 PM
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S Duncan says:
The Ontario PCs have nothing to do with Harper's Conservative Party.

The PCs don't look good to me right now either because straddling the fence is never good. They don't stand to win any votes they wouldn't have already received by making Tamara look bad. They would only have had more because she told the truth.

People know the truth. Tamara highlighted it.

The left wing media couldn't handle it so they attacked her. Their pets piled on. Their useful idiots continue yapping like a pack of hyenas.

Where do we go from here? Id say the best we can hope for is people realize how left wing the media really are and how quick they can do a hatchet job on anyone they don't like.

People will have awoke to the fact that media pretending to be objective is nothing of the sorts. They will push their own agenda every step of the way. Their agenda is always left wing because that's who pursues a career in media, left wing non-producers.

Its a new dawn for many thanks to this event.

2/23/2014 7:57:30 PM
spazz says:
"Their useful idiots continue yapping like a pack of hyenas."

Wow. Refer to the rest of this thread (and every other thread on these forums for that matter) for why this is hillarious.

"...hacks piled on and started name calling and character assassination attempts..."

That's another priceless gem. Do you ever go over these things before you hit post? I would just like to thank S. Duncan for a good laugh during my lunch break.

2/24/2014 1:24:15 PM
tsb says:
She was running for the provincial Progressive Conservatives led by Tim Hudak, not the federal Conservatives led by Stephen Harper. Please don't confuse the two. They are in no way affiliated to each other.
2/23/2014 9:40:48 PM
Wolfie says:
You can always run as an independent, Tamara.
2/23/2014 5:28:30 PM
gotcha says:
They killed the messenger! Paying no Income taxes while living on a reserve as well as Road & sales taxes on fuel etc. even when using Provincial Roads & Infrastructure is an advantage that I jealously whish I had. More Power to those businessmen/ It is written in stone so forget changing it. And thank those Businessmen for sharing their windfall with me in the form of $1.14/liter fuel.
2/23/2014 10:32:57 PM
Shine0n says:
What is wrong with people?! Do you see all this land you live on? Aboriginal people traded it in a legal, binding contract with the federal government in order for them to have the "privileges" that people now want removed. (Have cake and eat it, too, anyone?) Albeit, the history surrounding this is clouded as to whether or not Aboriginal people were informed as to what the actually meant. But that's neither here nor there. The point being that it is what it is. The Federal government can't renege on this now, so why spew racially charged bombs and further divide our community even more? There is already a huge "us and them" divide amongst aboriginal and non-aboriginal people. It takes all of us to make things right and to work together to stand up to the government, not to throw bombs at each other.

Maybe a lot of older people agree with what she said, but I can tell you the younger generation, for the most part, will not stand for this ridiculousness.
2/24/2014 11:42:21 AM
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Wolfie says:
Well said, ShineOn.

And for the record, my comment about running as an independent was not a message of support.

I was simply stating that if she believed in her principles as much as she claimed, she should exercise her democratic right to run for election, regardless of party.
2/24/2014 4:45:26 PM
cdnbeaver says:
"There is already a huge "us and them" divide amongst aboriginal and non-aboriginal people."

Until we are all treated equally, no exceptions, there will always be a divide between people. Unfortunately with things like outdated treaties in place and an unwillingness for people to change or accept truth I personally can't see things getting better any time soon.
2/24/2014 5:12:11 PM
Shine0n says:
Who cares?! Why are people always so concerned with what other people are getting? I'm young. I come from very little means and live paycheque to paycheque and even I couldn't care less what Aboriginal people are getting vs. what I am getting. Maybe that fact will give you some insight into your pettiness. Do you think that if the government took benefits away from Aboriginal people, they would be putting those savings into your pockets? I don't think so.

Yes, the government gives money and benefits to Aboriginal people as per treaty agreements and current legislation, but reserves then, in turn, purchase items off reserve, contract workers from off reserve, etc. that stimulates the economy.

From the way people are talking on here, you'd think Aboriginal people are stealing the clothes off their backs or the food off their plates. Get a grip on reality and educate yourself.
2/26/2014 12:39:39 PM
Eastender says:
What Tamara Johnson failed to point out is the unfair advantage the local oil/gasoline companies have created for themselves by creating the monopoly that they now so vigorously employ to keep prices artificially high in Thunder Bay.

It is people like Tamara, and ultra conservatives, with their one sided capitalist ideas that create disparity in the market place by allowing lobbyists to write their own rules by which they operate. Therein lies the true unfair advantage.

Natives with an unfair advantage? Tamara, Wake up!
2/26/2014 10:21:36 AM
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