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Kakabeka Street Fair may return, public meeting set for March 8

By Leith Dunick, tbnewswatch.com

The Kakabeka Street Fair may have found a new backer.

The Kakabeka Falls and Rural District Royal Canadian Legion officials on Monday said they plan to host a public meeting on Saturday, March 8 to discuss the feasibility of bringing back the annual event, which was shelved two years ago for a variety of reasons, including a lack of volunteers and business support.

“Several people within the community have approached the Legion to host the fair on its own extensive property,” said Ken Milenko, the Legion’s secretary, in a release.

“After careful and very serious consideration, our membership has felt that, indeed, we have the property and the room to provide an excellent venue for this large event, also that we have the willingness and participation of enough of our volunteers to support this undertaking.”

Milenko went on to say if parking, traffic and other “serious” issues are properly addressed, the Legion could easily provide the venue to offer the fair again, including rides, food outlets and vendor sales.

“Our membership has discussed this proposition at length and is prepared to go the next step in seeing this event come to fruition,” he said.

“We have decided that a public meeting should take place as soon as possible so that an airing of concerns with regard to this event should come to light before we commit to hosting such a large fair.”

Milenko said anyone interested in participating, supporting or opposing a revival of the Kakabeka Street Fair is invited to the March 8 meeting, which is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. at the Legion.

“We will release our decision of commitment to hosting this very large event very shortly after this public meeting,” he said.

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passlake says:
from what I've heard in the past, it didn't get a lot of business support from the local community because the street vendors were getting all the business during the fair.

"Who's going to walk across the street to CJ's when you can get a hotdog 5 steps away from a street vendor??"

How true that is? I don't know, just what I've heard..
2/26/2014 8:30:17 PM
Professional Victim says:
I live near Kakabeka Falls (May Street). The fair makes way too much noise and I can never sleep when it's on. Plus cotton candy makes my tummy upset. It should be banned for life. Why must everything attack me personally?
2/25/2014 9:29:20 AM
gone for good says:
Who could possibly oppose this event? Marlice did a world class job over the years. Big shoes to fill. But I welcome that news hands down.
2/24/2014 5:52:32 PM
dockboy says:
It'd be nice to see it back. Kakabeka is a nice outing.
2/24/2014 4:58:05 PM
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