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Friday May 22 2015
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2014-02-27 at 16:36

In need of a plan

DSSAB board members listen to a presentation Thursday morning.
Jamie Smith,
DSSAB board members listen to a presentation Thursday morning.

The district’s social services board needs a plan as it faces hundreds of millions of dollars in capital deficit over the next 30 years.

A Stantec assessment of buildings for the Thunder Bay District Housing Corporation and non-profit housing shows around $470 million worth of work over the coming decades and a more than $300 million capital deficit in the same amount of time.

Stantec's Marcia O'Connor, who presented the report to the District of Thunder Bay Social Services Administration Board Thursday said the report includes everything, including items like foundations and retaining walls, which might not need to be looked at right away.

But the number is large and the board needs to come up with a plan to take a look at the infrastructure it has.

"Somebody needs to review it," she said. "They need to come up with a way to manage that plan."

Having that plan, DSSAB could prioritize projects that need the most attention. It could also deal with the deficit in five-year plans. The report will also help lobby senior levels of government for more funding to tackle the shortfall.

While the number seems alarming, O'Connor said the issue is similar to other DSSABs and social housing organizations she's worked with.

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S Duncan says:
This whole organization is a pyramid scam anyway. The whole goal is to get hired, preach your own importance, the get people hired to help you push yourself up the ladder.

They dont want the problems to go away, in fact they cause most of them, then they enable the rest.

This tax dollar sucking parasitic organization has ballooned like a tick on a deer. They take and take and take.

The deer is getting weaker now and the disease is spreading. We either get rid of the ticks or our fate is sealed. The tick will invent multitudes of reasons why its so important and that it cannot be removed without it killing the deer but those are just the typical lies of the parasite.

start cutting the budget to dssab 10% every year so it can lean and ween itself.

It would soon be obvious that the last people remaining would be those that pushed themselves up the ladder. That would prove my whole statement.
2/28/2014 12:52:22 PM
smartguy83 says:
Bill Bradica really needs to go. Extremely poor at having a vision. His short sightedness and tunnel vision have always been a concern of mine. He may be able to comprehend the basics but sometimes he is out to lunch.
2/28/2014 12:34:15 PM
madtrapper says:
The truth is that welfare has become its own industry in itself, to which the more people on it, the better for the bureaucrats.
At least try to weed out the phonies and the fraud artists that live off the system for generations. Looking at the size of the building they have is a disgrace in itself and indicative of the massive size of this gravy train in Thunder Bay. I wont even get started on the methadone clinic joke.
2/28/2014 11:58:20 AM
Ozone says:
I guess no one thought of this BEFORE building a brand new 13 million dollar office complex!!

Try cutting the oversized staff counts and excessive salaries that are paid.

Maybe cut out the honorium,travel, free lunches and board expenses that top 90k a year?

That's a start. The public that fund this organization thru their municipalities should demand me audit of all the operational expenses and waste.
2/28/2014 7:34:11 AM
smartguy83 says:
Special funding was used for the Office complex. This special funding was to be used for the office and office only.
2/28/2014 12:32:57 PM
joey joe joe jr. shabadoo says:
This town cant even get the budget on track for snow removal let alone 30 years down the road...

What did they do & how did they afford it back 20 years ago when it snowed out every week??

The stupidly high wages this town is now paying for city employees is the reason.

Keep giving raises every 6 months to all city employees, that should fix the problem!
2/28/2014 3:09:18 AM
NowayJose says:
Blunder Bay - the worst (or best) "hand out" city – one which still ignores the tax payers who (try) to support it. What a joke!
2/27/2014 8:11:50 PM
JYDOG says:
BAH! How could this system be $300 million in deficit??? Have they not learned how to manage other people's funds yet? They could've had an arena downtown by now with the money they wasted trying to house people. Anyway, Once the new hockey rink is here, there will be enough employed people that most anyone will be able to fix these houses with lose pocket change, just out of the goodness of their own hearts. BUILD THE RINK NOW, FIX OUR CITY'S WOES!
2/27/2014 7:07:34 PM
tsb says:
You don't seem to understand what a "30-year capital deficit" is.

Basically, despite the fact that they will spend $470M over the next 30 years, they need to spend another $300M (a total of $770M) to actually improve what they have, as opposed to just maintaining it.

Essentially, they're spending $15M/year in repairs and upgrades, and still have $10M/year in repairs and upgrades to do after that. It's not money that isn't being paid (since it isn't there), it's simply repairs that need to be done but aren't, and they're piling up.

I find the numbers shocking because when I lived in a DSSAB managed facility 10 years ago, they didn't do repairs if tenants were present.
2/27/2014 7:27:38 PM
ring of fire dude says:
All I understand is that the DSSAB is spending more money on welfare housing than is being spent on seniors housing , and the seniors are the ones who's taxes are paying for it . Pathetic .
2/27/2014 10:55:24 PM
jimmyboy says:
you hit the nail directly on the head...!!!
3/2/2014 7:20:12 PM
Kam River says:
non-profit housing shows around $470 million worth of work over the coming decades and a more than $300 million capital deficit in the same amount of time.

And Hobbs wants to put us in debt for millions of dollars for a Multiplex plus millions for yearly operating costs.

Were are we going to get the money to pay for our needs let alone Mayor Hobbs and Councils unnecessary wants, like the Youth Centre, moving the Art Gallery and the multiplex.
2/27/2014 6:02:11 PM
jimmyboy says:
Just more proof mayor Hobbs and the vast majority sitting on council need to be shown the door out in October of 2014...
3/2/2014 7:26:29 PM
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